OpenRock S by OneOdio Review

by Alex.   Last Updated On October 16th, 2023.
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The OpenRock S Open Ear Air Conduction Sport Earbuds are a new type of headphones from OneOdio that use air conduction technology to deliver sound. These sports earbuds are designed for comfort and secure fit, even during intense workouts. This allows you to listen to your favorite music while cycling and still be aware of your surroundings.

These earbuds have an over-the-ear design that keeps them securely in place and an open-air feature that allows ambient noise to get in. In this review, we will take a closer look at the OneOdio OpenRock S and see how it performs in different situations.

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What’s in the box?

The OpenRock S comes in a dark blue rectangular box with the product name, image, and logo on the front. Inside the box, you will find:

  • A user manual, a safety guide pamphlet, and an instruction card on wearing and charging the device.
  • A charging case that encapsulates the earbuds. This case has a light indicator in between the two lids; it lights up when opened and closed.
  • A USB-C cable for charging the case.
  • The earbuds themselves, which has an ergonomic ear hook design.

The unboxing experience wasn’t all that grand, and I find the packaging to be quite unappealing in the aesthetics department especially due to the image on the box compared to the other OneOdio products that I have unboxed like the Monitor 80 and A10 which have a really good packaging.

contents of openrock s sport earbud

However, once you get past that and unveil the goods inside, it gets better. The magnetic system of the charging case has a good grip that is so satisfying when opened and closed. The hinge has a sturdy reflex that instantly opens the case up in a 90° position.

The build and design of the case leave much to be desired in terms of looks and the gloss on the interior does not help at all. Despite this, it still feels durable enough and the earbuds seem capable of handling intense outdoor activities. The earbuds and the case look sleek together, and I like how they have a magnetic connection that makes it easy to place them in the case.

Experiencing the OpenRock S

The first thing I noticed when I put on the OpenRock S earbuds was the unique fit. They did not cover my ears or go into my ear canal, but rather rested on the edge of my cheekbones. The open-ear design allows spontaneous interaction with the real world while listening to audio feed from your headphones.

However, I find this limited in the sense that it may not be suitable for everyone, as some people may prefer a more isolated and immersive listening experience, while still having the ANC option in handy (check this article for the best ANC headphones).

On the brighter side, this device utilizes air conduction technology, which transmits sound waves through the air instead of through your eardrums.

This way, you can hear your music while being aware of your surroundings, which is perfect for runners, workout lovers, and people who want to immerse in music without having to separate themselves from the rest of the world.

Another thing I noticed was how dynamic the sound can get. The OpenRock S earbuds have a 16.2mm driver and a high-quality biological diaphragm that produce a rich and balanced sound. Even when I’m outside, the sound does not easily fade in the ambient noise.

How do they perform?

The OpenRock S earbuds are not only great for listening to music, but also for making phone calls. They have a 4-mic AI noise cancellation feature that reduces background noise and enhances voice clarity.

I tested this feature by calling my friend while wearing the earbuds, and he said he could hear me very clearly and without any distortion.

The earbuds also have a PX5 waterproof rating, which means they are resistant to sweat, dust, and moisture. This is very important for sports earbuds, as you don’t want them to get damaged by sweat or rain but if you are into swimming, you might want to check our article for the best headphones for swimming.

I wore them for several outdoor runs and indoor gym sessions, and they were great so far. However, the earbuds may not have enough volume for some users, as they are limited by the air conduction technology and safety regulations on top of that.

openrock s earbud by OneOdio

Another impressive feature of the OpenRock S earbuds is the battery life. They can last up to 19 hours on a single charge, which is impressive for sports earbuds. And with the charging case, you can get up to 60 hours of total playback time. That means you don’t have to worry about running out of juice anytime soon.

Technical Specs

  • Driver size:
    • 16.2 mm
  • Frequency response range:
    • 20 – 20,000 Hz
  • Microphone:
    • Single side 2×MEMS
  • Bluetooth version:
    • Bluetooth 5.3
  • Waterproof Rating:
    • IPX5
  • Audio decoding:
    • AAC, SBC
  • Battery Life:
    • 19 hours on the earbuds
    • 60 hours in total with the charging case
  • Full charge duration:
    • 1.5 hours
  • Fast charging:
    • 1-hour playback with 5 minutes of charge

These earbuds are designed for comfort and secure fit, even during intense workouts. They come with Tubebass™ technology, which enhances the bass and rhythm of music.

One drawback is that the earbuds may not be compatible with some devices or apps that require a specific Bluetooth version or codec, as they only support Bluetooth 5.2 and SBC/AAC codecs.

Meanwhile, each headphone has dual 16.2mm dynamic drivers, providing a transparent and mellow sound quality performance with a distortion rate of less than 1%.

Final Verdict

The OpenRock S Open-Ear Air Conduction Sport Earbuds are good wireless earbuds. It flaunts a unique open-ear design that lets you hear your surroundings while enjoying your music, which takes away the hassle of switching modes just to interact with people.

The earbuds feature an epic bass performance and amazing battery life. The buds feel stable and durable; perfect for anyone who loves working out, doing sports, and music. I hope you enjoyed this review of the OpenRock S and found it helpful. Thank you for reading and happy listening!