How To Use Bluetooth Headphones with Oculus Quest 2

by Alex.   Last Updated On July 14th, 2022.
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Facebook, otherwise known as Meta, has released its own virtual reality headset, the Oculus quest 2. While the oculus quest 2 is worthy of praise by many, some also have issues concerning its built-in audio system not being good enough.

If you really want to enjoy your Oculus quest 2, and improve your VR audio experience, then you might want to pair it up with a headphone with incredible audio quality. Which might lead you to ask yourself if you can pair Bluetooth headphones to the Oculus quest 2.

The Oculus quest 2 officially supports 3.5 mm and USB c headphones for better audio quality. Facebook even stated they prefer a cable connection for a separate sound system when playing VR games. However, you can still connect Bluetooth headphones to Oculus quest 2, but you do have to deal with issues regarding the sound delay.

In this article, we will tackle if the Oculus Quest 2 has Bluetooth capabilities, how to use Bluetooth headphones on your Oculus quest 2, how to connect Bluetooth headphones to oculus quest 2, and the problems with connecting Bluetooth headphones to the Oculus quest 2 and how to fix them.

Let’s get right into it.

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Does Oculus Quest 2 have Bluetooth capabilities?

Although Oculus quest 2 has not released an official statement that they support Bluetooth headphones, and even Facebook also encourages players to use wired headphones (USB c headphones and 3.5 mm headphones) when using the virtual reality headset, you are still able to connect Bluetooth headphones to the headset with the device’s experimental features.

How can I connect Bluetooth headphones to Oculus Quest 2?

Since you now know that you can connect your wireless Bluetooth headphones to your Oculus quest 2, you might be asking yourself how to connect the headphones to your VR device.

Here are the steps you can follow.

The first thing you should do after purchasing a high-quality wireless headphone is to power up your Oculus quest 2. After this, open the settings menu, select the experimental features tab, and select devices. Click on the pair button on the Bluetooth menu tab, and make sure that your headphones are turned on and are on pairing mode.

Click on pair new device, and then choose your audio device (your Bluetooth headphones) from the list of available devices, and then click on the pair button.

Now you can use your Bluetooth headphones to improve your gaming experience on the Oculus quest 2. However, note that this is not an official way to connect your Bluetooth headphones to the controller.

And that not all wireless headphones can connect to your VR device, so if ever your Bluetooth headphones don’t connect to your oculus quest 2, don’t immediately jump to the conclusion that your headphones are not functioning correctly.

Since Oculus does not officially support wireless headphones, you might experience some issues when you try to use them.

Here are some issues you can encounter while using wireless headphones on the Oculus quest 2.

Problems connecting Bluetooth Headphones to Oculus Quest 2

One of the most prominent issue that gamers encounter while using wireless headphones on the Oculus quest 2 is the noticeable latency issues regarding the audio. Since the Bluetooth pairing between the two devices is not entirely compatible with one another, the device’s processing performance is greatly negatively affected.

Testing the latency issue on some applications on the Oculus quest 2, data found that at Beat Saber, there was a 1-second audio lag; in VRChat, there still was some audio latency issues, and on Superhot, there was a noticeable audio delay and even some stuttering. Overall, the wireless audio delay is about 1-1.5 seconds.

Another issue with the Bluetooth connection between the two devices is the severe frame drops when you play games. Lastly, playing VR games using Bluetooth headphones also causes the games to stutter, making your gaming experience terrible.

How to connect Oculus Quest Bluetooth headphones with no latency

Suppose you want to use wireless headphones while playing in your Oculus quest 2 to not restrict your movement but also want to address the latency issue while using them. In that case, the short answer is to purchase a Bluetooth transmitter.

Here are some steps you can follow to fix the latency issue while using Bluetooth pairing on the Oculus.

The first thing you should do is purchase a Bluetooth transmitter or transceiver. A Bluetooth transmitter bypasses the Bluetooth pairing on the Oculus headset by acting as the bridge between your Bluetooth headphone and the Oculus.

A transmitter costs around $15-$30; ensure that the transmitter you are purchasing is of high quality by reading reviews online. It would be best if you also looked for a transmitter with a cord length of 7 – 8 inches and one that supports Bluetooth 5.0.

After purchasing a high-quality transmitter, you should plug it into your device’s audio jack and secure it with tape. The next step is to connect headphones to the transmitter.

If you bought a transceiver, make sure it’s set to transmit mode, and then turn on the transceiver. Turn on your headphones and follow the instructions for pairing the two devices together. Once they are connected, you can now use your Bluetooth headphones for gaming on your VR without dealing with the sound delay.

How can I fix Oculus Quest 2 AirPods Latency Issues?

Since AirPods use the same Bluetooth pairing technology as most Bluetooth devices, you can connect them to use your VR headset. However, you still have to face issues concerning the audio delay.

You can also fix this by simply purchasing a transmitter or a transceiver.

How to use Oculus Quest 2 VR headset without audio delay

Suppose you are not satisfied with the built-in audio system in your VR headset and don’t want to experience any audio delay from the headset’s Bluetooth experimental features. In that case, you can opt for the official wired audio solution presented by Oculus.

Facebook recommends gamers to use the Logitech G333 earphones official wired audio solution for their Quest 2. The Logitech G333 official earphones were tailor-made for the Quest 2. It features audio that only you can hear and guarantees no bleeding.

A custom length cable allows you to focus entirely on your games, dedicated drivers for mid/highs, and another for the bass—a highly accurate sound system to recreate the VR environment.

Three different-sized flexible, soft silicone tips are also included, and a sturdy aluminum housing, all for just $49.00.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Quest 2 have a built-in mic?

Yes, the Quest 2 has a built-in mic and speaker system, so you don’t have to purchase any additional accessories. However, if you want to listen to better-sounding audio, you can buy the Logitech G333 earphones.

Can you share accounts on Oculus?

Yes, the Oculus 2 allows users to share accounts. For this to work, you should access the experimental features tab and enable the Multiple Accounts and Library Sharing option.

How long will it take me to charge my Oculus 2?

The Quest 2 takes approximately 2.5-3 hours to charge fully. When fully charged, you can have up to 2-3 hours of battery life, depending on your activities on the headset. If you are constantly playing games, expect the headset to only last 2 hours, but if you are only watching movies, then the headset can last up to 3 hours.

How do I mute myself in Quest 2?

To mute yourself in Quest 2, access your universal menu, hover over the clock, and select the quick settings menu; you will then be able to mute your microphone.

Does the Oculus 2 have surround sound?

Yes, the Oculus 2 has surround sound to recreate the VR environment accurately. However, they are unreliable for some hardcore gamers, who still prefer to use a separate headset.


The Oculus 2 is a fantastic technology that puts humans closer to virtual reality. While the Oculus 2 does indeed check many boxes for creating the best VR headset, they do lack in some departments.

We hope this informative article has helped you become more aware of how to use Bluetooth headphones on the Oculus 2.