The Role of Sound in Modern Games and Devices That Can Improve It

by Alex.   Last Updated On November 14th, 2023.
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The gaming industry has long caught up and in some places is surpassing the film industry in terms of investment of funds and technology in the gameplay.

Games receive modern graphics and sound, and if earlier cult composers of our time wrote soundtracks for films, now their role and influence can be seen in games.

For example, in the cult series Call of Duty in the updated parts of Modern Warfare, which covers and demonstrates an example of a major modern conflict, the musical accompaniment was written by Hans Zimmer – the author and composer of cult music and films – Rock, The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean, Interstellar and others.

However, in order to experience all the beauty of sound in the form in which developers and composers intended it, you need good equipment and devices, and it doesn’t matter – you play modern single players like Call of Duty, or ffxiv buy gil in Final Fantasy 14 – sound and music are written for of all projects, and the sound and atmosphere are highly dependent on your contribution to the sound quality.

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Sound in Competitive Games

There are a number of projects that are closely related to e-sports, or repeat the emotions from major tournaments through matches in which you can earn or lose an important rating.

Good examples are PUBG, CS 2, Rainbow 6 Siege. All of these projects require the player to have good headphones, or another sound source, in order to always clearly understand where the battle is going on and listen to the enemy’s steps if he is approaching.

Headphones with 7.1 sound technology are ideal for this.

computer monitor surrounded by a gaming headphone and decorations.

Virtual 7.1 sound

This is a cheaper option where the simulated sound from 7 sources is played using software.

The companies Riser, SteelSeries, HyperX, Logitech have made great progress in their devices, and although they are inferior to equipment with physical 7.1 sound, they remain quite cheap and accessible to a large number of gamers.

These headphones will provide you with clear positioning of enemies, creating a 360 sound effect around you.

This means that, unlike stereo sound, you will clearly hear the direction and location of sound – steps, shots, conversations and other loud and quiet sounds.

This format is used by cybersportsmen in CS 2 and other similar games, and it is they who popularize such devices among the broad masses of players.

When you not only know how to shoot well and play as a team, but also always know where your opponent is and what he is going to do, then it is easier for you to increase your rating.

Sometimes one extra sound can give away all the actions of the squad, and it is for such moments that good headphones are needed.

Physical 7.1 Sound

This is a format in which drivers are installed into the headset, which provide modern technology without any additional software and the sound is always cleaner and more professional.

Good headsets with physical 7.1 are produced by Sony, Marshall, Sennheiser.

This is a more expensive format and not all gamers in the world can afford it, but it is better to start with virtual 7.1 and gradually switch to physical than to stand aside from the development of technology altogether.

In general, 5.1 and 7.1 sound creates a real atmosphere around you, making it as if you heard it in real life – this adds a new experience to the gaming industry and brings humanity even closer to realism in games and moments that cannot be reproduced in real life.

Sound in Single Player Projects

If you have no one to compete with, and you just want to play games, then stereo headphones are also suitable, the price of which starts at $5. They are perfect for all types of games, especially simple ones, but if you want to grow and strive for good sound and realism, for which the developers of the largest studios always set aside a separate budget, then you are better off purchasing full-size 7.1 headphones.

If you love shooters, then these headphones will give you a unique experience, especially when playing projects like Call of Duty, when you will hear literally every sound, shot, grenade, radio command and music, truly feeling like a US Army soldier who is leading battle and participates in the format of the 3rd World War.

If you like quieter games and even simulations, then 7.1 will also be more comfortable for your ears, although they can be replaced with stereo.

But the example is simple – 7.1 virtual headphones can be bought for $100 – these are Riser Kraken, HyperX Cloud , SteelSeries, Logitech X Gaming and others.

If you play the quietest games, like Euro Truck Simulator, then you will more clearly and realistically hear the sound of the engine, surrounding vehicles, and nature while driving.

pair of gaming headphones

Wired or Wireless Headphones

All devices that are connected via wire do not have even a minimal delay in sound transmission, while wireless devices may have a delay, but it depends more on the orientation of the headset and the manufacturer.

Often such devices are connected via an adapter, not Bluetooth, and operate via a radio signal, which will not create any problems if you choose a good gaming brand, like HyperX.

Such headphones will be convenient for many gamers because they do not have wires, and modern batteries hold a charge much longer than one day, as it was before.

Other Options to Improve Your Sound Without a Significant Investment

You can buy and connect simple headphones that use a mini-jack connector and just hear all the sounds, but remember that such devices are harmful to your ears, especially if they are very cheap and of dubious quality.

When choosing such headphones, it is better to trust award-winning brands like Sony or Samsung.

You can also use TVS headphones from your smartphone to connect them to your PC if it has Bluetooth.

You should remember that not all such headphones support gaming mode and there may be a slight but audible delay in sound.

However, many devices have a gaming mode that reduces it to a minimum, but if you are buying headphones for gaming, then it is better to immediately pay attention to the delay parameter, or do not skimp and buy a full-size headset to protect your ears and enjoy high-quality sound.