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Hello, this is Sound Gear Lab, and we write about the world of audio gear. You can find here on our blog anything that touches headphones, Home theatre, soundbars, speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers or anything that has to do with sound!

Authenticity has been one of our core values ever since the start of the site. We take our work seriously, and before putting up new content, we make sure the information shared is factual and up to date.

Though we are a small team, we do our best. We do not have an army of fact-checkers or sub-editors, but we always cover what we want without outside influences. Despite our continued growth, Sound Gear Lab will remain small in heart and firmly rooted to our core values.

We also encourage you to leave comments about relevant or related topics, use the comment section below each article.

Lastly, we are not perfect; we too make mistakes but we’re here always to give you better and updated content. If you see an error on this site, please let us know so we can work on fixing it.

What we believe in

  • Authentic writing
  • Transparency

Our Writers

Jarrett Ziemer

Jarrett Ziemer is a writer and author based out of Snoqualmie, WA. He grew up in a musical family; his great grandfather played guitar for Buck Owens, and Jarrett has been listening to and playing music most of his life.

Today, when he’s not writing about music and audio tech, you can find him playing his guitar on his back porch for his biggest fans, his two dogs and wife.

Tom D'Agustino

Tom D’Agustino has spent the past 10+ years songwriting, recording and touring globally under various pseudonyms including Active Bird Community and Homeschool. As a child, D’Agustino began experimenting with songwriting and music production. His curiosity for the world of sound led him to start his own bands which boast an exciting list of festival spots including Panorama Music Festival and Voodoo Music Festival, as well as millions of streams on Spotify and Apple Music.

The countless hours spent in recording studios and performing live onstage have given D’Agustino a unique perspective on what it means to be a modern musician. While the sphere of music and access has grown dramatically in the digital age, so too has artistic ingenuity. D’Agustino writes on how this ingenuity and risk-taking are made possible by artists’ exposure to and understanding of the tools and technology that help them produce the music of tomorrow. According to D’Agustino, we live in a time when any conceivable musical intention can be executed by the devices around us, we need only pick them up and start playing with them, like D’Agustino did as a child when his musical journey began.

How we make money

Our revenues come mostly from affiliated site. Amazon is one of them and currently our biggest affiliate site. If you visit Amazon after clicking on a link on our website and buy something, we get a small commission, but at no additional costs to you. You can read more about this in our Affiliate disclosure.

Our Review and Round Up policy

We spend a lot of time when writing reviews and coming up with roundups. We consider several factors before coming up with the final lists, e.g., the sound quality, build quality and most importantly the pricing. Our roundup lists usually cover ten products, but if a need arises, we might increase the number.

Our reviews are subjective, and we are proud of them and like it when you disagree with as long as you raise your views without abusing anyone.

As stated earlier, we only make lists of up to 10 products. The lists might not be exhaustive, but we always try to feature the products we trust and test. If your favorite speakers, subwoofer or pair of headphone is not on the list, it is not because it sucks. If you think it should be on the list drop a comment and tell us why! We might not agree with your views, but we’ll try to get hold of the product in question and check it out.

Please understand we are always on a limited budget. It might take some to get roundup lists up, but we try our best. You can request a roundup list of our best products or gear by contacting us, and we’ll try to do our best.

We hope you enjoy Sound Gear Lab and appreciate your readership. Feel free to contact us, or connect with us via social media on our Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest pages.