Will My Alarm Go Off with Headphones In? Android & Apple

by Alex.   Last Updated On September 25th, 2022.
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iPhone alarms, Bluetooth speakers with alarm clocks, and alarms, in general, are the best tools to wake up early in the morning. They are great if you have an upcoming finals exam or an important meeting to attend, so it’s super important to ensure that your alarm is loud enough to wake you up from a deep sleep.

Like many others, many individuals love to sleep with headphones or earbuds in their ears to sleep better and faster at night, but this might lead you to ask if your alarm clock app can play the alarm sound even when you are wearing headphones.

By default, when you are wearing headphones, the alarm clock app will send alarm sounds both through the headphones and in the device’s speaker system. But if you only want to play the iPhone alarm sound through your headphones, you might need to tweak some settings in the sound bar, or you might need to install third party apps.

In this article, we will tackle if iPhone alarms can go off with headphones in, how to play the iPhone alarm sound with just the headphones, and many more.

Let’s get right into it.

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Can alarm sounds play with headphones in?

Modern smartphones have already installed alarm clock apps that can play sounds through any headphone, whether they may be wired or wireless headphones. If you set the alarm in your mobile phone system, the sound of the alarm will play through the headphones connected to your device and your phone’s speakers.

For Apple devices, the iPhone alarm sound will play through each earpiece and the Iphone’s speaker as well; the same can be said for android phones with their built in clock app.

But a big downside to this feature is that once your alarm is triggered, loud sounds will play through your headphones and speakers, which could wake up everyone else around you, so what can you do if you only want to play iPhone alarm sound through just the headphones?

In this case, you can opt for third party apps or manually lower the volume on your device before connecting your headphones. Here are some ways you can employ to only play alarm sounds through your headphones or earbuds.

How to set alarms through headphones only?

Playing alarms through headphones will only give you the benefit of an early morning wake-up call but will guarantee that the alarm will not disturb anyone else’s sleep. But if you want to wake up this way, you might need to opt for comfortable sleep headphones, as wearing headphones for an extended period can be pretty painful to the ears.

Also, if you prefer earbuds, you should choose one that snuggly fits into your ears to ensure that they won’t fall out when you are moving around in your sleep. It is also important that you wear those earbuds correctly.

Here are different ways to play the alarm only through the headphones connected to your phone, not the speakers.

Third party apps

The pre-installed smartphones alarm are not equipped with the technology to only play the alarm through your headphones. So you might need to install a third party app on the play store for an Android phone and the usual app store for Apple devices.

You can choose from the many alarm clock apps on the market and tweak its settings to only play music through the headphones.

Manually lowering the volume.

If you don’t want to look for third-party clock apps, you can tweak your smartphone’s volume bar. The first step is to turn down the volume to zero before plugging in or connecting your headphones to your phone; this will ensure that there is little to absolutely no sound coming out of the speakers once your alarm is triggered.

Once the volume is set to zero, you can connect your headphones and crank up the volume to a level that will quickly wake you up from a deep sleep. This will only affect the audio coming out of your headphones and not your phone’s speakers.

So when your alarm is triggered, the sound will still come from both the speakers and the headphones, but since the audio is set to a minimum before the headphones are connected, there will be little to minimal sounds coming out of the speakers.

Will My iPhone alarm go off if I have headphones in?

Yes, Apple has stated multiple times that the alarm will still go off even when you have connected headphones to your phone. Once your alarm is triggered, the sound will play through each earpiece and the phone’s speakers.

Wireless headphones are becoming more and more popular with their ability to seamlessly play high quality music without restricting an individual’s movements, but these smartphone-related headphone do have their downsides, such as their ability to fall off one’s ears while sleeping.

And this is why Apple has made their smart alarm clocks to play sound through the speakers and the headphones because if both earbuds or your headphone falls off, you will still be able to hear the sound from the phone’s speakers.

Why can’t I hear alarms through my headphones?

Not being able to hear your alarm through your headphones can have disastrous consequences; either the sound is set too low to be audible to the human ears, or the phone is only set to ring or vibrate. In that case, you can follow these steps.

The first thing you should do is to check the volume level on your mobile phone; you might have your volume set too low, making it hard to be heard, you can quickly increase the volume on your phone by tapping on the volume bar at the sides, or you can go to the settings, and go to sound and haptics option and then manually dragging the slider on the ringers and alerts bar and set the volume to your desired level.

If this does not work, ensure that the volume level on your earbuds or headphones is turned to an audible level; also, make sure that you plug or connect your headphones to your device before turning the volume to a higher level.

If sound still does not come out of the headphones, you can try to reset your phone and unpair and pair the two devices again. To do this, simply reset your phone, and once it turns on again, go to the settings and tap on Bluetooth connectivity.

Once this is opened, you can see all the connected devices to your phone, tap on your headphones or earbuds and select forget this device. Once they are unpaired, you can connect the two devices back again.

To test if your problem is fixed, try setting the alarm 30 seconds or 1 minute later and see if the sound is now playing through both the headphones and speakers.

Can I wear my AirPods all night?

Yes, the Apple AirPods are made with quality and comfort in mind, making them comfortable to wear all night long and should not hinder your sleep. However, they might not last the entire night as most AirPods can only work for up to 4-5 hours after one full charge.

Will I be able to hear alarms even when I set my phone to “do not disturb”?

The “do not disturb” option on your phone allows you to practically turn your phone to silent mode allowing you to silence any calls, messages, or notifications from your social media apps. However, this feature does not turn off your alarms or make them sound lower than the level you set them to.

The same can be said if you set your phone to silent or ring mode on your phone alarms will still play at the alarm volume you set it to, but other notifications, calls, messages, and others will be silenced.

Will my alarm still go off even when I am on a video or voice call?

Yes, the alarm will still go off even when you are in a video or phone call. Depending on your alarm settings, it will send the notification via alarm ringing or through sounds.

Will my alarm still go off even when I am listening to music?

Yes, the alarm clock app will still produce sounds even when listening to music. Once your alarm is triggered, the music will pause temporarily until you have snoozed or turned the alarm off. Once the alarm is turned off or snoozed, music will automatically play again.

Will my alarm still go off even when I set my phone to airplane mode?

Yes, your alarm will still go off even when you set your phone to airplane mode, as airplane mode only affects signal functions like call, text, or internet and not internal phone functions, so your alarm will still go off.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to set the alarm on my phone?

You can easily set the alarm on your phone by opening the clock app and tapping the plus button to add a new alarm; select when your alarm is going to be triggered by spinning the controls on the hour and minute settings.

How to change the settings on my alarm?

Tap on the alarm that you want to change settings on, then change either the time that your alarm will be triggered by spinning the wheels on the hour and settings tab, or change the repeating or sound options, once you are done with tweaking the alarm clock settings, you can click on save.

How to change the alarm sound?

You can change the alarm sound by tapping on the sound option and going through the list of tracks that will play once your alarm is triggered. Once you have chosen a preferred track, tap on back.

How to set the alarm volume on my phone?

There is no such thing as setting a specific alarm volume for one alarm; the alarm volume will be determined depending on the volume you have set your phone to. You can increase or decrease this by tapping on the sides of your phone, tapping on the upper portion to increase the sound level, and tapping on the lower side of the bar to minimize the volume.


Alarms are essential tools to wake up from a deep sleep quickly. Not being able to wake up early can have drastic consequences, such as missing an important meeting or a crucial final exam. But if you want to wake up early without having to wake up everyone else around you, you can opt to only play the alarm only through your headphones and not the speakers.

We hope this informative article has helped you become more knowledgeable if your alarms go off even with headphones in.