How to charge JLAB Headphones & Earbuds

by Alex.   Last Updated On July 25th, 2022.
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Wireless technology has truly revolutionized the world; now, earbuds and headphones alike have shifted from wired to being connected seamlessly using Bluetooth technology. But with this, a downside to Bluetooth headphones is that they can run out of battery life quickly, so when you purchase wireless earbuds, they give you an option to charge them via a charging case.

One of the best wireless earbuds and headphones currently in the market are the JLAB headphones and JLAB earbuds that feature fantastic sound quality, providing you with the best listening experience and long-lasting battery life. If you’ve just bought a pair of wireless earbuds and headphones from JLAB, you might ask yourself how to charge your JLAB headphones.

To make the JLAB earbuds charge, put the earbuds inside the charging case; this will automatically turn off the earbuds and immediately start the charging process. For JLAB headphones, use the USB charging cable included when you purchase them, connect the micro USB to the headphones, and connect the USB to a power brick charger such as your phone charger.

This article will tackle everything there is to know about how to charge JLAB headphones and earbuds.

Let’s get right into it.

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#1 True Wireless Earbud Under $100 in the United States

Auto On & Connect

Also known as the #1 true wireless earbuds under $100, the JLAB air true wireless earbuds are excellent wireless earbuds that feature a seamless on and connect feature that is automatically activated once you take the left or right earbuds out of their case.

Every day proof

Though JLab will likely not survive the wash unlike the Airpods, it has IP55 sweat-resistant feature which protects the earbuds from moisture and dirt for safe activity. Extra ears tips and Cush Fin ensure perfect comfort as well as reliability.

Control it all

Control your music volume by pressing either earbuds. Make voice-activated phone calls using Siri, Google Assistant, or other voice assistants.

Pocket size

Compact yet strong, the jbuds air true wireless earbuds’ small yet sturdy design allows you to carry them easily when traveling or commuting.

Custom EQ3 Sound

It easily controls the sound that sets them apart from other earbuds on the market. Adapt sound to a particular preference using JLAB Signature Balance/BassBoost mode without an app.

Class 1. Bluetooth 5. Connection

Unlike older Bluetooth versions, the Bluetooth 5.5 is a Class I connection that keeps you running for six earbuds with a battery for 18 hours.

How to charge JLAB earbuds

Now that you’ve purchased the jbuds air true wireless earbuds, you might be asking yourself how to charge JLAB earbuds using their included charging case. Here are some steps you can follow to charge your earbuds.

Before starting the charge cycle, you must ensure that you use the included USB charging cable for your JLAB charging case. Not only will this provide you with a faster charging time, but using other charging cables might also damage the case.

Make sure that the JLAB charging case is fully charged, don’t worry about charging them too much as it automatically turns off once it reaches its maximum capacity.

To charge jbuds air true wireless, put the jbuds air true wireless earbuds in the charging case. Put the left and right earbuds in their respective charging stations, which will immediately start the charging process. A green light on your earbuds indicates that they are at 100% capacity, while a solid red light means that they are at 0-25% of their capacity.

Should I keep my earbuds in the case when I’m not using them?

Absolutely, thanks to the lithium-ion batteries inside your earbuds, you won’t need to worry about overcharging them, as the charging cycle will immediately stop once the earbuds reach 100% of their capacity.

In addition, keeping your earbuds inside the case when you are not using them makes them less likely to be lost. It will keep them away from harmful elements such as water and dust that might cause permanent damage to your earbuds if they enter the device’s internal components.

How to use JLAB earbuds?

The Jlab earbuds are excellent devices for running and working out and even for riding a motorcycle. It is even made even better with their easy touch controls, which give you complete control over your music without touching the screen on your phone.

Here are some shortcut button functions you can use on the JLAB earbuds.

Tapping the left earbud once turns the volume down, while tapping the right earbud turns the volume up. A double tap on the left earbud activates the voice assistant, while a double tap on the right earbud either plays or pauses the music.

Holding the left earbud enables backtracking while the right earbuds push the track forward. Triple tapping either the right or left earbud opens EQ change, and pressing the left or right earbuds turns the earbuds on.

If you want to reset your JLAB earbuds, then the first thing you should do is to forget your JLAB earbuds from your Bluetooth list on your phone or computer. Once you place your earbuds inside their charging case, tap one of them seven times, and then tap the other earbuds seven times as well.

Once you take the earbuds out of the case, they will blink blue and white lights, which indicates that they are on pairing mode. Once you see this, you can pair them again to your Bluetooth device.

How do I charge my Jlab Bluetooth headphones?

For any Jlab Bluetooth headphones, you will find an included USB charging cable. On one side of the cable, you will find a micro USB that you can attach to your Bluetooth headphones and a USB cable that you can connect to a power brick to charge your headphones.

You can use the power brick from your phone charger or your laptop; ensure they provide adequate power to charge your headphones fully.

How to make sure that my headphones are charging?

To ensure that your headphones are charging, check the sides of the headphones. If it shows a solid red light, it means that they are charging, while a solid blue light indicates that the headphones are already fully charged.

You also don’t need to worry about overcharging your headphones, as the charging process will stop once they reach their maximum charging capacity.

Headphones charging with a red USB cable on a table

Tell me the best way to solve charging problems?


Because headphones are electrical products, there can be many problems related to charging. Here are some common issues when charging Jlab earbuds and how to fix them.

A common issue with rechargeable Jlab headphones is that they can quickly run out of battery life. To solve this, always make sure to complete the charge cycle; not only will this enable you to play music non-stop, but this will also help preserve your batteries, as not completing an entire charge cycle is detrimental to the lithium-ion batteries inside your earbuds.

Another issue regarding the case of the Jlab earbuds is that they might take a super long time to finish charging. One reason is that the charging cable might be damaged; make sure to use the included charging cable when charging the case. Only purchase the appropriate charging cable from the official JLAB website if they are damaged.

Other reasons for this might stem from the charging connection as the charging ports might be obstructed with small debris or dust. Keep the charging port of your Jlab earbuds clean using a torch and a thin needle.

Lastly, a reason for your Jlab earbuds case taking too long to charge might have something to do with your charging source. Always ensure your power source is strong enough to charge your Jlab earbuds fully.

One reason your Jlab earbuds are not charging might have to do something with their batteries. Most rechargeable headphones have a specified number of charge cycles before they degrade. To solve this, try to replace the batteries inside your earbuds yourself, or call a professional to receive expert help and advice.


Like Jlab earbuds, you might also encounter some issues regarding charging them. Here are some common problems and how to solve them.

If your headphones are taking a long time to charge, then be sure to check if the USB cable is damaged. Be sure only to use the included USB cable in the box. If there are no USB cable issues, it might have something to do with the charging plug.

Check your charging and USB ports as a loose charging port will also prolong the charging process. In addition, ensure that the power brick to which you attach your USB port is working correctly.

If the different solutions listed in this guide still do not fix your Jlab headphones, then it’s time to call a headphone expert to provide you with professional services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you charge your earbuds and case at the same time?

Yes, charging your earbuds and case at the same time is possible. This also enables your earbuds to have an extended battery life, as charging them together is better if you want to preserve your battery health.

How do I know that my earbuds are charging?

Once you put the earbuds inside their case, they will immediately start charging. Make sure that your case is fully charged, or keep an eye on the LED indicator at the front of the case.

Why won’t my Jlab headphones charge?

Your Jlab Bluetooth headphones charging issues might be due to several reasons. This might be due to debris blocking your charging port, a faulty charging plug, or a damaged USB cable.


Jlab headphones and the air true wireless earbuds are amazing tools. They provide excellent sound quality, and their seamless wireless connectivity allows you to listen to music without restricting your movement. However, a downside to this is that they require charging.

We hope this informative article has helped you become more knowledgeable on charging Jlab air true wireless earbuds and headphones.