Do British Airways give you free headphones?

by Alex.   Last Updated On October 28th, 2022.
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Traveling all around the world is something that most of us would want to experience. Besides your dream destination, getting there should be just as important, and that’s why you should look for airlines that offer high quality services before and during the flight.

If you are a world traveler, you might be experienced in long-haul flights. Besides extra leg room and wi-fi services to keep you company, you might also want to listen to some tunes and the entertainment system provided privately, which begs the question. Do all airways offer you free headphones?

Some airlines offer free headphones to their passengers, such as British airways. British Airways is a UK-based carrier which is headquartered in London, England. British airways provide passengers from business class/first class to regular passengers with headphones that will allow them to enjoy inflight entertainment privately.

On long haul flights, you might be offered noise cancelling headphones for those included in the executive club, but for short flights and destinations, you could borrow headphones stuffed away somewhere you could ask staff about.

In this article, we will tackle if British airways offer headphones, other things you could get from an airline in flight, other companies that provide headphones to their passengers, and many more.

Let’s get right into it.

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Do British airways flights offer passengers headphones?

Yes, British Airways will offer their passengers headphones, especially on long-haul flights, allowing them to enjoy the in-flight entertainment system privately. The headphones the airline provides will most likely be Bluetooth headphones, as wired headphones have difficulty connecting to the various audio ports that devices use.

Bluetooth headphones will allow for easier connection to Bluetooth devices. These headphones will also have noise cancelling features that will allow passengers to listen to music, watch the latest films, or listen to their downloaded audio books without getting distracted from the sound produced by the engine or by other passengers.

But other than headphones, there are also other things that you can get from planes for free if you ask for them.

Items for your comfort

Comfort is the second most crucial factor you must consider when choosing an airline. Plane seats are notoriously known for being uncomfortable, and if you are in for a long haul flight, this might affect your body tremendously when you arrive at your destination. And while pillows and blankets are provided, even for a short flight mode, there are still other items that you can ask staff about to make your travel even more comfortable.

Most airlines offer sleeping masks, toothpaste, toothbrush, and even soap that you can ask staff about that will enable you to be a little fresher once you get off the plane.

Extra snacks and soda

In most flights by airlines such as British Airways and American airlines, staff will give their passengers a small snack and a drink to quench their hunger and thirst during the flight. But most snacks these companies offer are relatively small and will not leave you full.

For most airlines, you can ask flight attendants for extra snacks and soda if you are still feeling hungry, as airlines have an abundance of snacks because many passengers refuse to eat their complimentary snacks inflight, which can be reused by the airline if they remain unopened.

A more comfortable seat

Have you experienced being stuck between seats that offer you practically no extra leg room? Well, the next time you are going on a flight, you could ask the airline staff to change seats once everybody is on board and is sitting on their allocated seat. British Airways will sometimes accept your request, especially if the flight is not fully booked or when a passenger cancels their flight.

Although some airways do not offer this feature, some high class airlines can even transfer you to a free first class seat complete with all the luxuries you would get as the regular first class passenger on the flight, such as a personal flat screen TV, bar service, or an option to choose from a few headphones.

Adult man resting in his seat


Especially these days, sanitizing things is one of our top priorities. Airplanes are pretty dirty, especially when different people have sat on your set before, and although airline staff always cleans the cockpit before flights, it’s still essential to clean your seat and handles.

If you ask for them, airline staff will provide free sanitizing wipes to clean your armrests, tray tables, and the buttons on your entertainment screen.

Special meal requests

If you bought your airplane ticket 24 hours before the flight, the airline would allow you to request special meals. Special meal requests are essential, especially for people with dietary requirements, such as those who suffer from allergies or are lactose intolerant. Small or medium sized businesses would offer this feature, most likely free of charge.

Water bottle refills

If you are a world traveler, you know that more than 100 ml of water is collected before entering the plane, and with nothing to quench your thirst, you might ask yourself if airlines offer free water bottle refills. If you bring your empty water bottle, the staff will be more than willing to fill it up for you.

However, if you don’t have your empty water bottle, you can reuse the tiny cups the staff will provide you with and ask them for a quick refill.

Babysitting services

Traveling with a baby can be pretty challenging. Not only do you have to endure hours of traveling, but you also have to constantly take care, feed, and calm your baby down to not disturb the sleep of other passengers onboard.

Most airlines will offer people traveling with a baby, a seat with a bassinet, so they don’t have to hold their babies for the entire flight duration. In cases when you have to go the bathroom, you can also ask the staff to keep your baby for you as they have also been trained to take care of small children.

Hot chocolate

Most flight attendants offer passengers the option of choosing from tea or coffee during the flight, but not many people know that you can also get a cup of hot choco for free. Since the airlines don’t offer them to passengers because not a lot of people ask for them, if you do request it, they will provide you with a sweet, hot cup of chocolate.

Expensive things that airlines offer

Other than the free things you can get from an airline, there are some ridiculously priced services and products you can get from an airplane.

Wi fi service

A wi fi network is the go-to service for most people to enjoy themselves while doing mundane tasks. Wi fi is essential if you want to check your emails during the flight or if you want to watch television programs to entertain yourself. Airlines will most of the time, offer wi fi access to passengers for a hefty price of $14 for an hour of unlimited data access.

Convenient airplane meals

Convenient airplane meals provided by airplane staff onboard are incredibly overpriced; from $8 for a small water bottle to a $15 sandwich, purchasing convenient airplane meals is most of the time not worth it.

So before going on a plane, it’s best to purchase food from the airplane terminal as it will cost relatively less than the food price inside the aircraft and will, most of the time, taste better.

served lunch in airplane

Private suite

A private suite is offered by top airlines; one of the most expensive flights costs $38,000 for a one-way flight from New York to Mumbai; this private suite feature includes a double bed with a private bathroom, wifi access, and also has a shower that will enable you to freshen up before you leave the plane.

Adding to this, this private suite will also provide you with a massive 27 inch flat screen TV where you can watch all your favorite movies and videos online.

Porsche transfer service

Have you ever wanted to experience getting off a luxury plane and getting into another luxury vehicle once you get off? Well, this service is offered by Delta airlines for their executive club airline members.

Regular passengers cannot purchase this service as they only provide it for their top-tier clientele and high-value customers.

Personal chauffeur and concierge

Top airlines like Etihad airlines provide high-value customers with a personal offer and concierge that will lessen their hassle getting to and from the airport. Adding to this, private chauffeurs and concierges will make your travel easier and lighter as you don’t have to worry about your luggage, restaurant reservations, hotel bookings, and many other things you have to keep in mind when traveling.

Are wireless headphones allowed on planes?

Suppose you don’t prefer using the headphones provided by airlines. In that case, you can bring your wireless headphones onboard, as airline companies allow these devices as they don’t interfere with the plane’s navigation system. In this regard, you can bring other wireless devices, such as wireless keyboards, on board your travels.

Can you keep BA headphones?

No, the headphones provided by airlines are not meant to be kept once the plane lands. They must be put back into their place as staff will clean and reuse these expensive, wireless headphones for the many other passengers that might board the plane.

Can you bring wired headphones on a plane?

Yes, you can bring your wired headphones on a plane. However, you must ensure that the wires you are using will be compatible with the inflight entertainment system’s ports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you get free earphones on British Airways?

World traveller offers a personal flat screen and headphones to everybody onboard the plane, allowing passengers to enjoy themselves during the flight with tons of films, programs, and audiobooks to choose from.

Can I use my headphones on British Airways?

Yes, you can use your headphones on British airways; however, remove them when the staff is giving the safety briefing before the plane takes off. Aside from connecting your headphones to your phone, you can also connect them to the in-flight entertainment system.

Can the plane crash if I don’t turn on airplane mode?

Not turning your phone to airplane mode won’t necessarily cause the plane to crash, but it will interfere with the plane’s navigation system, confusing the air traffic controllers.


Music makes all the difference from doing something mundane to something enjoyable, and what better way to make your long-haul flight more enjoyable than with a pair of good headphones to watch your favorite movies or listen to your top tracks?

We hope this informative article has helped you become more knowledgeable if British airways offer headphones for their flight.