Gaming Headset vs. Headphones and Mic, Which is better?

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While you are thinking hard about the monitor, CPU, video card combo to get so your games will look exactly how you want them to; it can be very easy to forget how they will end up sounding. When you do remember to get an audio system for your setup, it can be quite a long search to get a gaming headset or a good gaming headphone that matches up to your expectation.

Early this year I was faced with the same challenge.

Should I get a gaming headset or should I get a good headphone plus a mic?

This is a question most gamers ask. For me, after carefully weighing down these two options against my needs, I decided to get a new headphone and a mic.

You see, your choice of whether to buy a gaming headset or buy a headphone and a mic to match it depends on your needs. Sure, both come with their benefits, but when choosing which to get, you have to weigh your options against both the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Below I have outlined the benefits of a gaming headset and a headphone and mic to help you make an informed decision. Plus, I have included a buying guide to assist you in making a smarter choice.

astro gaming A40

Astro Gaming A40 | Enrique

At their simplest level, headsets are headphones with a microphone attached. This is the basic version of how I would classify a headset.

But, Gaming headsets are another thing altogether.

It is a headset customized for gaming. And thus it will feature a gaming headset at its best will strive to offer clear communication, noise isolation, immersive sound, enhanced comfort and often employ colorful sound designs to provide an enjoyable gaming experience.

Gaming Headset Buying Advice

Choosing a good gaming headset is no walk in the park, you will be surprised by the number of gaming headsets available in the market.

Also, Marketing terms used to describe gaming headsets can be quite overwhelming.

So, how do you go about choosing the best gaming headset?

The most important factors to consider when selecting a gaming headset are:

  • Comfort
  • Sound quality
  • Durability
  • Cost


For a gaming headset, comfort is paramount. With the amount of time you are going to spend on your next adventure, which is unknown, it is crucial the headset you pick does not weigh down on you.

Choosing a good gaming headset is important as it can give you an upper hand or can also bring you down while playing a game.

To judge a gaming headset based on comfort, you can start by carefully analyzing the materials used in the making of the ear pads and the headband. A material such as memory foam is better as it adjusts its design to conform to your ears shape. Thick yet soft padding ear cups can also be a sign to look out for in selecting a comfortable headset.

Apart from the material, you should also check the design of the headset to make sure it offers good adjustment levels, and the overall weight should not be too heavy to wear on your head for long hours on end

How crazy would an uncomfortable gaming headset be on your head? Gaming headsets for people with larger heads can be a good idea if you find your headset clamps too hard on your large noggin.

It goes without saying; a comfortable gaming headset is a MUST.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of a headset is another feature you should check out for in a good gaming headset. Your gaming headset should be as important as its gaming graphics.

Unlike regular headphones, gaming headsets give you wide surround sound which aids in making a virtual game realistic and lifelike. Some gaming headset or headphones will always come with simulated surround sound.

For gamers who play FPS games, simulated surround sound is important because it can quickly help you locate the position of the enemy. A headset or headphone capable of powerful bass is also a must have for FPS games. This is because the sounds from explosions or gunfire are brought to life.

Another handy feature that some gaming headsets (even budget gaming headsets) have is noise cancellation. By the use of an external microphone, any outside noise is inverted thus canceling it. This feature comes in handy for games that require your full concentration so you can play without distractions from the real world.


When you decide on your pair of gaming headsets, you expect to have them on for a more extended period. Some manufacturers will often ignore the build quality and provide a cheap, low-quality gaming headset. Usually, this means you will be buying a headset replacement in a few months.

Instead of going this route, you can always invest in a quality headset that is sure to last you a longer period.


In most cases but not all, the price of a headset usually is a fair representation of its quality.

But this does not mean you should go investing your hard earned money in buying expensive gaming headset models.

Most of the time, the cost of marketing a product can have a significant impact on the price. A $300 headset could be worth less than $150 in hardware, but due to the cost of marketing, the product is sold at a higher price to ensure a better profit margin for the manufacturers.

V-Moda Crossfade Headphones with Boom Pro Microphone

V-Moda Crossfade Headphones with Boom Pro Microphone | Shawn Zipay

A headphone and mic combo means getting a regular headphone and an external mic which could be attachable to the headphone for a better gaming experience.

Unlike a gaming headset, with a headphone, you have to shop for both a good headphone and a good microphone in case you need one.

With that said, I will cover a guide on how to check for the best microphone for gaming. With headphones, you can check out our detailed headphone buying guide.

See Our Best Open-Back Headphones for Gaming


Gaming microphone Buying Advice

V-Moda BoomPro Microphone  |  Z Reviews

When you are shopping for a mic, you will come across a range of different mics at different prices. Since gaming is no longer a one-person game, getting a mic is necessary to enable communication between you and other gamers. A microphone will not only help you interact with other players, but you can also use a microphone for live streaming and gaming commentaries.

  • Microphone form factor
  • Unidirectional, Bi-directional or Omni-directional mics
  • Microphone connectivity

Microphone form factor

A microphone’s form factor can be divided into two distinct categories, a detachable mic or an external mic.

A detachable gaming mic is ultra-portable, suitable for those gamers who are on the move.

With an external mic, you get more than just gaming with it. You can use the mic for YouTube (If you are a YouTuber). One thing that keeps me away from external mics is that they are going to be seen all the time, thus making them more of a distraction.

Unidirectional, Bi-directional or Omni-directional mics

Most gaming headset mics are unidirectional; this means they only accept sound from a single direction. This quite advantageous as other gamers on the other end will not be able to hear and other noises from your house.

A bi-directional mic sometimes called a Figure 8, is a type of mic that picks up sound from the front and back equally but, nothing from the sides. In gaming, bi-directional mics are preferred as they sound transmitted is rich than a unidirectional mic.

With omnidirectional mics, the mic records everything in a 360 degrees pattern. An omnidirectional mic could come in handy if you are constantly changing your position while gaming. Omnidirectional mics would not be good if used in a noisy environment because they record everything.

Microphone Connectivity/Compatibilty

With connectivity, there are two main types: wired and wireless. Wired microphone connections can further be broken down to other input categories such as USB, 3.5 mm connector, etc.

XLR are one of the popular options which also allow you to experience better sound quality.

To increase the compatibility of your mic to your current setup, you can get yourself an adapter that will allow even a bigger threshhold for your microphone compatibility.

Selecting between a gaming headset and a headphone and mic combo is one tough decision. Of course, you have to weigh down the options you have to make sure you get something you can live with for the longest.

With that said, here are some deciding factors to help you make an informed decision.

1. Purpose

A gaming headset will be a great choice if you are a gamer. It offers much more than a standard headphone would. For example, you can enjoy the virtual surround sound that comes with most gaming headsets.

However, if you, not just a gamer but also a person who enjoys mixing and making music, A gaming headset will not satisfy you. In this case, a headphone would be much convenient than getting a gaming headset.

2. Versatility

Headsets, especially gaming headsets repulse many users. The gamer-inspired aesthetics of most headsets make them mostly for use when gaming. Unless you want took like a goofy when wearing gaming in the streets of while traveling by train or plane, a regular headphone will be fine.

However, there are some gaming headsets with better looks that could pass off in the streets and come with a detachable microphone but, always stick to headphone if you like to keep your headphones on while in public.

3. Cost

Some people enjoy the choice of getting a gaming headset and a headphone. However, if you are on a tight budget choosing would be the only option. So, which would you choose?

This again boils down to the purpose and personal preferences. If you are into gaming, a gaming headset would be the right choice. But, in case you wish to also listen to music or mixing, buying a regular headphone and a detachable microphone will do just fine.

When it comes down to the cost, a headset will be the budget option. Looking around, whether, on Amazon, Walmart or other electronic sellers, I found gaming headsets to be much cheaper than when buying a headphone and a mic.

4. Sound Quality

Overall, a headphone is much sounding than a gaming headset (see our guide on how to use regular headphones on XBox). If you are looking for sound quality and not the virtual sound in gaming headsets, then a pair of headphone is the best. Apart from the sound output from the headphone, the sound from the mic is also something to consider.

From experience, mics in gaming headphones sound awful. A gaming headset mic is more likely to sound distorted and comes off as a nuisance to even other gamers. On the other hand, a separate attachable mic is a better option.