Best Audio Interface for Windows in 2022

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If you crave the passion for music and love to create this amazing art form then having the best audio interface in your studio is a must. Whether you are the creator or a music producer, audio interfaces can help you make your work pristine in every way.

Knowing that there is a wide range of options in the market if you are looking for the perfect audio interface for you. One of the major things to look for is that it is compatible with the largest used operating systems such as Windows.

If you want to create the perfect audio content with better sound quality and mix beats perfectly then Audio Interface for Windows is the best choice you can make.

Want to know the interesting part?

You will have a perfect overview of the best audio interfaces that you can have for yourself. These audio interfaces for windows not only help you get clear sound quality but help you manage a lot of work if you have a studio.

Here is a list of the 6 best audio interfaces for windows that you should buy to have a better sound. So have a look.

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Top 6 Best Audio Interface for Windows

The M-audio duo is made for multiple purposes like Record, podcast, and live stream.

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For better recording, this USB sound card delivers 48 kHz audio resolution.

It is a versatile M-audio interface. That’s why you can record line input signals, vocals, and guitar with two combo line inputs with phantom power.

Furthermore, it comes with the pro tools that help you to record beats and podcasts. The sound quality is crystal clear and you can get better results by using simple microphones.

What You Will Love:

  • Monitoring Flexibility: They provide 1/4″ headphone output and stereo for complete monitoring flexibility
  • Crystal Clear Sound: You can get the crystal clear sound by using your
  • Better Audio Resolution: The pro features of the M-Audio duo provides the better audio resolution

What Do the Customers Say About It

According to what most customers say “M-track duo is useful for multiple purposes and it gets easily attached with the system. The sound quality is amazing with 48 kHz audio resolution”

What Can Be Improved:

  • Gain Dial: The gain dial is consistent until it reaches 9-10 where there is a jump in gain
What We Like
Available at a reasonable cost
Provide clear sound quality
Can be used for multiple purposes
Know Before Buying
It does not have an operating flashlight
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The Behringer audio interface is 2x2 which allows you to record from instruments and microphone.

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The Behringer audio interface provides an audio resolution of 48 Khz for professional audio quality.

The maximum sampling rate of Behringer is 48 kHz. The best thing about this audio interface is that it is compatible with multiple systems. With your computer, you can stream 2 input or 2 output channels at a time.

But make sure to keep the latency low to run the interface on Windows XP or higher versions and Mac OS.

What You Will Love:

  • Stream 2 Channels: At a time you can stream 2 channels they can either be 2 inputs or 2 outputs
  • Better USB Interface: The 2×2 better USB interface helps in recording instruments and microphones
  • High Compatibility: You can use this audio interface with Windows multiple versions and MAC OS

What Do the Customers Say About It

According to users reviews “This audio interface with USB compatibility allows users to attach them with any system. To get better sound quality use low impedance headphones. Otherwise, you will feel the distortions in less time ”

What Can Be Improved:

  •  Distortion: After some time of recording distortion starts to occur which can damage the sound quality
What We Like
You can add multiple inputs and outputs
This audio interface is USB compatible
You can attach the audio interface with multiple devices
Know Before Buying
Works best on the low-impedance headphones
Distortion can occur
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This audio interface has a 192khz resolution that helps you to record sound professionally and monitor both your PC and MAC.

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Here you can get the best quality sound by using low latency headphones. The USB circuitry provides the fast and reliable connection that all users want.

This is a full-featured USB audio interface that is available at a reasonable price and is the best choice for people who want fast communication.

What You Will Love:

  • USB Circuitry: For fast and reliable communication they have USB circuitry for direct connection
  • Multiple Purpose: You can use this audio interface for multiple purposes due to pro features
  • Better Audio Resolution: This audio interface has a better audio resolution of 24-bit at 192kHz

What Do the Customers Say About It

Here’s what people have to say: “M-audio interface has the USB circuit that provides fast and reliable communication. It comes with multiple advanced features that allow you to use this interface for multiple purposes ”

What Can Be Improved:

  •  Driver Issues: When you run this audio interface on windows 10 many driver issues can disturb you
What We Like
Have a better audio resolution of 24 bit
You have a direct USB connection for better sound quality
With the advanced features, you can have multiple benefits
Know Before Buying
Has some issues when you run the interface on the windows or Mac
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The Mackie interface uses the 48V power with condenser mics.

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The Mackie interface have a high audio resolution of 2×2 24bit/192kHz.

They allow the direct monitoring of analog inputs with outputs. So that you can use the powerful headphones for better sound quality.

You do need the power adapter here for better connectivity as the system is bus-powered. This system also helps you with clear sound recording.

What You Will Love:

  • High Audio Resolution: The high audio resolution of this interface is 2×2 24bit/192kHz.
  • Bus Powered: The system of this audio interface is bus-powered that allow better mobile recording
  • Better Power Consumption: For better power consumption of 48 volts use the condenser mics

What Do the Customers Say About It

According to what 95% of the customers say ” This less power consumption audio interface has the better resolution and allows comfortable mobile recording. This product is best for you if you want to connect the audio interface to a single device”

What Can Be Improved:

  •  Limited Input/Output: This audio interface has limited input or output due to which you can not connect it to multiple devices
What We Like
The sound quality is great
This audio interface is compatible with multiple systems
Available at a reasonable price
Know Before Buying
Limited input and output
There is no power off button
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The BEHRINGER audio interface has a resolution of 4x4 for better microphones and instruments recording.

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The audio quality produced on this interface is up to professional standards recording in 24bit/192kHz.

This interface is compatible with multiple devices including Steinberg, Ableton Live, and many more. They use 48V and more phantom power to process easily.

What You Will Love:

  • Less Power Consumption: This audio interface has less power consumption of 48 volts
  • High Compatibility: This interface is compatible with multiple systems so that you can record a clear sound
  • Better Resolution: The better resolution of this interface is 4×4 with 24bit/192kHz.

What Do the Customers Say About It

According to what most of the customers say “This audio interface is easy to use and has high compatibility. The better audio resolution allows you to record the high-quality sound from multiple devices”

What Can Be Improved:

  •  Interface Limitations: This audio interface has some limitations but you will get used to it with time
What We Like
Easy to use
Have 16 different ports
Compatible with multiple devices
Know Before Buying
Preamps overload easily
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To do the portable and personal recording, PreSonus comes with a 2-channel audio interface which allows you to record higher quality sound.

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You can use this audio interface to record the line-level devices. You can record up to 24-bit/96kHz by using studio-grade converters.

The best part is that the limited version of this audio interface is available now for just $60. So get the offer to make a unique blend of music and sound.

What You Will Love:

  • 2-Channels: With the help of 2-channels you can record the crystal clear sound easily
  • Record On Multiple Devices: This audio interface has high compatibility due to which you can record on multiple devices
  • Full Interface Version: The full interface version is available for just $60 but for a limited time. Avail of this offer and enjoy convenient sound recording

What Do the Customers Say About It

According to what most of the customers say “With 2 channels you can easily record the crystal clear sound. But each channel gets off automatically without any reason. To avoid this you have to use wires.”

What Can Be Improved:

  •  Auto-Shutdown: One of the USB ports gets down automatically. This can create a problem in sound recording until you fix it
What We Like
2-channels for sound recording
Have a high compatibility
You can record from multiple devices
Know Before Buying
The USE ports get down randomly
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Buyer’s Guide – Best Audio Interface for Windows

Many people have a natural capability of choosing the right thing because they know what to look for while buying a product. If you want to choose the best audio interface for windows then we have listed some of the most important features to look for before buying.

What are they used for?

Audio interface and headphones, home studio - processed colors

An audio interface helps musicians to record instruments and microphones. Some people also use them to record podcasts with higher quality than what you would typically get from direct-to-usb or from mobile phone audio. With the help of an audio interface, you can record crystal clear sound from multiple devices.

Number of Inputs and Outputs

The number of devices that you want to connect helps you to get the right audio interface. Similarly, select the audio interface that allows you to listen to sound on multiple devices.

To handle sound mixing work it is important to have multiple inputs and outputs. Otherwise, you can work with a single input and output interface.

Type of Input and Output

Audio interface and headphones as modern recording system, mobile and small.

Not all the audio interfaces are compatible with the different types of input and output devices. Therefore, check whether your audio interface is compatible with the devices that you have for recording and listening to sound.

If the interface is compatible with both then but otherwise go for the next one.


Cost is always one of the factors while getting the right product. Some audio interfaces provide better facilities at a low rate. So do not go for the audio interfaces that have a high price as they may lack some features or facilities.

Wrapping It All Up

With all the information regarding the best audio interfaces for Windows we have gone through, we conclude that you can now choose the best one for yourself.

As everything regarding their features is stated clearly you can have a clear comparison before making a choice.

If you still need any help we would love to shed some light and resolve all the problems you face. Until then we wish you to have amazing luck in creating your best music.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

We have listed all the specifications regarding the best audio interfaces for Windows but there are still some areas that people get confused about.

But no need to worry about that anymore because here is a list of some frequently asked questions. These will guide you to have a better understanding of the best audio interfaces for Windows.

Are USB interfaces actually that good?

Yes, at the present time in the market, USB Audio Interfaces are the standard for creating and managing music and other audio format content. USB-based products provide accessibility. These are viable not only for big recording studios but also work exceptionally well with small studios as well.

If you want to know how much does a home recording studio cost, check this article.

Is buying expensive audio interfaces worth it?

Having expensive audio interfaces can be a long-term investment for you because they bring several benefits with them. The more expensive the audio interfaces are, generally speaking, the better their durability. You also get to have an amazing quality of sound which is definitely better than the cheaper ones.

Is the audio interface really a necessity?

Whether you are a small-time music producer or you are working on a grand scale, having an audio interface is essential. It helps you work with several beats perfectly. Also, allows you to create the best content.

If you are a beginner, you might be interested in this article that we have about the essential home recording studio equipment list for beginners.