How To Use A USB Microphone On Xbox One

by Alex.   Last Updated On July 15th, 2022.
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Gaming is an excellent way for people to enjoy their leisure time. After a long and stressful day at work or school, gaming provides us with the fun and enjoyment we all need. And what better way to enjoy gaming than with one of the best gaming consoles in the world, the Xbox One.

The Xbox One console is considered one of the best consoles ever manufactured by Xbox. And is great for playing video and online gaming. To effectively play games nowadays, you require the right tools for proper team communication, and the game audio also provides essential details for players to capitalize on.

The Xbox series has gained a lot of positive reviews for its versatility. You can easily buy a pair of headphones and plug them into the headphone jack at the bottom of your Xbox controller. But you could also use a USB microphone to start communicating with your gamer friends.

This article will tackle how to use a USB microphone on the Xbox one controller, things required to use a USB mic, why USB microphones are getting so popular, and many more.

Let’s get right into it.

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What is a USB microphone?

A USB microphone can be plugged in using USB ports, whereas the standard microphone uses the 3.5 mm jack. But other than that, the two microphone types work very similarly.

A significant difference is that USB microphones come with two circuits, a preamp, and an AD converter.

Things required to use a USB mic on Xbox One

For the first method, you only need a microphone, a simple USB port, a computer than can run the Xbox one app, and a USB cable.

Meanwhile, the second method of using your USB mic on your Xbox one console requires the purchase of extra cables, a USB microphone with a 3.5 mm audio jack, and a male 3.5 mm mic splitter which you can plug into your Xbox One.

How to use USB Mic On Xbox One?

There are two ways to use a USB microphone on your Xbox one. The first one does not require additional equipment; the first step is connecting your Xbox to your computer. It’s most likely that your microphone will be connected via a USB port; however, if your mic does not have this feature, you will need a stereo headset adapter.

After this, launch the Xbox one app on your computer after connecting the USB cable firmly, and then log in with a completely new Microsoft account. The new account will stay on your Xbox one app, which will be the one carrying the microphone.

Conversely, the other method requires more work and extra equipment. You will need a 3.5 mm splitter and plug it in your Xbox one’s audio port; this splits your audio port, giving you two audio input ports, one for your earphones and your audio jack.

Now, you can easily connect the splitter with your Xbox One controller, allowing the Xbox one mic to transmit audio via the controller signal. Plug the male-to-male 3.5 mm cable inside the splitter’s USB microphone 3.5 mm audio port.

In the final step, you will need to plug the microphone inside the console’s USB port to give power to your microphone. Not only will this allow you to keep using your mic at a distance, but this also acts as a power bank which will also make your mic up and running.

How does a USB microphone work?

A typical USB mic works by converting sound into electrical energy. The analog audio signals are then amplified, turned into digital signals, and outputted using the USB connection.

A USB mic is super easy to use, you simply connect your microphone to the USB port on any of your devices, and this is one of the reasons why USB mics (and even USB headsets) are getting more and more popular.

Why are USB microphones so popular?

A dedicated microphone is a fantastic option, especially for gamers. Not only will they guarantee exceptional audio quality, but they also don’t need additional drivers or equipment to connect them.

A USB microphone is also very affordable, readily available, and fuss-free as they only require a USB port to work. They are durable, consistent, portable, and convenient to carry around as a USB mic work without the need for additional equipment.

Why should you get a gaming headset?

Gamers are always looking for ways to improve, whether by purchasing a better controller or a faster console. But everyone knows that nothing beats excellent communication with other players, which is why you should buy a gaming headset instead of getting a new headphones and a mic. You can also use your old Xbox 360 headset (if you have one) on your Xbox One without the need for an adapter.

A headset is just a pair of headphones with an added microphone. Depending on their type, you can easily use your regular headphones on Xbox console. For a USB headset, you can easily plug them into your controller’s USB ports, or you can also plug them into your standard stereo jack.

A gaming headset or a stereo headset is excellent for gaming because they have both audio output and input, so you can hear excellent sound quality from your game and speak into the headset’s microphone, which allows your teammates to hear whatever you are saying.

In addition, a gaming headset is also great at noise canceling because they are located much closer to your mouth, so no matter your environment, your teammates will be able to hear your voice.

You can purchase a wireless headset to still play games without restricting your movement. However, note that a wireless headset will present issues regarding music delay.

A gaming headset is a great and cheap (and comes in different colors like pink), all-in-one solution for your gaming needs. However, the sound quality from their microphone is not all that great and will always be inferior to an external microphone.

Why use a dedicated microphone?

A dedicated external mic is a fantastic option if you have extra funds. While an external mic can be more expensive than a gaming headset, they make up for it with their exceptional audio quality without requiring additional circuits or drivers.

Most microphones available on the market are the USB headset types that can be connected to your console’s USB port. A USB mic on Xbox means that you might have to purchase a separate pair of USB headphones for them to work, so in terms of connectivity, you have to follow a few more steps than a USB headset.

But once you set everything up, you will get crisp, professional-sounding audio input and output for your teammates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Xbox one support USB audio?

The Xbox one does support USB audio. However, this is only possible if you connect them with a separate gaming PC. Combining the two devices allows the audio from the Xbox one to transfer to the PC.

Conversely, audio input from the microphone can be transferred to the Xbox.

Can I use a USB headset for the Xbox one?

Yes, however you need a 3.5 mm connector for the two devices to be connected.

Can I use Bluetooth headphones on the Xbox series x

Yes, you can still connect your Bluetooth headset on the Xbox series x using a USB dongle. However, you cannot connect them directly as Bluetooth connections on a gaming console affect its performance as they might be prone to signal interference.

Does blue yeti work on Xbox?

Although gaming consoles do not support blue yeti, you can still use them for party chat using a y splitter to connect to a headset on one side and a 3.5 mm aux from the splitter to the blue yeti.

Can I connect my AirPods to my Xbox one?

Yes, simply install the Xbox Console Companion app to connect your Apple AirPods to your Xbox One conveniently.


A USB mic is indeed a fantastic tool to use to your advantage when gaming. Not only will they guarantee you fantastic sound quality, but they are also great for streaming. But if you think that purchasing a separate microphone and headphones for your gaming needs is too much of a hassle, you can also opt for a standard headset.

We hope this informative article has helped you learn how to use a USB mic on the Xbox one.