The 8 Best Solar Bluetooth Speakers of 2023 [Buying Guide]

by Alex.   Last Updated On January 3rd, 2023.
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Large wired speakers can offer impressive sound with very accurate lows, mids and highs. Along with that, they can create a very impressive soundstage under the right conditions. However, they cannot compete with the portability and convenience provided by portable solar-powered Bluetooth speakers.

In this article, I’ll be talking about some of the best solar Bluetooth speakers that are available on the market today. I’ll go over some of their important specs and also dive into the solar capabilities of each device and how they fare up against practical use-cases.

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Comparison of the Best Solar Bluetooth Speakers

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photo of the ABFOCE Solar Bluetooth SpeakerABFOCE
Solar Bluetooth Speaker
Best Rock-Type Solar Bluetooth SpeakerSee On Amazon
photo of the Alpine Corporation Solar-Powered Bluetooth SpeakerAlpine Corporation
Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker
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photo of the Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Solar Bluetooth SpeakerGoal Zero
Rock Out 2 Solar Bluetooth Speaker
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photo of the REVEAL Portable Solar Wireless Bluetooth SpeakerREVEAL
Portable Solar Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Best Budget-Friendly Solar-Powered Bluetooth SpeakersSee On Amazon
photo of the ABFOCE  Portable Solar SpeakersABFOCE
Portable Solar Speakers
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photo of the Westinghouse Solar Outdoor Bluetooth SpeakerWestinghouse
Solar Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker
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photo of the Homewell Outdoor Rock SpeakerHomewell
Outdoor Rock Speaker
Most Compact Solar Bluetooth SpeakersSee On Amazon
photo of the Sunfox Waterproof Bluetooth Solar SpeakersSunfox
Waterproof Bluetooth Solar Speakers

Reviews of the Best Solar Bluetooth Speakers

The ABFOCE solar Bluetooth speaker is a power bank, solar charger, Bluetooth speaker, and emergency light all rolled up into one in a compact and affordable waterproof housing. It’s one of the best devices to enjoy music and the great outdoors.

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  • Dimensions: 8.07 x 2.68 x 2.44 inches
  • Weight: 1.06 lbs
  • Battery Life: 60 hours (advertized)
  • IP rating: IPX6
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.2
  • Physical Connectivity Options: Micro-USB port (charging), USB Type-A (reverse charging), 3.5mm aux port (1/8″ TRS stereo)
  • Microphone: Yes

What’s In The Box?

  • ABFOCE solar-powered speakers
  • Micro-USB cable
  • AUX cord
  • User Manual
  • D carabiner
  • 2 Velcro straps

The Silica Gel shockproof case and the dustproof ABFOCE Bluetooth speaker tend to show off a very premium yet rugged aesthetic.

The housing of the speaker is made of ABS plastic and despite feeling light, it has a strong shockproof housing which will not get damaged under accidental falls, bumps, or scrapes.

Even though this Bluetooth speaker doesn’t look like the most ergonomic device, it is designed to be carried around easily thanks to the built-in loop and optional// carabiner, and velcro straps. Along with that, the entire housing, covering this dual speaker setup, is splash resistant with an IPX6 rating.

Splash-resistant means that these speakers will remain unaffected against small water sprays from any angle, and it does not mean that you get to go swimming with them.

Another impressive aspect of this device is the long battery life. The 5000mAh battery can keep these speakers running for a maximum of 60 hours non-stop. (As long as the solar panels get enough sunlight to operate efficiently.)

Therefore, if you are looking for a multi-function power bank/solar-powered Bluetooth speaker, this is the device to spend your money on.

I call this a multifunction power bank because this device’s battery power is high enough to provide reverse charging for your smartphones and other devices. (Whether it’s smartwatches, headphones, or even your waterproof TOZO earbuds.)

The control scheme on these two speakers is another impressive aspect. It has several buttons allowing users to change the volume, skip tracks and even answer phone calls. Other than that, there are buttons for managing the Bluetooth connection, switching on the flashlight, and powering the device.

Compared to the affordable price tag on this device, the sound quality is pretty average. The dual drivers on this setup cannot reach louder volumes, and even if it does, the distortion is too significant for it to be accurate or enjoyable. (Even for the average listener.)

What We Like

Carabiner and velcro straps are very handy

Fully-equipped control scheme

Reverse charging capabilities

Know Before Buying

Somewhat average audio quality

IPX6 rating instead of IP67

Slightly bulkier than most compact solar speakers

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Although they are not made to be taken on your travels, these outdoor rock-type speakers are perfect to provide some tunes while you’re relaxing in the garden or swimming in the pool. Just set it down outside, (hopefully, somewhere with some sun) connect to your Bluetooth-enabled device and you’re good to. No more charging is required.

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  • Dimensions: 13 x 9 x 11 inches
  • Weight: 7.21 lbs
  • Battery Life: 12 hours (advertized but may vary depending on the solar charging capabilities)
  • IP rating: Unspecified, but considered to be water-resistant
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.0
  • Physical Connectivity Options: Micro-USB port (charging)
  • Microphone: No

What’s In The Box?

  • Alpine Corporation solar-powered Bluetooth speaker
  • Micro-USB charging cable
  • User manual

These rock-type solar-powered Bluetooth speakers are probably not what you had in mind for your next outdoor picnic, as you can tell: these are meant to be used as a stationary solar panel speaker for your garden or backyard. (They can also be used indoors if you don’t mind explaining why there are rocks inside your home.)

At a glance, you can easily tell that this is not your typical Bluetooth speaker. It’s shaped like a rock with a circular speaker grille at the front.

The build quality is quite decent. Despite looking like a rook, the entire housing is built from plastic with a metal grille protecting the drivers at the front. Unfortunately, these solar-powered Bluetooth speakers do not have an official IP rating but the manufacturer guarantees that it is “water-resistant.” (i.e able to resist splashes of water and cannot be submerged in water.)

The controls on this device are pretty much nonexistent as there are no buttons to control the audio. The only control that remains is a power button to switch the device on and off. Therefore, to manage audio you will have to use other devices.

What’s most impressive about this solar speaker is the solar panel and rechargeable battery. When fully charged and placed outside this Bluetooth speaker can run non-stop for up to 46 hours. Without any solar charging, it can play music for around 22 hours.

This playback time is very good but one thing you should note is that the solar panels aren’t big enough to keep the device playing music forever and you cannot rely on the weather to be always clear and sunny. So check their battery levels and make sure to charge them via USB before preparing for an important event. (There’s an LED indicator that lights up green when the battery is fully charged.)

Unfortunately, when it comes to sound quality the device is considered by many as “low-end sound quality” especially because the sound system does a poor job of recreating the lows. (Note that these are just small devices without dedicated 8-inch subwoofers like the ones found in cars so many listeners are willing to compromise) The mids are pretty stable and vocals are fairly accurate but they tend to come off a bit too strong.

What We Like

Exceptional Battery Life (even without the solar panels)

Outdoor-friendly, durable, and somewhat camouflage-ish in design

Supports two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

Know Before Buying

Bass and Treble is very weak

Not the best portable speakers for traveling

There are no controls to manage tracks or change the volume

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Looking for an easy-to-carry Bluetooth speaker that is flexible and doesn’t mind taking a few accidental falls now and then? If so, the Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Solar Bluetooth speaker could be worthy of your attention.

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  • Dimensions: ‎7.01 x 2.52 x 3.74 inches
  • Weight: 1.0 lbs
  • Battery Life: 8 hours (advertized)
  • IP rating: Unspecified, although the manufacturer states it is “weatherproof.”
  • Bluetooth Connection Version: Unspecified
  • Physical Connectivity Options: USB Type-A chord charging), 3.5mm aux chord (1/8″ TRS stereo sound)
  • Microphone: Yes

What’s In The Box?

  • Goal Zero Rock Out 2 solar speakers
  • User Manual

This Goal Zero Rock Out 2 solar Bluetooth speakers take on a more unconventional design with their fabric-lined case and double speaker setup.

The fabric-lined case is designed so that the solar-powered Bluetooth speaker case should be unzipped like a purse. This is done so that both the speakers and solar panels can be horizontal. (Direct sunlight hits the panel and the speakers are also fully exposed)

Along with that, you can even store an iPod or smartphone inside the pockets of this purse-like housing.

After it is done charging or playing music, you can zip it back up into a more compact shape where the speakers and solar panels now stand back-to-back. You can also play music while zipped up, but you won’t be able to charge the device as the solar panel is vertically and captures light inefficiently.

The front of the panel includes the two speaker drivers and the metal speaker grille. I wouldn’t say that this device is particularly sturdy because of the fabric case and it feels more like a case for your sungalsses which ironically can be more secure because of the padding provided by the fabric material.

The device is easy to carry and includes a loop made from an elastic bungee-cord-like material that stretches and allows you to carry it by yourself or even strap it to your bag using a carabiner.

So if you aren’t keen on using TWS earbuds or headphones for doing things like working out, these Solar Bluetooth speakers might be the ones for you.

The control scheme on this device is better than expected because it’s got everything you need to change the volume, skip tracks and even answer phone calls. Along with that there are LED lights to indicate battery level and the charging levels of the solar panels. (Using four LEDs it can show you how well the solar panel is generating electricity.)

In regards to the sound quality, there’s not much to complain. The volume can get louder than most other Bluetooth speakers in this niche. Along with that, the frequency response is stable enough which makes a good speaker for the average listener

However, some audiophiles will not be very satisfied with its “low-end” sound reproduction. (There is some noticeable hissing at lower volumes but it can be easily drowned out by increasing the volume)

What We Like

Includes a pocket inside to keep your phone

Already includes an attached USB cable (for charging) and 3.5mm aux cord (to connect to your phone or iPod)

Flexible fabric case which provides a little padding for the speakers and circuitry inside.

Know Before Buying

There is no specific IP rating

Sound quality is just “ok”

The solar panel takes around 8 hours to fully charge the battery by itself.

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Great battery life, amazing sound, and an affordable price tag are just a few of the REVEAL Bluetooth speaker’s many impressive features. As long as you’re careful with it, this could be the most aesthetic and power-efficient Bluetooth speaker for your picnic or party.

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  • Dimensions: ‎8 x 3.3 x 3.8 inches
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs
  • Battery Life: 8 hours (advertized)
  • IP rating: Unspecified
  • Bluetooth Version: Unspecified
  • Physical Connectivity Options: USB Type-A chord reverse charging), 3.5mm aux chord, (1/8″ TRS stereo sound) Micro-USB (charging)
  • Microphone: Yes

What’s In The Box?

  • REVEAL solar-powered Bluetooth speaker
  • User Manual

Even though each solar-powered Bluetooth speaker on this list has a unique shape, there’s something to be said for the good ol’ fashioned rectangular design that gives off a little retro “radio vibe” while still having modern hardware inside.

This solar Bluetooth speaker designed by REVEAL has a bamboo front panel that protects its two 3.3W speakers. The back panel of the device includes the photovoltaic cells (small-scale solar panel) while the top, bottom, and sides of the device are covered by lightweight plastic-like material.

This REVEAL solar Bluetooth speaker (despite weighing only 1.1lbs) is quite bulky. It’s 8 inches long and 3 inches wide, so I don’t recommend carrying it on your person during outdoor activities.

These Bluetooth speakers don’t have any handles or loops. Therefore, you won’t be able to strap it to a bag or bicycle for convenience.

The controls on this device are simple enough and allow you to change the volume and skip tracks using the same “+” and “-” buttons. There’s a switch to power the device on/off, a switch to toggle Bluetooth, and another switch to disconnect the battery from the solar panel.

The device also has a wide array of hardware connectivity options. It uses Micro-USB for charging and also supports a 3.5mm jack for plugging in your non-Bluetooth devices using an aux cord.

Nonetheless, the more impressive hardware port is the USB Type-A used for reverse charging. The 4800mAh battery provides lots of juice for the speaker while also retaining enough to charge up your smartphone in the case of emergencies.

These Bluetooth speakers are almost half the price of budget audiophile headphones and don’t offer the same amount of high-quality sound that the more experienced ears are used to.

However, the average listener, won’t notice too many issues and they will be able to enjoy the music instead of worrying about the hiss and the lack of punchy bass.

What We Like

Ability to play audio using a wired connection

Reverse smartphone charger feature feature

Well-rounded controls

Know Before Buying

There is no official IP rating

Cannot reach very loud volumes

Charging through pure solar power takes almost 10 hours.

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You aren’t breaking the bank or your bag with this solar Bluetooth speaker. It’s compact, priced very reasonably, and perfect for the outdoors.

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  • Dimensions: 3.66 x 3.66 x 1.85 inches
  • Weight: 0.57 lbs
  • Battery Life: 15 hours (advertized)
  • IP rating: IPX6
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.2
  • Physical Connectivity Options: 3.5mm aux chord, (1/8″ TRS stereo) Micro-USB (charging)
  • Microphone: Yes

What’s In The Box?

  • ABFOCE Portable solar Bluetooth speaker
  • Micro-USB cable
  • AUX cord (1/8″ TRS)
  • Short Strap
  • User Manual

ABFOCE makes some of the best solar-powered speakers in the market. Their devices are rugged, durable, and ideal for playing music while enjoying the great outdoors.

These portable waterproof speakers have a square-shaped design with a very strong yet lightweight housing. The top panel includes the grille covering the drivers and the bottom panel has a compact monocrystalline solar panel.

The entire enclosure of this solar-powered speaker is made out of durable plastic with a premium-looking finish. The bottoms are tight and very tactile. Along with that, there’s a small cover for the micro-USB ports and aux cord to make sure water and dust don’t get inside.

The sides are covered with a silicone housing which keeps the compact speaker more resistant to accidental bumps and scratches.

There’s a hole to loop a small strap into so you can carry it around on yourself or strap it to a backpack. On top of that, there is also a threaded barrel for attaching to mount that can be fixed to your bicycle. (mount/bracket sold separately)

The controls are pretty straightforward with the volume controls also doubling as the controls for skipping tracks. There’s also a power button and a dedicated button for playing/pausing music and answering/hanging up calls.

The audio quality is just “okay”. The bass is not very powerful but you can feel its presence. The mids are accurate enough but could be better.

What We Like

Compact design

IPX6 rating

3.5mm port for stereo input

Very affordable device

Know Before Buying

Solar charging isn’t very efficient while playing music

Drivers cannot reach higher volumes

Bass is very weak.

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Solar Bluetooth speakers take on very different shapes and sizes. Some of them look like rocks while others look like purses. In this case, the Westinghouse solar Bluetooth speaker is made to look like a lantern, allowing you to set the mood using both the LED flashlight and 360-degree speakers on a single device.

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  • Dimensions: 7.09″x 7.09″x 9.84″ inches
  • Weight: 2.58 lbs
  • Battery Life: 6.5 hours (advertized)
  • IP rating: Unspecified (advertized as weather-resistant)
  • Bluetooth Version: Unspecified
  • Physical Connectivity Options: Micro-USB (charging)
  • Microphone: No

What’s In The Box?

There are tons of Bluetooth speakers out in the market taking on weird shapes and sizes. Most of them are used for the outdoors while the rest are meant to fade into the background and provide “invisible” music.

Nonetheless, the Westinghouse solar-powered speakers work best when used both outdoors and as a decorative piece that’s (somewhat) meant to fade into the background.

The entire device looks like a lantern. It’s going for the full effect with a flameless candle and everything. The device is primarily plastic with several metal parts used for reinforcement and the speaker grille.

There’s a small solar cell sitting at the top with a working handle while the speakers are at the bottom of the device. This lantern-style Bluetooth speaker can be set down on a table and the handle makes it easy to carry or hang from a hook or a tree branch. No matter where you set it down, make sure the solar panel has direct enough light coming in.

The controls are very limited. There are no options to change volume or skip tracks. You can only charge the device, switch on the speakers, and/or switch on the LED light; nothing else.

The battery performance on this solar-powered speaker does not exceed expectations. It can play music for approximately six hours while the lantern LED light is switched on. The device also shuts down the Bluetooth speakers automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity.

These are very low-end Bluetooth speakers so don’t keep your hopes up for high-quality sound with this device. It’s accurate enough for the average listener and great for adding some background music.

Don’t expect to use it for parties or movie nights because the maximum volume on this device is very low and can easily get drowned out. Instead, I recommend you use 2.1 speakers for movies.

What We Like

360 degree sound system

Doubles as an emergency LED flashlight

Handle makes it easy to carry and hang anywhere

Know Before Buying

Maximum volume is very low

Only 6.5 hours of playback time

Not built for the outdoors

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If you’re looking for another rock-type solar speaker that would blend perfectly beside your pool or backyard. The Homewell Outdoor Rock speaker has got your back. It delivers surprisingly great audio, plays nonstop for 8+ hours and can sustain itself using the in-built solar panels.

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  • Dimensions: 12.9 x 11.7 x 10.8 inches
  • Weight: 5.89 lbs
  • Battery Life: 8+ hours (advertized)
  • IP rating: Unspecified (advertized as weather-proof)
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • Physical Connectivity Options: Micro-USB (charging)
  • Microphone: No

What’s In The Box?

The Homewell Outdoor Rock Bluetooth speakers are another solid candidate for your garden-based Bluetooth speakers.

The speakers are grey-colored and have a textured finish that makes them look and feel like actual rocks. And just like actual rocks, they’re quite heavy as well. Each speaker weighs around 5.8lbs and they are almost 13″ long and 12″ wide. So this is definitely not something you want to be carrying around while you are hiking.

Because of the limited controls present in this device, you won’t have the ability to change volumes or even skip tracks. However, since these are rock-type speakers you are better off sticking to your smartphone or iPod to change music.

The rechargeable battery that is used in this solar-powered speaker is a 18650 Li-Ion battery. It can support the speaker for up to 8-12 hours and can also recharge itself using the solar panels within 3-4 hours.

One of the more common complaints against these types of speakers is the older Bluetooth technology because most conventional rock-types have only Bluetooth 4.1 and below.

This is not the case with the Homewell Outdoor Rock speakers because it supports Bluetooth 5.0. Therefore, these devices can connect wirelessly within a maximum range of 30ft. (which is more than enough for most homes)

Surprisingly, many users have lots of good things to say about this device’s sound quality. Even though it isn’t perfect by any means, these Bluetooth speakers will offer decent sound for every occasion as long as the background noise isn’t too distracting.

What We Like

Very stylish rock-like design that blends into the background

Decent playback time of more than 8 hours

Noticeable bass with accurate mids

Know Before Buying

The IP rating is not specified

Too bulky to carry around

Doesn’t include volume control and the ability to skip tracks.

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The Sunfox compact Bluetooth speaker is no bigger than 4 inches in all three dimensions it’s got decent sound, good battery life of 20+ hours, and a splash-resistant IPX6 rating. These speakers will accompany you on your travels without being too much of a burden.

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  • Dimensions: 3.75 x 3.75 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 0.43 lbs
  • Battery Life: 8+ hours (with solar panel)
  • IP rating: IPX6
  • Bluetooth Version: Unspecified
  • Physical Connectivity Options: Micro-USB (charging), an aux input (3.5mm)
  • Microphone: Yes

What’s In The Box?

  • Sunfox Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers
  • Micro-USB cable
  • User Guide

This is the best solar Bluetooth speaker for fitting in tight spots when you’re going out to enjoy the outdoors. It’s very small, lightweight, and will even fit you in the palm of your hand.

The housing is made from plastic and the entire device is square-shaped with the speaker grille on the top and the solar panel on the bottom. Also, there’s a small strap making it easier to carry and strap on to a backpack.

Even though the device is fairly small, the 8+ hours of battery life is very adequate for everyday use. You can get more than 8 hours when the device is placed outside.

However, the solar panel and speakers are located back to back, so if you set the device down on its speaker side to allow the solar panels to recharge the battery the sound will come out muffled.

The IPX6 rating is a good selling point for this speaker. This rating implies that the speaker is splash-proof. However, this doesn’t mean you get to interrogate the speaker by waterboarding it.

The sound quality is pretty much what you can expect with $50 solar speakers: low volume, less punchy bass, and acceptable mids.

What We Like

IPX6 rating

Compact design

Supports wired aux

Know Before Buying

“Just okay” sound quality

Slightly pricier than similar products

The solar panel takes 8-10 hours to fully charge the battery while Micro-USB takes only 1-2 hours.

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Solar Bluetooth Speakers Buying Guide

There are a few key aspects that you need to keep an eye out for before choosing which of the following solar-powered Bluetooth speakers you should buy from the list above.

Knowing these will help you compare solar-powered Bluetooth speakers that are on the above list along with those you will come across in the future.

Bluetooth speaker on hand

IP rating

The degree to which a solar-powered speaker resists dust and moisture is a very important specification. Higher IP ratings imply better resistance to the elements and in turn, will be able to keep up with your rugged outdoor adventures. I recommend going for IPX6 or IP67 which is also the recommended IP rating for ATV waterproof speakers.

However, there are several devices without a specified IP rating. They may be labeled as “splash-resistant” or “weatherproof.” These statements are sometimes vague but that doesn’t mean they don’t provide any protection.

Speaking of waterproofing, if you happen to look for a pair of earbuds with a strong IP rating, check out this article on the Best Waterproof Headphones For The Shower.


The rechargeable battery will determine how long the speakers will be able to keep playing. I suggest going for a device with at least 8 hours of battery life — without the help of a solar panel.

On top of that, check for how long the battery needs to charge via either solar or USB and also look for reverse charging features as this will allow you to use the solar speakers as a portable power bank as well.


Close up angled photo of a black bluetooth rounded speaker showing the many holes in sharp focus in the foreground and gradually becoming soft in focus toward the background where the light becomes brighter

Another aspect that’s important for all you fellow hikers and travelers out there is how portable the solar-powered speaker is going to be.

Most Bluetooth speakers are very compact and will fit inside your backpacks but if you want to enjoy music while you are hiking or cycling, you need to find one that has loops, handles, straps, or even brackets built-in to the device itself. These small additions will allow you to either carry the speakers on yourself, strap them to your backpack, or even attach them to your bicycle.

By the way, if you are into helmet speakers, check out our list of the top Bluetooth helmet speakers.

Smaller speakers are easier to manage but the small drivers cannot reach louder volumes or maintain a punchy bass.


Best Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker
Best Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakers for Traveling

So there you have it folks, eight of the best solar-powered Bluetooth speakers available right now. They may not be able to keep up with “party” speakers but will keep you entertained while you’re hiking up a mountain or enjoying a nice swim at the pool.