The 5 Best 4×6 Car Speakers in 2022

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A few summers ago, I decided to turn an old lifted 97 Jeep Wrangler into my daily driver. It leaks like a sieve and feels like it’ll topple over in a strong wind, but the manual transmission feels excellent, and the straight-six under the hood is bulletproof. There’s also really just something about the small classic cabin that wants to be ridden in.

If you’ve ridden in an old Wrangler, though, you know the one thing lacking in the build is a good sound system. Jeeps have poor stock soundproofing, and because of the small cabin, the 97 Wrangler only came stock with 4 inches speakers upfront. Mine has the additional soundbar in the back equipped with upgraded 6×9 speakers and an 8-inch sub under the seat.

The Soundbar is another story, but the stock 4s up front had to go.

And let me tell you, replacing those stock 4s with aftermarket 4×6’s changed my world. Those speakers up front fill out the soundstage.

So, whether you’re looking to increase your speaker size a bit or just swap your old 4×6 speakers with a new pair, I’m here to tell you from experience it’s a move you won’t regret.

Looking for the ins and out on 4×6 speakers, tips on choosing the best, and a few recommendations? Read on for the 5 best 4×6 speakers.

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Product Reviews

The Kicker CS Series was built to deliver consistent performance and smooth bass on a budget. With stamped steel framework and a rigid polypropylene cone, they’ll last, and with a universal design, they’ll fit in nearly every ride model.

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Kicker delivers with a wallet-friendly pair of 4×6’s that have enough power to pump the tunes and keep pumping them day in and out.

75 watts RMS and 150 watts peak power is excellent for a budget build.

You should also be happy with the sound profile.

Kicker designed these with a powerful magnet, EVC technology, a polypropylene woofer, a silk dome tweeter, and a profile that performs best with general pop tunes most users love.

They may not sound as good as more expensive coaxials, but with those numbers and a quality build, they’ll last longer.

Just keep in mind that like a lot of 4×6’s, these don’t come with a fancy grill. So, they’ll be best used when hidden behind a door or out of sight.

What We Like
Sound - Since these are a budget option, Kicker designed these to sound their best with pop songs across the board!
Price - These aren't the cheapest “budget” option, but those extra few bucks will make a difference in the end sound.
Build - A powerful magnet, polypropylene woofer, and a silk dome tweeter ensure a natural sound with a great punch in a build that will last.
Durability - These things can handle the power! You won't be afraid to turn these ones up.
Warranty - Kicker offers a 60-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty!
Install - Many users report an easy install with these! And Kicker sends along the wiring, caps, and everything else you need to put em in.
Know Before Buying
Looks - Unfortunately, these speakers don't come with a grill cover. They won't be ones you’ll want to display, but they’re perfect for hiding in a car door.
Bass - These speakers have range, but you’ll still want to keep reasonable expectations with the bass. Remember, they’re budget 4x6’s, not a 12-inch subwoofer.
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If you’re looking for an award-winning sound from a brand you can trust, don’t sleep on the Punches. Rockford Fosgate delivers in sound quality, build quality, and everything else.

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Take a look at every top speaker list from 3.5 inches up to 10, and you’ll find Rockford Fosgate’s Punch. That’s because these speakers are the real deal.

Fosgate equipped these with a PEI dome tweeter, a high-quality built-in crossover, an injection-molded mineral-filled polypropylene cone, and a butyl rubber surround.

All of that means these speakers reproduce sounds accurately, get loud, and have the durability to stay loud.

You should also love the install. Thanks to a “flex fit” basket, you’ll be able to adjust the fit of these when mounting.

Keep in mind that a low power handling does mean you’ll want to pay attention to the load you send them. If you’re serious about sound, I’d suggest pairing these with an amp.

What We Like
Sound - There’s a reason users come back to these ones. These get loud, and the sound quality should blow your stock speakers out of the water.
Build - A flex fit stamped basket holds a mineral-filled polypropylene injection molded cone and butyl rubber surround. All those big words just mean the build quality is top-notch!
Warranty - You’ll have a one-year warranty if you purchase these through an authorized seller.
Install - A flex fit basket means these should be compatible with most factory speaker locations.
Looks - An integrated concealed crossover and smooth looks make these a great choice if your speakers are displayed.
Know Before Buying
Price - These are a little more upfront than other 4x6 inch speakers. But they’re 2-ways. Remember, that means the sound and quality will be there where others fail.
Power Handling - The power handling on these is a little low. All that means is you need to pay a little more attention to what you send them.
Frequency Response - These speakers start at 90HZ. That suggests you won't get a ton of deep bass.
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Rockford Fosgate's Power speakers are for the true audiophile in the bunch. Their advanced design elements and strong carbon fiber-backed construction are all about that powerful sound.

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Rockford Fosgate appropriately named these premium speakers.

That’s because they feature advanced technology and durability that will deliver the power.

Those features include a high-quality, high pass crossover and a carbon fiber reinforced woofer. However, what really stands out is Fosgates proprietary VAST technology. That tech increases the cone’s effective radiating area by 25%. That means better efficiency at max output and a bit better lows than comparable speakers.

All of that tech does come with a premium price and large size, though. So, be prepared to spend a little more on these and make sure your installation location has plenty of depth.

And if you really want to experience what they’re capable of, pairing them with a good amp won’t hurt.

What We Like
Sound - You should love the power’s sound! The proprietary VAST tech in the Powers gives the little 4x6’s an increased cone size. That ensures accurate reproduction in the lower ranges.
Warranty - You’ll have a one-year warranty if you purchase these through an authorized seller.
Durability - These have a high peak power handling, the woofers on these are carbon fiber reinforced, and the tweeter is aluminum. Rockford Fosgate got serious about build quality in the Powers.
Crossover - The crossover in these is a high pass. That ensures the tweeter gets all the good high juice, and the deep lows stay with the woofer.
Know Before Buying
Price - These are premium speakers, and the price reflects that.
Fit - Although these speakers are listed with a 2-inch mount depth, some users have reported a robust magnet, and the extra tweeter causes fit issues.
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Pioneer designed their 4x6 3-way offering with your broad soundstage in mind. The “open and smooth” sound concept with three built-in speakers ensures your ears get all the good stuff without the need for a separate crossover. 

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Pioneer understands that a great audio experience is about the overall soundstage. By creating a 3-way 4×6, the brand promises to fill that stage and deliver all the highs, and mids users are looking for without the bulk of multiple component speakers throughout your ride.

And to ensure that full range sound doesnt stop, Pioneer designed these with an outstanding 210-watt peak power handling. That power handling on top of a premium carbon-reinforced design is a steal for the price.

There are a few things to keep in mind, though. First, these speakers don’t have a universal fitment ring, so installation might need a little more patience. Second, like many 4×6’s, they don’t come with a grill. That means they’ll be best hidden behind something.

And finally. Full range in a 4×6 doesnt mean more bass. If you’re looking for more bass, you’ll need much larger interior speakers or a subwoofer.

What We Like
Sound - Three quality speakers in one unit mean you’ll get the highs, mids, and a bit of lows all in one shot.
Power Handling - 210 watts peak power handling is excellent! These will take some juice!
Price - These are right at the sweet spot for great value and great sound.
Build - A carbon/mica reinforced cone top the list on a solid build. The robust build paired with high power handling equals excellent durability.
Know Before Buying
Bass - These speakers are designed to fill out a whole system. They’ll sound full, but you don’t expect heavy bass.
Install - Make sure you measure your space before purchasing these, as they don't come with a universal fitment ring.
Looks - Unfortunately, these speakers don't come with a grill cover. They won't be ones you’ll want to display, but they’re perfect for hiding in a car door.
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Great 4-way 4x6 speakers are hard to find, but Pioneer delivers what you’d expect from the top-of-the-line brand. If you’re looking for a full range of sound from a speaker with a great build quality and excellent power handling, these are for you.

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When you purchase a speaker from Pioneer, you know what you’re getting. That’s because, across the board, Pioneer delivers high-performance, quality-built products.

Across the board, these 4-ways are no different than the rest. Featuring hard dome tweeters, a cellulose midrange, and a carbon and mica reinforced main woofer sitting on top of a heat-resistant voice coil, Pioneer built these things to bump and to last.

And because of their unique 4-way design, Pioneer also focused on your soundstage. With an Open and Smooth sound concept, you’ll have smooth transitions between all four drivers.

That transition means these speakers will excel In a small compact area like a car where you’ll be hearing all of the sounds closely.

The one downside to these is they don’t bump bass. You have to keep in mind a 4-way speaker doesnt mean more bass. The extra tweeters and midrange are intended to fill out your highs without taking up additional space. Ultimately, if you’re looking for more bass, you’ll need a larger component speaker or a subwoofer.

What We Like
Power Handling - 210 watts peak power handling is excellent! These will take some juice!
Sound - A 4-way speaker is a great option if you’re looking for a full sound range in a compact design.
Build Quality - These are well-built top to bottom! A hard dome tweeters, a cellulose midrange, and a carbon and mica reinforced main woofer sit on top of a heat-resistant voice coil.
Mounting Depth - The 1 5/8 inch mounting depth means these should fit behind most door panels.
Know Before Buying
Looks - Unfortunately, these speakers don't come with a grill cover. They won't be ones you’ll want to display, but they’re perfect for hiding in a car door.
Bass - Unfortunately, four small speakers don’t add more bass. Looking for bass? Install a subwoofer.
Install - Many users report a tough install because of a flimsy mounting ring.
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What to look for in the Best 4×6 Speaker

Part of yellow old car audio speaker

Clean, crisp sound. Low and high frequencies. These terms aren’t just for bigger speakers anymore. 4×6 inch speakers are the most common car speaker size on the road. Although your 4×6 speakers are limited by size, you can fill out your car’s soundstage by choosing the proper aftermarket setup.


There are two main “types” of aftermarket speakers available. With most speaker sets, you’ll generally be able to choose from a component or a coaxial.

If you’re working with a 4×6, though, you’re looking at mostly coaxial speakers. Remember, you’ll be limited on space, so make sure you pick the best speaker to fill out your specific system’s needs.


A component speaker is a single speaker housed in its own basket using its own driver. By separating each speaker into its own “componet,” listeners can reproduce more accurate sounds.

By using a crossover, you’ll also deliver a more appropriate frequency to the individual speaker.

4×6 Coaxial

Nearly all 4×6 inch speakers are available as a coaxial.

A coaxial speaker is also known as a full range speaker because it’s designed to provide a full range of audio. A coaxial speaker is a basket that houses multiple speaker drivers in one unit.

That means a full range basket will have additional tweeters or other speakers onboard and handle a wider range of frequencies and deliver a broader sound.

When purchasing your 4×6, you’ll find 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way coaxial speakers. Remember, the number just indicates the number of speakers in the system.

For example, a 2-way full-range speaker is a speaker unit with two drivers (separate speakers). A 2-way will have the main speaker and a single additional tweeter.

When considering a 2, 3, or 4-way speaker, more isn’t always better. A higher-quality 2-way speaker will sound better than a lower-quality 4.

Build Quality

Part of yellow old car audio speaker, vintage filtered effect

A solidly built speaker won’t only stand the test of time, it’ll actually sound better. That’s because speaker material and components affect the sound.

So, If you want a speaker to last and sound great, you should look for one that incorporates premium durable materials in the right spots. That means you’ll want a high-end driver, rubber surround if it’s in your budget, and a high-grade magnet, or even a speaker with multiple magnets.

Also, if you prefer soft highs from your 4×6, you’ll want your speaker material to be made of soft fabrics like poly or cloth. If you prefer bright highs, though, you’ll want your speaker material to be made of something like ceramic or Kevlar.


In the audio world, brands matter. The biggest car audio brands have the funds, the r and d, and the access to quality material to deliver high-quality audio. Rockford Fosgate, Pioneer, Kenwood, Infinity, and Kicker are a few examples of excellent car audio brands you can usually trust to deliver solid audio.


As with any purchase, you often get what you pay for.

The main thing to watch for in the price of speakers, though, is actually whether your paying for a single speaker or a set. Manufacturers sell their speakers either as singles or in pairs. So, double-check your shopping cart to make sure you have the number of speakers you want.

Frequency Response

A speaker’s frequency response lets you know the range of frequency a speaker can reproduce. Different sounds are produced at different frequency levels.

For example, deep bass comes in at a bandwidth of around 16-80 hertz.

For a 4×6 inch speaker, a good frequency range is between 50 to 22,000 hertz. That wide range will mean your speaker can reproduce both relatively low bass while also hitting the high notes.

Power Handling

All speakers, 4×6 or otherwise, are transducers that convert electrical energy into sound waves. When considering a 4×6’s power handling, you’ll want to look at RMS and Peak Power ratings.

The ultimate goal is to keep a good flow of electrical power between the amplifier or head unit and speaker.

If your speaker has a low RMS or peak power rating, you’ll either encounter poor sound quality or blow the speaker.

So, to keep it simple, always choose a speaker with the highest of both.

What does highest mean? An excellent RMS rating on a 4×6 inch speaker is above 100wts, and an excellent rating for peak power is around 200wts.


A speaker’s sensitivity, measured in dB, indicates the amount of sound the speaker can produce per the power or electrical energy delivered to it.

If you’re running your 4×6 off of your low-powered head unit, you’ll want the highest sensitivity rating possible (shoot for over 90 dB).

If you run your speaker off of an amp, you should be okay with a low sensitivity (under 90 dB) setup.


I wish I could say that everything went smooth when I changed my old Jeep Wranglers speakers to aftermarket 4×6’s, but if I did, I’d be lying to you.

That’s because even though I know a bit about speakers, I didn’t follow my own advice. I rushed the job.

With no research, I purchased a cheap coaxial speaker that I thought looked cool. And I didn’t pay attention to things like frequency response or power handling or consider the build quality or materials.

And. Within a week, I blew both speakers. Lucky for me, I then did the research and replaced it with a better quality speaker that’s bumping smooth tracks to this day.

Lucky for you, I did the research, so now you don’t have to!