How To Get Apple Headphones to Work On PS4 [Solved]

by Alex.   Last Updated On August 23rd, 2022.
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Gaming is indeed a great pastime for children and adults alike. And what better way to have the best gaming experience than combining two of the best tech companies in the world, Playstation and Apple.

Playstation has been dubbed as one of the best gaming console manufacturers. And one of their best-selling consoles is the PS4. And if you have apple headphones and a PS4 console, you might have asked yourself if the two devices can be connected.

While apple headphones work on ps4 for audio, the microphone on your Apple headphones cannot be utilized because Apple headphones use the CTIA standard headphone jack. In contrast, the PS4 controller uses use OMTP standard jacks.

In this article, we will tackle if apple headphones can work on ps4, how to get apple headphones to work on ps4, and many more.

Let’s get right into it.

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Do Apple headphones work on PS4?

You can use your apple headphones or lightning headphones on laptops, PCs, android, and even with your PS4 but for audio-only, rendering your built-in microphone useless, which means you won’t have a working microphone while playing. The main reason for this is because Apple headphones use a CTIA standard audio jack while a PS4 controller has an OMTP standard audio jack.

The CTIA standard has its jack’s parts as left, right, a ground line, and microphone, respectively, from the top. In comparison, the OMTP has left, right, microphone, and a ground line. Their slight difference means plugging the headphones in will render the microphone useless.

The solution to your problem

However, there are two ways to make your Apple headphones compatible with the port from the PS4 controller. The first solution is to half insert the jack into the receiver to trick the controller into picking up the sound from your headphone’s mic. Another is to plug your headphones in and out three times.

And if all else fails, you can purchase a converter from your local Playstation.

How do I connect my phone device to my PS4 console?

If you don’t own a proper microphone and still want to use Apple headphones to enjoy playing on your PS4 console, then the best option is to use the remote play app on your phone. This remote play feature will use your phone as the microphone for your console.

Here’s how to utilize the remote play app:

  1. Install the remote play app on your mobile device on the Google play store or app store. Go to your PS4 console, open the settings menu, choose remote play connection settings and add a device. Link your device to your PS4 via code, and disconnect your controller from your console.
  2. Press and hold the PS4 and share buttons simultaneously to put your controller on pairing mode. Wait until the LED light on your controller starts blinking. Go to your phone, select the settings menu, find your device’s Bluetooth list, and then click on your PS4 console to pair the two devices.
  3. Once your controller’s blue light stops flashing, the two devices are paired together. Now you can go to the remote play app and sign in using the same log-in information with your PS4.
  4. Choose register manually and enter the code flashed on your TV screen. And lastly, on the remote play app, click on settings and toggle on the microphone. You will now be able to use your phone as the mic for your PS4.

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Do iPhone earbuds work with PS4?

You can use Apple earbuds to chat on your PS4 as they also have a microphone. However, you have to ensure that your apple earbuds are original.

If you have a pair of non-original apple earbuds, they are bound to present problems with your PS4 console, and its microphone will most likely not work on ps4.

Do AirPods work with PS4?

While your PS4 console cannot directly connect with your Apple AirPods, you can still connect the two devices by purchasing a Bluetooth adapter from your local Playstation parts dealer. Before using your adapter, be sure to charge it overnight fully.

To use your Bluetooth adapter, insert them just like you would connect standard wired headphones on your PS4 controller. After this, connect your Apple AirPods with your adapter, and you can fully utilize your AirPods to provide you with the best gaming experience.

Can you use regular headphones on PS4?

Yes. It is possible to use your regular gaming headphones with your PS4 console. The PS4 complies with CTIA standards and is the headphone jack’s most recent and followable layout. Most headphones or gaming headphones should work well, but some will need modification, sometimes using third-party technology.

And this modification is something that most people find hassling and is why most users prefer to purchase wireless headphones for gaming.

How to connect wireless headphones to PS4?

Bluetooth headphones are indeed taking the world by storm. Not only are they great for not restricting movement while gaming, but they are also almost capable of connecting to anything considered a Bluetooth device.

However, this does not apply to every Bluetooth device; Sony (unlike other brands like Skullcandy) primarily focuses on PS4-compatible headphones only. However, it’s not a problem since other non-compatible headphones still function on the PlayStation 4 using a few tricks.

Here are some steps to connect wireless headphones to ps4.

The first step is to purchase a Bluetooth adapter with a microphone Bluetooth dongle. Insert your Bluetooth adapter to the USB port of your PS4 controller, and put your Bluetooth headphones on pairing mode by holding the pairing button. Once the two devices pair together, plug in your mic dongle on the 3.5 mm audio jack on your PS4 controller.

Open the settings on your PS4 menu, choose on devices, tap on output device, select the USB headset you are using, choose output headphones and finally, select all audio.

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How to choose the Best Headphones for PS4?

To provide the best gaming experience whenever you are playing, here are some tips for finding a good quality gaming headset.

The first is to set a budget wherein you are comfortable buying headphones for your PS4; this will quickly filter out all the headphones flooding the market. The next step is determining which specific headphones model is compatible with your PS4 controller.

Once you choose at least three headphones you are planning to buy, choose one that is the most comfortable, a headphone that won’t hurt your ears after playing for a long time.

Since the games you might be playing output specific sounds that you can capitalize on to win, you should look for headphones that offer accurate omnidirectional hearing. And lastly, you must purchase headphones with a good microphone to accurately communicate with your teammates during games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which headphones are compatible with PS4?

Some of the most well-known headphones that are compatible with your PS4 are the SteelSeries Arctis 7P, the Turtle Beach Recon 500, Razer Thresher for PS4. and Corsair HS60 PRO.

Can PS4 consoles use Bluetooth headphones?

Yes, you can use Bluetooth headphones for your PS4 directly if they are compatible, but you need to purchase an adapter for Bluetooth headphones that are incompatible.

Can I use apple headphones as a mic on ps4?

Yes, you can use Apple headphones as a mic on ps4 by buying an audio input converter for your PS4 controller.

Can I use Apple earphones on PS4?

Yes, although the microphone does not sometimes activate, replugging them back into the port might solve the problem.

Which headphones are the best for my PS4?

If you want to take advantage of the sounds produced by your games, then you should purchase the Astro A50 Gen 4 2019, which is an excellent wireless headphone. However, if you prefer wired headphones to minimize latency, you can opt for the SteelSeries Arctis Pro GameDAC.


Gaming is genuinely a fantastic option to spend your extra time in. And what better way to enjoy gaming than winning every single time. So be sure to choose compatible, affordable headphones that will provide you with excellent sound quality while gaming.

We hope this informative article has helped you become more knowledgeable about how to get Apple headphones to work on PS4.