Best Gaming Chair With Speakers in 2022

by Jarrett Ziemer on January 2nd, 2022 in Best Picks

I think it was Kelly Clarkson… or maybe it was Jeremy Clarkson who once said, “When you’ve finished using a car, put the f***ing seat back, so humans can use it afterwards.”

Now, your gaming system isn’t a high-powered automobile, and you’re not sitting in a $200,000 cockpit with hand-stitched leather, but where you play and how you play a video game should be just as important to you as the interior of a car is to Mr. Clarkson.

Because, just like the interior of a car, where you’re sitting and how can affect your flow and be the difference between a comfortable absorbing experience and, well, this.

Now, If you’re ready for the big leagues, tired of back and neck pain, tired of your seat never being quite comfortable enough, a gaming chair is for you.

And if you’re looking for true comfort, ease of use, and absorbing gaming, you’ll want one with speakers.

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Gaming Chairs: The Breakdown

Because of their recent invention, the history of the gaming chair is unbelievably well documented.

The first official “gaming chair” was released in 2006 by DXRacer.

Aided by the economic crash and poor auto sales resulting in a surplus of high-end car seats, the original model was little more than a luxury car seat with wheels on the bottom.

The form factor stuck, though, and the masses soon embraced the benefits of the gaming chair.

By 2014 more people were watching young adults play in the Esports finals, sitting in gaming chairs than the NBA finals. Today, thanks to the pandemic and more time spent at home, gaming chairs have become a mainstream consumer staple.

Portrait of a young man playing video game, sitting in a gaming chair, at internet cafe or playroom.

Why Use A Gaming Chair?

The first gaming chairs developed and any model you purchase today directly respond to cheap, ill-fitting, poorly designed office chairs. Not only do the chairs feel uncomfortable to sit in, but their lack of support is also actually bad for you.

Insert the gaming chair and its ergonomic design.

Benefits of Gaming Chairs

  • High padded backrest
  • Neck pillow
  • Winged shoulder support
  • Backrest recline lever
  • Heavy-duty base and swivel
  • Lumbar support/Pillow
  • Fully adjustable
  • Padded seat and backrest

And on top of the pure comfort designs of gaming chairs, many today also come with advanced technology. You can expect luxuries like speakers, heaters, massagers, and stand-alone laptop trays in some of today’s more advanced models.

The Best Gaming Chairs With Speakers

The X Rocker Galaxy is an out-of-this-world, affordable floor rocker. The Bluetooth speaker and comfortable, sleek, rocking design mean you can immerse yourself in the game while you're playing, and its compact size and foldability mean you can hide it away when you're not. If you're on a budget, this one is a real winner.

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Rock back and relax in X Rockers Galaxy floor rocker. For the price, you can’t beat this stylish speaker rocker. It’s portable enough for you to use anywhere. It looks so good you’d take it everywhere (we’re looking at you gaming parties), and it’s so affordable; if you purchase one for your kids, you won’t mind the thrashing it gets.

Keep in mind when purchasing this one that it comes with an older version of Bluetooth. Bluetooth 2.0 will still work, but the chair may not be able to connect from a separate room.

What We Like
Modern Design - This chair looks stylish and sleek.
Portability - This chair is small, and it folds. That means you can bring it to a friend's house or store it away when not in use.
Connection - Works through a wired and Bluetooth connection.
Know Before Buying
Bluetooth - Bluetooth 2.0 isn't the latest and greatest. It'll work but not as well as 4 or above.
Headset - Connects with a wired headset for talking vs. Bluetooth.
Versatility - Because this chair is a floor rocker, you'll be pretty limited in applications.
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Fairweather gamers need not apply. The Ingrem-T7 is a luxurious station for the serious performer. From the genuine leather DXRacer zero gravity seat to the Bluetooth speakers, USB interface, and ashtray, this thing has it all.

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This incredible gaming chair with speakers will have you saying “Adios Turd Nuggets” to the haters and your gaming competitors as you get in the zone and crush your goals.

Thanks to ashtrays, cupholders, USB plugins, and speakers, whether you’re gaming coding or watching movies, this solid chair will have you covered.

And while other chairs beat down your gaming opponents and leave them feeling stiff, the premium leather zero gravity GtRacing chair base will loosen and lift you to new heights.

Keep in mind that this chair is an investment. It takes up quite a bit of space and isn’t cheap to purchase.

What We Like
Convenience - This gaming chair has it all. Cup holders, ashtrays, USB plugins, and speakers mean you'll never lose your groove.
Comfort - Zero gravity genuine leather seat. Enough said.
Versatility - This pod will work for gaming, coding, and watching movies. You can complete anything requiring long hours in front of a screen in it.
Know Before Buying
Price - It ain't free, that's for sure.
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GTRacing brings you the portable trident chair of your expansive application dreams. Whether you're working, studying, or playing, this rollable, thick padded, good-looking, speaker-laden chair will have you engaged.

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GTRaching manufactured the first gaming chair and is still a top name in the game, and this heavy-duty rolling trident is the perfect example of why.

This chair comes in a premium designed package that will feel at home gaming in front of the computer, in front of the tv, or even on a zoom call with your boss. And with 6-hour playback on the speakers, you should be able to do all that in more before your next charge.

Remember that because this is an ultra ergonomic, comfort-first chair, it might require a bit of a break-in period. Premium foam, a quality metal frame, a footrest, and thick padding everywhere will mean it lasts and feels good, though, once you get it feeling just right.

What We Like
Looks - This chair just looks premium. If you're looking for a chair for gaming and the occasional zoom calls, this fits the bill.
Speakers - The Bluetooth speakers on this have a 5-meter range and 6 hours of playback time.
Ergonomics - This chair has a thick padded high-density foam seat and supportive backrest and pillows. It also has a removable footrest we think you'll love.
Know Before Buying
Break-in Period - This chair is comfortable but may need some time to break it to feel just right.
Assembly - If you don't pay extra for the assembly, putting this thing together might be a bit of a headache.
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The X Rocker Pro H3 is anything but amateur. With armrests on a rocker, four speakers, and vibration motors that sync with your audio, this chair will have you feeling like an elite player from the moment you sit down.

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The X Rocker Pro H3 is a leather rocker with speakers, a subwoofer, additional vibrating motors, and armrests. I’m, other words, it’s premium.

If you’re looking to game in style and comfort and enjoy a technology-aided absorbing experience, this chair is for you.

Aside from all the wonders, this thing includes, we think you should also dig the Bluetooth version. Using 4.1 means this chair should connect fast, from far away, and stay connected.

What We Like
Vibration Motors - Vibration motors linked to sound will give you an immersive experience. Speakers: this chair has four speakers over two, so you should expect a fuller sound.
Bluetooth - Bluetooth 4.1 means you'll have strong connectivity throughout the house to this chair.
Arm Rests - Armrests on a floor rocker. Enough said.
Know Before Buying
Frame - The frame is built from a combination of metal and wood, so go easy on it.
Versatility - Because this chair is a floor rocker, you'll be pretty limited in applications.
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This all-purpose pedestal chair belongs on the Starship Enterprise. And we mean that in a good way. It looks the part and has all the advanced listening tech you'll need to blast off into gaming bliss.

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Get geared up to “engage” with this Captain Picard-ready chair. Featuring a booming sounds system thanks to two forward-facing speakers, a ported subwoofer, audio force modulation, and vibration motors, this chair will have you gaming at warp speeds.

In addition to the chairs’ prominent pedestal forward comfort and the quality sound system, you should like the connectivity. With a built-in radio wireless receiver and wireless transmitter, you’ll be able to connect to any wireless source or RCA stereo.

Keep in mind that because this chair has a pedestal and weighs over 50 pounds, it won’t be the easiest to move continually.

What We Like
Looks - This leather pedestal chair just looks good. This thing is for a boss.
Speakers - You'll get a complete media experience from two speakers, a ported sub, and audio force modulation technology.
Vibration Motors - Vibration motors in this chair sync to your audio for a fantastic full-body experience.
Radio Receiver/ Wireless Transmitter - You should dig the radio receiver in this. You'll be able to connect to any wireless source or an RCA stereo.
Know Before Buying
Versatility - At 54 pounds, the chair isn't too heavy or light. The pedestal, though, means it won't be the easiest chair to move.
Adjustability - This chair isn't the most adjustable. It only tilts slightly, and the armrests and height are where they are.
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This is the gaming chair that puts on a suit and tie every morning for work. If you're looking for a sleek as heck design that will have your boss thinking you work hard all day and don't game between zoom meetings, this chair is for you.

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This amazing AmazonBasics chair is for the discreet. It’s for the gamer zooming with a boss half the day hiding inside of all of us. With a premium finish and office first look, your boss won’t know what you’re doing between meetings… as long as you hide the remote.

Besides the looks, we think you’ll love the microphone(most speaker chairs don’t come with one) and push-button height control. That extra tech puts this chair leaps and bounds ahead of others in the convenience department.

Keep in mind when purchasing this one that although the speakers go loud, they may also sound a bit tinny.

What We Like
Looks - This chair looks professional. And there's no way to tell it has speakers or a built-in mic.
Microphone - Many speaker chairs still require a mic to talk. This has one built-in!
Height Control - A push-button height controller will have this thing feeling like a Cadillac.
Know Before Buying
Speaker Sound - The speakers on this one might sound a bit tinny.
Microphone - You might find you need to speak loudly for the microphone to hear you.
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If you're looking for comfort and style while you kick back and game, look no further. The X Rocker Gamma is the high-tech gaming recliner of your dreams.

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Kick back and relax in X Rockers Gamma gaming chair. It’s a lazy boy for the gaming boys and girls who are anything but. Thanks to a combination of speakers and subwoofers, this chair will keep you locked into the game and focused on what’s in front of you.

The recliner nature of this chair also makes it great for movies. Turn down the tv and turn up the speakers to have a more private movie or entertainment experience.

Keep in mind that the power cord placement of this chair is a bit wonky. With the power cord on the outside of the chair, you may experience frequent disconnections depending on placement and location.

What We Like
Speakers - The combination of 2 speakers and a subwoofer should be enough to get your heartbeat going.
Comfort - It's a lazy boy. That means you'll get the comfortable armrests, the cup holders, and the reclining ability that goes with that.
Know Before Buying
Vibration - A lot of higher-end chairs have vibration features included. This one doesn't.
Power - The power connection for this chair connects on the outside of the frame.
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The X Rocker RGB Prism Pedestal is a "flashy" choice for the gamer looking to stand out. On top of the advanced RGB LED NEO motion technology, this chair is ergonomic and also has excellent speaker technology.

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Save the drama for your Lamma cause this chair is only here to have a good time. The X Rocker RGB takes a sleek modern, and ergonomic design and lets it give way to some seriously sweet and fun tech.

The RGB LED lights on the chair can produce 30+ color and pattern combinations, all at the touch of a button.

And when you’re ready to get lost in the gaming, turn the sound on this one up loud and enjoy not only two headrest-mounted speakers but also the included subwoofer. If that’s not enough, you’ll also feel real-time immersive vibrations.

Keep in mind that although this is a reasonably large pedestal design, it is foldable, meaning easy storage when not in use.

What We Like
Lights - With LED lights, this chair has the wow factor.
Speakers - 2 speakers are good. 2 speakers, a sub, and added vibration are great.
Foldable - A foldable design makes this chair easy to store away.
Know Before Buying
Lights - The seamless design of the LED lights means this chair actually looks just as good with them off. A person could also use this chair in an office setting.
Height - The height of this chair is lower than others and not adjustable.
Speaker Quality - The speaker quality on this chair may be lower than others. The speakers are upgradable, though.
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Gaming Chair with Speakers VS Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach launched the first gaming headset around the same time as the first gaming chair came out.

Wondering whether you should go with a gaming chair with speakers or a stand-alone headset? Here are some benefits that come with each

Gaming Chair with Speakers Benefits


The first advantage is going to come with cost. If you’re a serious gamer, you’ll likely want a premium comfortable chair to sit in for long hours, regardless. If you’re purchasing a chair anyways, getting one with speakers will be easy to use and kill two expensive birds with one stone.

Just keep in mind that a game chair often won’t come with a microphone. You can find cheaps ones here.


A chair with speakers can be used in more scenarios than a headset. If you use your chair to watch Netflix or Youtube as much as you game, a chair with speakers might make your experience more enjoyable.

Gaming with Friends

Using a headset can be immersive. It can also be isolating. If you’re gaming with friends, it’ll be more fun to experience the game in a good chair with speakers and a woofer.

Gaming Headset Benefits


There are a ton of high-end gaming headphones with killer sound. They may not have the bass you’ll get with a subwoofer in your seat, but the quality of the speakers in a few are second to none.


There’s nothing quite like throwing on a pair of gaming headphones and zoning into the game. If you get easily distracted or don’t have a cat meowing at your feet to get out, headphones make sense.

How to Pick the Best Gaming Chair with Speakers

There are a ton of options when it comes to the perfect chair. Here are a few things to consider.


Above all else, you’ll want to look at comfort when picking out your chair. Of course, the most comfortable gaming chair will be one that gets the most use.

Consider things like material and ergonomics here. Genuine leather is super comfortable and will also last the longest. If you’re looking for a softer feel, go with fabric. Mesh is the most breathable of material if you want to stay cool.

When it comes to ergonomics, pay attention to problem areas. Look for proper and even luxurious back and neck support.


Working from home is now the new norm. Moving your office to the house, for a lot of us, has created a space commodity. With so many people spending all of their time in one space, the need for one chair to rule them all has risen.

An adaptable video gaming chair is one you can use for gaming on your computer and in front of the tv, or while working.

If you have frequent zoom meetings, you might want to consider a softened downed, professional style.

If you want a separate seat and are at a loss for space, you may want to think about something packable. Many gaming-specific chairs now come foldable.


You’ll be using this thing day in and out, and maybe for long hours, so make sure it’s durable. A durable gaming chair won’t only stand up to the test of time and your rear end; it’ll stay comfortable for longer.

As mentioned before, genuine leather will last you the longest. However, if you want a seat that’s made of a light and breathable material, like mesh, try and get something reinforced like DuPont TPEE.


A chair that looks the part will have you feeling confident and comfortable. Just make sure you pick something to suit every occasion.

Take into account the look and feel of a premium chair if you want something more professional.

If you want to get wild, there are some pretty forward-thinking options out there as well.

There are a ton of choices, so make sure you think it over.

Speaker Quality

A list on how to pick the best gaming chair with speakers wouldn’t be complete without looking at the speakers themselves.

In a lot of cases, you will use the chair speakers to supplement or replace your gaming headphones, so make sure you get the sound you’re looking for. For a gaming chair, a lot of times, that means focusing on the number of speakers over the quality of speakers. That’s because the speaker quality in gaming chairs is generally pretty similar.

To up the sound quality, then, look for a chair with more speakers, four minimum, if possible. If you’re looking for an even more immersive sound, opt for a chair with a subwoofer too. Finally, if you’re looking for three times the immersion, many of the setups will also vibrate.


Man, technology has come far, hasn’t it? I remember the first gaming chair my buddy had. A little foam rocker on the floor. It was the future, and I had to have one.

Now that we’re actually in the future, we have every kind of gaming chair you can imagine. Rockers with armrests and speakers and starship-compatible cockpits are the new norm.

If you’re looking for your next gaming chair of the future and don’t know where to turn, or would like a bit of help, check out the list below.