Plane Etiquette: Can You Take The Headphones From Business/First Class?

by Alex.   Last Updated On November 7th, 2022.
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Long haul flights and commuting, in general, can be a pretty stressful and tiring situation, and what better way to make the trip more enjoyable than with headphones to listen to your favorite tunes.

Flying in the first class seats, you might be bound to be given extra accessories and amenities by the flight attendants even before taking off. And you might ask yourself what things you can bring or can’t get with you after the plane has landed.

The rules about taking headphones from the business class or first class cabins can vary for different companies and airlines. However, most airline companies don’t allow business class passengers to take their high-end headphones.

In this article, we will tackle the question of can you take headphones from business first class, what things you can bring with you when you arrive at your destination, and many more.

Let’s get right into it.

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Are you allowed to keep airline headphones?

Onboard headphones (or cans) on luxury airlines for business class flights are indeed of great quality. Some companies like British Airways give their passengers free headphones. Other airline companies also provide their top-tier clientele with top-of-the-line noise-canceling headphones as a part of their in-flight entertainment system.

Business class and first class passengers are not allowed to bring the onboard headphones when they leave the airplane. However, some airlines that use plastic earbuds to replace their business class headphones can be taken along with you.

Although airline companies replace the foam around the earpiece to keep them sanitary for other passengers, the best option is to bring your headphones as they might be of better quality than the free headphones in the economy class and even in the first class seats.

Business woman traveling by plane wearing headphones and enjoying onboard entertainment

Avoid getting into trouble with this helpful guide of what you can and can’t take from an airplane.

Taking things from an airplane can be considered theft in many countries, so to keep you from getting into trouble with the police, here’s the list of things you can and can’t take from an airplane.

Amenities bag

Amenity kits are given by airplane companies for business class, especially for longer flights. The included eye mask, socks, and toothbrush are yours to keep, just like the amenity kits given by hotel staff in fancy hotels.

Almost every airline staff encourages passengers to carry their amenity kit because it helps save the environment. But if you prefer to leave your amenities bag onboard and have not opened it, it will be reused for the next passenger.

Germ protection

With the pandemic still infecting people, airline companies, both domestic and international flights, are providing more and more sanitary kits to slow down the spread of the virus. American Airlines and Delta keep providing complimentary sanitary kits like hand sanitizers and face masks to first-class flyers and passengers in economy class.

You can keep everything in the sanitary kit as companies will not be reusing them for other passengers.


Earplugs are great if you want a night’s rest as they reduce noise from the airplane’s engine and the other passengers around you. Earplugs like headphones also help reduce airplane pressure. Unsurprisingly, the onboard earplugs given by the flight attendant are not reusable, so you can bring them with you when you land.

Woman putting ear plugs into her ears getting rid on noise in loud place.

In-flight magazine

Most airline companies encourage their passengers to take the free in-flight magazine as it’s considered a good advertisement for their company. But if you do not take them with you, the in-flight magazines will be reused for other passengers on the next flight.

Leftover food and drinks

Commercial-packed food products offered on the flight are fair games if you have them on hand when traveling. Packaged food and complimentary drinks will not be reused for the next set of passengers, so it’s best if you bring your leftover food and drinks with you.

This is also great for the planet as the food and drinks you won’t eat will probably be thrown away after landing.


Plastic tableware like spoons and forks can be brought with you when you land. However, the fancy silverware provided in the first class seat cannot be taken. Other tablewares like salt and pepper shakers can’t also be taken with you when you land.


Occasionally passengers in first-class on the luxurious airline may wear pajamas for flights. First class seats on luxury airplane companies like virgin airlines provide their first class passengers with pajamas to wear for the night, as airlines cannot reuse them; these pajamas are yours to bring.

Airsickness bags

For obvious reasons, airsickness bags are completely non-reusable, so be sure to bring them when you arrive at the airport.

Life jackets

Taking life jackets with you can be considered a crime. Not only is this putting risk on the entire plane, but it also endangers the following passengers in case of emergencies.

Although stealing a life jacket is highly frowned upon, some passengers still do this, especially souvenir hunters; this also applies to life vests.

Airline blankets

The blankets provided by flight attendants during lift-off are not yours to take. This is because airlines can reuse them by washing them thoroughly for the following first class passengers. However, if you want a set of blankets from your favorite airline, some airlines provide contact information on where to purchase them.


Duvets provided by flight attendants in business class or first class passengers are not something you bring with you when you land. Finding space on your carry-on bag to fit the in-flight duvets will probably be very hassling.

The same applies to the pillows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need special headphones for American Airlines?

You can use any headphones for American airlines. However, you are not allowed to use Bluetooth headphones during lift-off and in landing.

Is American Airlines offering meals in First Class?

American Airlines offers meals in first class with their scheduled meal service. You can even reserve food to eat in flight, but be sure to inform their staff 24 hours ahead.

What Headphones do American Airlines use?

Starting in 2019, American Airlines will replace their Bose Quiet Comfort with the newer and more expensive Bang & Olufsen’s H9i, which retails for $499.

Do you have Delta First-Class Headphones?

Yes, the earbuds are free to use for first-class passengers.

Is there a dress code for first class?

Men seated on the first class seats must wear collared shirts, pants, or jeans. At the same time, women must wear business-appropriate attire, with short-sleeve blouses, skirts, or dresses.


The free things provided by airline companies are for sure tempting to take along. While other items can be brought with you, do know that others are prohibited.

We hope this informative article has helped you become more knowledgeable about what you can and can’t take from airplanes.