8 Ways To Wear Headphones With Glasses Comfortably

by SoundGearLab-Team.   Last Updated On February 4th, 2022.

Owning the best sounding headphones matters little if they are not comfortable when worn by a person. For people with glasses, using headphones for longer sessions leads to the development of sore temples or a throbbing headache. In this post, I’ll share tips you can try to comfortably wear your headphones with glasses.

So without further ado, here are 8 ways to wear your headphones with glasses comfortably.

  1. Lift the Arms of The Glasses Above The Headphones
  2. Adjust Your Headphone’s Clamping Force
  3. Slide a Piece of Tissue Between Frame and Your Head
  4. Pad the Temple Covers With a Foam pad
  5. Replace Your Headphone Earpads
  6. Get Glasses With Thin Frames
  7. Replace The Arms of Your Glasses with Fabric or Elastic Strap
  8. Give Your Ears a Break

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How To Wear Headphones With Glasses

If it does not mess up with your glass’s magnification or you don’t mind looking a little dorky, you should try this method. Just lift the arms of your glasses so it’s not pressed against the headphone. First, wear your over-ear headphones, then put on your glasses tilted slightly upwards in the back.

However, it is worthy to note that tilting your glasses will adjust the pantoscopic tilt of the glasses. A tilt that ranges from 0-12 degrees or a tilt of 3-7 degrees is considered normal. Too much tilting might cause aberrations int your vision because you are not viewing your prescription properly. If your eyes cannot see too clearly or start to get uncomfortable while doing this, you should stop and try other alternatives below.

The Clamping force of a headphone is what determines how a pair of headphones will snug up against your face. A headphone with a strong clamping force exerts high pressure on the sides of your head. If you are using a headphone with a high clamping pressure with your glasses, the pressure will be even more. This is because the arms of your glasses will be forced to dig into the skull which after a few minutes becomes painful.


A new headphone will require some time before they feel comfortable. There are various ways you can lessen the clamping pressure of a headphone faster. Find a large box or ball similar or a little larger than the size of your head. Place the headphone on the box/ball and leave it to stretch out for a day or two. Some headphones which mostly feature metal/aluminum headband will allow you to manually adjust them by bending them a little.

Before you try and lessen the clamp of your headphone, be sure to proceed carefully to avoid accidentally breaking the headphone or you can read this article first.

If adjusting your headphone’s clamp is not possible, sliding a piece of tissue between the frame of your glasses and your head is another solution. This is a quick option of preventing your glasses’ temples from digging into your head when pressure is exerted on them by headphones. First, wear your headphones followed by the glasses. Take a piece of tissue and fold it into a small size then insert it between the temple and your head. Do this on both sides and you can wear your headphones with glasses longer without pain.

A tissue offers a quick and cheap way to wear your headphones with glasses. However, if you are in an outdoor setting sticking tissue between the temples and your head might make you look awkward. That is why temple covers are a great alternative option.

There are different types of temple pads, each made of a different material. They include plastic, rubber or foam temple covers. Foam pad temple covers are great because when pressure is exerted on them, they try to absorb it, unlike plastic or rubber pad temple covers.

Different types of materials are used for a headphone’s ear cushion padding. These are usually leather, pleather, fabric, or velour. Pleather and leather cushioning are usually the worst for glass wearers. Personally. I highly recommend getting softer earpads that feature velour or fabric.


Beyerdynamic DT 770 Velour Earpads

Apart from selecting a softer material, the type of pads can also influence a headphones’ comfort level. Headphones that feature memory foam padding are a good option for headphone users who wear glasses. Memory foam is a great material because it usually molds to a better shape which acts as an excellent pressure relief.

Before selecting your headphones, make sure it features the right materials for better comfort. If you already have a headphone, check if the earpads can be replaced with aftermarket options. I would recommend you check out Brainwavz headphone earpads.

Glasses with thick frames offer a large surface area which significantly lowers the comfort when pressure is applied to them. To minimize the pain, glasses with a thin frame are a great choice. When pressure is applied to the thin frames, the small surface area that presses against your scalp is very unlikely to cause pain. However, after several hours you might start to feel uncomfortable.

This option I would advise you to try with a previous pair of glasses or buy a cheap one to try it out. First, remove the screws that attach the temples to the glasses and set them aside. Second, find an elastic cord and cut it to the size of your head. Add the elastic cord to the glasses and you are good to go. For better results choose a thinner elastic cord.

This, though mostly applies when you have the volume turned up, it can also work in this case. Taking off your headphones periodically or moving them slightly every few minutes before they start to cause pain or start to annoy you. Moving the headphone around or removing it will let blood to circulate back into the parts of the ear that were under pressure. This, in the long run, should make a big difference.

Another way of giving your ears a break is by using one earcup at a time. Simply slide one earcup off one of the ears and after a few minutes make a switch. This might not be a great way of getting the most out of your headphone but it is a handy trick to add.

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In Conclusion

Our ears are not particularly good with blood flow. Adding pressure only makes it worse. There is no best way of wearing headphones with glasses. You should try some of the methods I have suggested above to see which works best for you. Do have any other methods you have tried that worked better? Share them with us and other readers in the comment section below. You might also consider using earbuds instead.