Where is the Microphone on iPhone 8?

by Alex.   Last Updated On February 4th, 2022.
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Whether you are considering purchasing an iPhone 8 or already have one, you may wonder where the microphones are located. The iPhone 8 has three microphones that are all used for different purposes.

The microphone on the bottom front of the phone is for making calls, the microphone on the upper front is for controlling Siri, and the rear microphone is for recording audio along with videos.

Knowing where is the microphone on iPhone 8 can help you make better choices in how to hold or direct the phone when recording audio or speaking to someone. By moving the right microphone nearest your audio target, you can record the best quality sound possible.

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Table of Contents

Main Microphone

The main microphone on the iPhone 8 is located at the bottom of the front, below the main display screen. This is the microphone that will be used to pick up your voice when making calls. Additionally, you will speak into this microphone when using the speakerphone function.

You might notice some small slits in the plastic of the iPhone 8 near the bottom. While this looks like decorative accents, it is actually the location of the microphone.

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Selfie Microphone

When you look towards the top of the front of your iPhone 8, above the display screen, you will see a small hole next to your front facing camera. This small hole is your selfie microphone. This is one of the more discreet and hidden microphones, so it may take some searching to find it.

This microphone is used for controlling Siri as well as picking up audio (see also audio basics) when you are recording with the front facing or selfie camera. Many people may not realize there is a microphone with this camera, but it offers better directional audio recording than the microphone at the bottom of the phone when you are using the camera at the same time.

Recording Microphone


For the third microphone on the iPhone 8, you will need to turn the phone around and look at the rear of it. Up in the top left corner near the camera lens will be a tiny hole between the camera lens and the flash.

This is your third microphone and it is the one that offers the best sound recording capabilities. That makes it a great choice when recording higher-quality video from the rear camera and recording audio at the same time.

Additionally, you can use this microphone when making speech-to-text notes, as well as the microphone on the bottom of your phone. Both will work for this built-in feature.