Where is the Microphone on iPhone 12?

by Alex.   Last Updated On January 30th, 2024.
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All versions of the iPhone 12 (see also where is the microphone on iPhone 8)come with three built-in microphones. These are located on the bottom near the lightning connector, on the top above the display screen, and on the rear of the iPhone 12 near one of the camera lenses.

If you have ever been talking to someone on your iPhone 12 and they have complained about your voice sounding muffled or distorted, it may have been because you were accidentally covering the microphone with your finger.

Knowing where the microphones are located gives you a chance to keep them clean and free from dust and debris which also helps to keep the sound quality clear when recording to talking to someone.

Table of Contents

Microphone for Calling


On the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max, the microphone that is used when you make calls is located on the bottom of the phone below the display screen. If you look on the very bottom of the phone, you will see two small lines of holes on either side of the lightning connector.

The smaller number of holes is where the microphone is located, and the larger number of holes is one of the multiple speakers on the iPhone 12. When you are using the phone normally and making a call, this microphone is the one you will be speaking into. Always be sure your hand is not covering these holes so the quality of your voice is not distorted.

Microphone for Siri and Selfies


The second microphone is located on the front of the phone above the display screen. It will be directly to the left of the horizontal slit speaker you place your ear on when making calls. This microphone is commonly used when you are speaking to Siri.

Additionally, when you are using the front facing or selfie camera which is located to the left of the horizontal slit speaker , the microphone on the right side will be the one that picks up your voice or other audio. This helps with recording the correct directional audio and aids in proper audio balancing.

Microphone for Recording

For your main rear camera recording opportunities, the third microphone will be located near the camera lens. On the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini which only have dual rear-facing cameras, the recording microphone will be directly to the right of the upper camera lens.

On the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max which have triple rear-facing cameras, the recording microphone will be below and slightly to the right of the right side camera lens. You will notice it as a small pinhole, which is located slightly above the flash.

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