The 6 Best Party Speakers of 2021

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There’s just about nothing worse than going camping, spending the day at the beach, or even having a backyard get-together when there’s no speaker to play music.

Even in modern times, when we all have cell phones to supplement larger speakers, nothing compares to the full, rich tones and deep bass of a dedicated party speaker.

Other speaker cones and their technology are just too small. However, a party speaker and its size give you the volume and sound you’re looking for.

Now, If you’re tired of being the person sitting around the campfire with a plastic cup around your cell phone or just looking to up the volume out on the dock, you gotta consider a party speaker.

And If you are considering one, read on for details to help with your purchase.

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Product Reviews

Anker has sold over 20 million-plus units of the Soundcore Motion Blur for a good reason. With a high audio output thanks, in part, to 100% pure titanium diagrams and an IPX7 waterproof rating, this speaker is the real deal for outdoor parties.

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There’s a whole lot to like in Soundcore’s Motion Boom Outdoor Speaker. This affordable speaker is where an ultraportable design and waterproof durability meet excellent sound quality.

You should particularly love the loud, distortion-free volume this speaker puts out, thanks in part to its 100% pure titanium diaphragms.

Keep in mind when purchasing this affordable option that there are a couple of drawbacks.

First, unfortunately, the speaker doesnt update the user with an audible low battery warning. Instead, it flashes a red light when it is at 10 percent battery life.

The speaker also doesnt accept fast charging or any charging current over 2.1.

What We Like
Build Quality - Anker threw exclusive bass bumping technology on top of a well-built system team, including titanium diaphragms.
Price - This thing isn't the cheapest speaker out there, but if you're looking for an affordable system this size that offers quality sound, you shouldn't expect to pay less than this.
Size - The small size and weight of this make it perfect for taking along nearly anywhere. And it comes with a sleek, built-in handle!
Volume - This speaker should play even loud music distortion-free.
Durability - A rating of IPX7 means all the great tech inside will stay dry and dust-free.
Flotation - This speaker is not only waterproof, but it also floats!
App - The app included with the speaker lets you customize your equalizer settings and toggle on "voice prompt" with your speaker.
Playback Time - 24 hours of playback should give you more than enough time between chargers.
Bluetooth - This speaker utilizes Bluetooth 5.0, one of the latest and greatest Bluetooth updates.
Reverse Charging - This speaker allows you to charge other devices.
Know Before Buying
Sound Quality - This speaker sounds excellent for its size but won't compare to a large speaker.
Charging Speed - This speaker charges a bit slow.
Low Battery - Unfortuanlty, there is no audible low battery warning on this speaker.
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Supnius party speaker comes with nearly everything you want from a large party speaker! With a 4 speaker driver and heavy bass bumping ability, Bluetooth 5.0 on board, and fun additions like beat following lights and Kareoke compatibility, this is an affordable speaker you should love.

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Supniu’s affordable offering in the party speaker space defines precisely where the party meets the speaker. From the music following flashing lights to the Karaoke Mode, this thing was built up for you to get down. It even comes with the ability to play FM radio when you’re tired of streaming the same old songs or don’t have a phone available.

Keep in mind that this is a more affordable option and has a few drawbacks, like a poor battery life and the need to purchase a karaoke mic separately.

What We Like
Price - You'll be hard-pressed to beat the price of this loud, fun speaker.
Bluetooth - This speaker utilizes Bluetooth 5.0, one of the latest and greatest Bluetooth updates.
Speakers - This system comes with two bass and two tweeters. You should expect a full range of tones.
Karaoke Mode - You'll get a professional Karaoke setup with this one!
Charge Time - Although the battery has a limited life, this speaker should charge very quickly!
Lights - The lights on this speaker change with the rhythm of the music!
FM Radio - This is one of the only party speakers available with onboard FM radio capabilities.
Know Before Buying
Playback Time - You may be disappointed with the low 6-20 hour playback time of this speaker.
Karaoke Mode - Unfortunately, this speaker doesnt come with a microphone.
Lights - If purchasing this speaker for something more formal, keep in mind you won't be able to turn off the lights; just change their color.
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Beats knows sound, and this speaker proves it. With Beat's active 2-way crossover system that has tweeter and woofer separation, you'll get a rich, full sound and the bumping bass that'll have your friends grinning.

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When tech giant Apple purchased Beats in 2014, they knew what they were doing. They acquired Beats for a couple of clear reasons, and this speaker shows why. Apple understood that Beats knows sound and style, and this on-the-go speaker delivers on both accounts.

With a streamlined look, three clean color options, and an active 2-way crossover system with tweeter and woofer separation that provides crisp volumes over 80 Db, this little premium speaker is easy on the eyes and the ears.

If you plan on using this little party speaker outdoors, keep in mind that it has no waterproof or NFC rating.

What We Like
Sound - An active 2-way crossover system with tweeter and woofer separation should create a sound field that is pleasing to the ear.
App - The app included with the speaker lets you customize your equalizer settings and even add a second Pill speaker to the same Bluetooth connection.
Size - SInce this speaker is only 0.68 ft, you should be able to take it everywhere.
Speaker Phone - An enhanced speakerphone in this will let you make and receive calls with clarity.
Playback Time - The 12 hours of playback time for this small speaker should be more than enough.
Reverse Charging - This speaker allows you to charge other devices.
Bluetooth - This speaker utilizes Bluetooth 5.0, one of the latest and greatest Bluetooth updates.
Know Before Buying
Price - The Beats Pill+ is a premium speaker with a premium price.
Durability - This speaker has no waterproof or NFC Rating.
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Soundboks, the creators of The Soundboks Gen 3 deliver with this premium speaker. From the concert level volume and 40 hours of playback time to the crowd-ready durability, this thing should perform every way you need it and blow the party away.

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Two 10-inch bass drives and one 1-inch tweeter with a patented “Pulse Reflex Port” for extended bass response top the list of impressive features on this crazy 126 dB producing concert-level premium party speaker.

And thanks to a durable splash and dust resistant rugged design and a 40-hour swappable battery, it should be able to play the bone-crushing volumes you’re looking for longer than your eardrums can handle.

Just keep in mind that this party speaker will be hard on the arms legs. It costs a boatload and is large and in charge at nearly 32 inches long and 35 pounds.

What We Like
Durability - This speaker was built Ford tough! It has It's splash-proof, dirt-resistant, and built for a crowd.
Volume - You'll get 126 dB of sound from this speaker.
Playback Time - This thing has 40 hours of playback time at mid-volume (5 hours at full volume)! Enough said.
Setup - This speaker connects and setups in about 6 seconds!
App - The app included with the speaker lets you customize your equalizer settings and even upgrade your firmware.
Connectivity - You can use the advanced Bluetooth 5.0, a 3.5mm Aux input/output, or XLR and quartet inch ports to connect to this speaker.
Amplifier Use - You'll get a microphone and instrument inputs onboard with this speaker.
Know Before Buying
Price - They certainly aren't giving it away.
Size - At roughly 32 x 20 x 16 inches, this thing is pretty big.
Weight - The Soundboks weighs in at over 34 pounds.
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Meet JBL's boombox of the future. With its 24 hours of playtime, excellent sound quality, a reasonable price, and an IPX7 waterproof rating, this well-rounded speaker should meet all of your party speaker needs.

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The JBL Boombox 2 is a sleek designed speaker that puts out a whopping 101 decibels, has 24 hours of playtime, and a waterproof rating that’ll let you take it anywhere.

On top of those features, the Boombox 2 also comes with four active transducers and two JBL bass radiators, ensuring this speaker will bring the monstrous bass whenever you need it.

We also think you’ll love JBL’s partyBoost Mode. PartyBoost lets you create the ultimate soundstage by connecting multiple JBL PartyBoost enabled speakers together at once.

What We Like
Volume - This relatively small party speaker throws out a whopping 101 decibels.
Looks - This speaker really does look like the boombox of the future!
Durability - This Boombox comes with IPX7 Waterproofing and a rugged, 7-pound design.
Reverse Charging - This speaker allows you to charge other devices. Indoor/Outdoor Mode: You should love optimizing the speaker's sound with indoor and outdoor modes.
Playback Time - Playback Time: 24 hours of playback should give you more than enough time between chargers.
JBL PartyBoost - JBL lets you create the ultimate soundstage with the ability to connect multiple compatible speakers at once.
Bluetooth - This speaker utilizes Bluetooth 5.1, one of the latest and greatest Bluetooth versions.
Know Before Buying
Price - The JBL Boombox 2 is quite a bit more expensive than its lower-quality competitors.
Neighbors - If you plan on turning this thing up all the way, maybe shoot a nice message to your neighbors first cause it'll get loud!
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Whether you're looking for a small speaker to hang in the shower or one to bring along for your next group hike in camp or beach trip, this waterproof JBL speaker with a built-in clip has you covered.

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The reviews are in on the JBL Clip 4, and the word is you’ll be hard-pressed to find a speaker this size with a better sound quality. Thanks to a 40 mm speaker driver and large passive radiator, this little speaker should have a surprisingly rich sound.

With seven colors to choose from and the integrated carabiner, you’ll want to clip this thing on and take it everywhere. And with an IP67 durability rating, you’ll actually be able to without worry of damage.

Just keep in mind this small speaker is best for small parties. It puts out 85 dB, but you may hear a bit of static at the loudest volumes.

What We Like
Looks - 7 color choices mean you'll get exactly what you're looking for.
Price - Although this is a small speaker, the quality of construction and sound make it a great value.
Size - This is a party speaker you can truly take anywhere.
Durability - An IP67 rating means this speaker is 100% protected against dust and should withstand being fully submerged in up to 1 meter of water for 15 minutes.
Volume - This relatively small party speaker throws out around 85 decibels of sound.
Integrated Carabiner - It's named the Clip for a reason, and you should love the sturdy updated carabiner on the fourth version of this speaker.
Playback Time - 10 hours of playback time from a speaker this size is excellent.
Bluetooth - This speaker utilizes Bluetooth 5.1, one of the latest and greatest Bluetooth versions.
Know Before Buying
Volume - This little speaker should get plenty loud for a small group, but when you turn the volume above 80%, it may get a bit "buzzy."
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What to Look for In the Best Party Speaker

Size & Portability

Man give to woman portable speaker. Bluetooth usb wireless red acoustic at beach party outdoors

The size and portability of your party speaker will play into its possible uses and how much you actually use it.

A smaller party speaker will be more mobile and may be used more often, but you’ll most likely be limited by its audio level. Smaller speakers may also have poor sound reproduction capabilities.

On the other hand, large speakers will, in most cases, have a longer battery life, louder volume, and better sound reproduction. You may, however, find that with a larger speaker, you take it fewer places.

So, if you’ll be carrying your speaker in a backpack or using it in a variety of places, opt for a smaller one. If you plan on throwing a speaker out on the back deck or taking one car camping at the Gorge where you really wanna crank the tunes, however, opt for something a little bigger.


If you’re on the fence about getting a Bluetooth-capable speaker, I’m here to tell you Bluetooth in a communal speaker in 2021 is a non-negotiable. Bluetooth allows you or anyone at your event to connect to the speaker easily, and with Bluetooths recent advancements, the connection can also be held from some distance.

Check out this article from yours truly on Bluetooth Technology for a deeper dive into Bluetooth.

If you want a quick pro-tip, though, make sure you’re looking for a speaker with at least Bluetooth 4.0. Recent Bluetooth improvements not only add connection distance but they also keep your connection strong and secure.

Battery Life

Most modern event speakers come with the ability to run plugged in or also wirelessly on a charged battery life. Battery life will vary, though, based on the size of your speaker needs.

A good rule of thumb for a large speaker (think roughly the size of a single subwoofer) is about a full day or 24 hours on a single charge.

For smaller speakers (the size of a football), you should shoot for a battery range in the 10 to 15-hour zone.

For very small party speakers perfect for hike-in campers or beachgoers, try and find a speaker with a battery life of 5 to 10 hours. That should give you plenty of time to listen before a recharge.

If you are hike-in camping and it’s going to be nice out, you can also purchase a portable solar charger to stretch the time between wall chargings.

Speaker Quality and Volume Level

Wireless small portable speaker and mobile phone placed on the green grass on a sunny day - Black audio device for listening to music and touch screen gadget in the park

Audio levels on speakers are usually measured in decibels.

  • A great audio level for large speakers is around over 100 dB.
  • For medium speakers, look for something that hits around 80 dB.
  • And for small speakers, you’ll want to find something that is over about 50 dB.

Just remember, it won’t always be best to run your speaker at full volume. And a lower quality speaker with lower quality components like magnets and cones won’t sound great turned all the way up.

Extra features

Many of today’s event speakers come equipped with unique characteristics that make them suitable for particular uses. A few extra features to look for based on your needs include:

  • Waterproofing
  • The ability to float
  • Emergency extras like a flashlight and hand cranking ability
  • Lights for visibility, to set the mood, or to pair with music
  • And even cup holders


At a small party recently, one of my close friends taught me a new game that utilizes the party speaker. With Bluetooth capabilities, a long battery life, and a volume level that everyone could hear, we all had a blast changing songs during the “game.” And the speaker was the center of it all.

If like us, you’re looking to set the mood for nights you’ll want to remember forever, and days you won’t soon forget, make sure you pick up the right speaker to fit your needs.

And if you need any help choosing, check out the list below.

The game: To play the “game,” all you do is connect a single phone with a full battery to a Bluetooth Party speaker. Then you let everyone at the party pick a single song in order and go around until the party is over or everyone is too drunk to hear the music.

Everyone gets a chance to choose a favorite and set the vibe. Picking the song becomes an opportunity to make your friends laugh or share something you think they’ll love. You might start the night rapping along to Wu-Tang Clan, and it end it pumping your fist to Jock Jams.

Maybe you want to try silent disco for your next party, we have an article here for the best headphones for silent disco.