OneOdio Focus A10 Review

by Alex.   Last Updated On July 13th, 2023.
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The active noise cancelling race got more exciting this year. From notorious headphone brands to up-and-coming sound tech startups, ANC is reaching new heights in making the user experience better, finer, and more immersive, teasing the market with new headphones at an appealing price point.

OneOdio just came out with a new version of their A10 headphones from last year. They’re called Focus A10 and they’re awesome for finding a good hybrid ANC headphone that is a bang for your buck. Just like its predecessor, the Focus A10 is a perfect match for commuters and students since it’s basically the A10, but better.

Let’s talk about my experience with using the Focus A10 and how its specs and improvements changed the game when it comes to low-mid-range headphones. Let’s get into it.

Table of Contents

Specs of the Focus A10

Physical specs

  • Speaker Diameter: 40mm
  • Headphone Type: Closed-Back Over-Ear
  • Headphone Weight: 295g/10.41 oz

Technical specs

  • Headphone Type: Hybrid ANC, Wireless Bluetooth
  • Noise Reduction Depth: -35 dB
  • Impedance: 32 Ω ± 15%
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 40kHz
  • Sensitivity: -42 ± 3 dB
  • Connection Range: 10m/33ft


  • Input: 5 VDC, 560 mA
  • Quick charging: Supported
  • Battery Capacity: 800 mAh
  • Use Time:
    • 40 hours (ANC + BT)
    • 50 hours (BT only)
    • 62 hours (ANC only)

So right from the get-go, this upgraded version of last year’s A10 packs a punch in terms of longevity and sound quality, given the apparent jump in both battery capacity and frequency response. But how do these numbers compare with the actual user experience? Let’s check out the pros and cons of the Focus A10.


  • Reliable hybrid active noise cancellation
  • Sleek and premium design
  • Convenient travel case for on-the-go
  • You hear a cozy, balanced sound with a satisfying bass thump
  • Comfy fit; snug and cozy


  • Feels hefty after hours of continuous use
  • Doesn’t have app support

What’s in the box?

  • OneOdio Focus A10 Hybrid ANC Headphones
  • EVA Case
  • 3.5 mm Audio Cable
  • Type-c Charging Cable
  • User Guide


Now the first thing you notice right out of the box is the durable, polished headband encapsulating the earcups which are folded inward. The first look manages to establish how compact and portable the Focus A10 is, directly through the packaging, while also showcasing its chic, premium overall look.

Metal framing around the hinges supports the swivels and makes a satisfying click when you fold the earpads for storage.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the shape of the earcups since it accentuates the bulkiness of the headphones. The metal, texturized finish is a masterclass in aesthetics, but it can also double as a fake fingerprint scanner for how well it collects them.

Just like the original A10, the earpads can swivel, rotate, and fold for easier use and portability. The headband is cushioned with a decent amount of foam. It doesn’t stand out much, but the support it provides fulfills its purpose.

Sound, Noise, and Music

Quick Look

There is certainly a distinct improvement in sound quality from last year’s A10. The Focus A10 is packed with an even wider range of frequency responses. This is basically how well a headphone can play different sounds, from low bass to high treble. By upping the range this year, OneOdio is definitely boosting Focus A10’s capacity to produce a more refined sound quality than before.


In my experience, both the A10 and Focus A10 can deliver decent-quality sound, and there is no noticeable difference unless you listen to treble-heavy music and realize how more balanced the latter is when it comes to the overall quality of music.

When listening to more nuanced music with a lot of layers, the Focus A10 is expected to bring richer and fuller bass and details. After listening to a lot of sounds and music, I didn’t find the gap to be huge between the two. The dynamics may be wider, but it’s not significant.

Ambient Mode

The most noticeable difference between the two is the ambient mode or the “Transparency Mode” as OneOdio likes to call it. While A10’s ambient mode is not really impressive in my opinion, the Focus A10’s upgrades made it possible to hear the surroundings more naturally, as if you’ve actually taken off your headphones, giving justice to the “Transparency Mode” branding.

I think this aspect has improved a lot and YMMV, but it certainly confirms the enhancement in the microphone department.

Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation

Since the Focus A10 has a hybrid active noise cancellation tech, it means that it utilizes both the microphones outside and inside the earcups. This makes it better at reducing noise over a wider range of frequencies.

This dual noise-detecting microphone system makes it so that noise is double-filtered. From what I’ve observed, Focus A10’s active noise cancellation marks a big improvement in the overall experience. Even extremely loud noises can’t fully penetrate the ANC mode, but certain sharp-sounding noises may not be fully filtered.

From A10 to Focus A10, the switch to a hybrid active noise cancellation is definitely a headline feature.

Physical Experience


The grip is just right, and the headphones are equipped with adjustable portions, making it easier to find the right fit.

The first hour of use is pretty okay since the cushions make the device a much more comfortable wear, but after a while, I find it uncomfortable and take it off for at least 5 minutes to reset how my head and ears feel wearing them.

Unlike the other over-ear headphones I used that are also not good for long continuous use, this one is quite tolerable. Sure, I need a physical reset from time to time, but it does not hurt my ears at all.


The buttons are not what they used to in the A10. This time, the power button is between the volume up and down buttons. One nice touch that I immediately liked is the texture they added on the power button. This makes it easier to navigate across the power and volume buttons without mistaking one for another.

The switching between ANC on, ANC, off, and Transparency Mode remains the same. There’s still an option to turn off both ANC and ambient mode, but luckily, there’s always a voice prompt each time you press the button, confirming the current mode you switched to.

It’s not that big of a deal but it can be annoying sometimes to remember how these three different modes are sequenced.

Final Thoughts

The OneOdio Focus A10 still can’t compete with top-of the-line high-end headphones, but in its tier, it’s definitely a quality choice that offers a great value for money.

The serious upgrades from its predecessor in terms of both specs and actual user experience, makes it worth checking out. This is probably one of the best budget-friendly hybrid active noise cancellation headphones out there.

The hybrid ANC tech heavily revamped the Focus A10’s noise cancellation game, and amped up its ambient mode to sound clearer and more natural.