8 Best Tozo Earbuds in 2023

by Alex.   Last Updated On January 3rd, 2023.
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AirPods, JLab, Raycons, Beats, SkullCandy… The earbud market is dense. And with so many old and new brands popping out new true wireless earbuds left and right, it can be hard to find a pair of wireless earbuds that have a decent sound profile and better battery life without compromising on headphones that break easily.

Fortunately, we have our savior, hailing from Seattle, Washington it is TOZO. The TOZO brand is a relatively recent manufacturer of true-wireless earbuds. They are bringing premium and affordable wireless earbuds to the mainstream. So, for those customers who are looking for something fresh, affordable, quality built, American made, and with incredible sound: TOZO earbuds are the way to go.

So, in this article, I’ll compare the best tozo earbuds to help you decide.

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Comparison on the 8 Best Tozo Earbuds

Best Tozo Earbuds for AffordabilitySee On Amazon
photo of the TOZO NC9TOZO
Best Tozo Earbuds for Entry-Level AudiophilesSee On Amazon
photo of the TOZO T6TOZO
Best TOZO Earbuds to Provide Premium Features at a Low PriceSee On Amazon
photo of the TOZO T12 ProTOZO
T12 Pro
Best TOZO Earbuds for Aesthetics and ErgonomicsSee On Amazon
photo of the TOZO T10TOZO
Best Tozo Earbuds with Improved Battery LifeSee On Amazon
photo of the TOZO G1TOZO
Best TOZO Earbuds For MinimalistsSee On Amazon
photo of the TOZO A1 MiniTOZO
A1 Mini
Best TOZO Earbuds for Emulating the AirPod ProSee On Amazon
photo of the TOZO NC2 ANCTOZO
Best for Working Out/RunningSee On Amazon
photo of the TOZO T9 TWSTOZO

Reviews of the 8 Best Tozo Earbuds

The TOZO NC9 true wireless earbuds are affordably priced ergonomic earbuds that have all the fancy features you’re looking for and more. With the help of these Tozo earbuds, you’ll get a crazy 8-hour playtime of immersive premium deep bass on a single charge.

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The days of wishing your affordable earbuds had premium features that are free of any crackling and popping issues are long gone.

The TOZO NC9 true wireless earbuds manage to outclass its price point with top-of-the-line features like active noise cancellation, transparency mode, dual built-in microphone with active noise-canceling, and one-step paring. All that is on top of whopping 9.2mm speaker drivers in these wireless earbuds.

Not to mention 8 hours of battery life (without ANC) on these true wireless earbuds. You’ll never have to take these puppies off.

Just keep in mind, that although these buds have it all, at this low price point, having it all may mean a little less. Therefore, features like active noise-canceling and transparency will work but may not work quite as well as their top-of-the-line competitors.

You’ll also want to consider several quality control issues. For the most part, these are considered the best TOZO earbuds when it comes to battery life since the reviews on these “true” wireless earbuds are great. However, there are a few users out there who mention standalone software and hardware issues.

In conclusion: despite their less-than-ideal noise cancellation and transparency features, these Tozo earbuds do have an IPX6 rating and a fast and stable transmission of 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity. The earbuds are okay for daily casual use and the sound quality is worth the price, but if money isn’t an issue, it’s best to move over to other wireless earbuds.

What We Like
Battery Life

8 hours (4 hours with wireless “noise-cancelling”) is a pretty blistering playback time for a pair of affordable wireless earbuds.


The noise-canceling and transparency features on these Bluetooth earbuds put them right in line with their more expensive counterparts.


You should love the charging case on this pair. 16 spare hours is quite impressive.


Bluetooth 5.0 is about as good as it gets. Both earbuds should connect smoothly and stay connected.

Know Before Buying
Quality Control

This up-and-coming Tozo brand may not have the quality control of a larger competitor.


Although all of the features are a plus, their active noise cancellation, and sound quality may not stand up to more expensive competitors.

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The TOZO T6 pair of wireless earbuds are real winners. There are 6 colors to choose from, 6 hours of playback, and 6mm headphone drivers to deliver the beats. All that at a budget-friendly price and a top-of-the-line IPX8 waterproof package.

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The TOZO T6 earbuds are the best Tozo wireless earbuds for entry-level users with their attractive price range and “out-of-this-world” capabilities.

For the price, these ergonomically designed super lightweight buds are hard to beat. Not only do they run on “as good as it gets” Bluetooth 5.0, but they also feature an astounding IPX8 rating, which literally qualifies this pair of TOZO wireless earbuds as waterproof. (You heard that right, not water-resistant, waterproof.) So you can wear them everywhere, even when going through metal detectors.

You would also love the charging case. Even the case itself is barely bigger than a quarter, and to top it all off, it’s a wireless charger.

Even though the Tozo T6 wireless earbuds have good sound (I wouldn’t go so far as to say they have “incredible” sound quality) their IPX8 rating and having a wireless charging case are quite impressive feats.

What We Like

These TOZO T6 wireless earbuds cost less than a large pizza at a lot of places.


Bluetooth 5.0 is about as good as it gets. These true wireless earbuds should connect smoothly and stay connected.

IPX Rating

The TOZO T6 also features an IPX8 rating! I don’t recommend it, but you could literally swim in these bad boys.


Because these wireless earbuds are as small as a coin, the case is ultra-compact and portable. You should also love its fast wireless charging capabilities.

Know Before Buying
Sound Quality

Some users report a tinny or bass-heavy sound from these and the microphone quality may not be all that it’s cracked up to be. (especially in a noisy environment)

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It’s hard to believe TOZOs premium earbuds are a third the price of some competitors, but they’re the real deal. The reviews are in, and with features galore, like IPX8 waterproofing, active noise reduction, Deep bass, and Hi-Fi sound, these buds are the bee’s knees.

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The TOZO T12 Pro is the company’s answer to premium at a low price.

True wireless Bluetooth and 10mm drivers help these buds deliver the best sound profile of TOZO’s entire lineup. So, expect accurate acoustic tuning with powerful bass, mellow midrange, and clear treble.

Aside from the tuning, you can also expect an IPX8 waterproof rating, active noise reduction, and call noise reduction. Also, don’t forget a “more than enough” battery life of 8 hours and a nearly unbelievable additional battery life of 128 hours. However, don’t forget to take regular breaks to prevent earwax buildup.

What We Like

10mm Drivers in earbuds. Enough said.


The noise-canceling and transparency features on these buds put them right in line with their more expensive counterparts.

Charging Case

You should love the case on these. 128 spare hours is nearly unheard of. The case itself is also IPX8 waterproof and accepts fast charging.

IPX Rating

The earbuds have an IPX8 rating! I wouldn’t recommend it, but you could literally swim in these bad boys.


Bluetooth 5.0 is about as good as it gets. These buds should connect smoothly and stay connected.


TOZO sends these with plenty of tips for you to get the perfect fit.

Know Before Buying
Quality Control

A smaller company like TOZO may not have the quality control of a larger competitor.

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The TOZO 10’s are begging to be bought. TOZO packed 8mm drivers, the IPX8 rating we love, and Bluetooth 5.0 into a featherweight, small as a coin, wildly affordable earbud.

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The TOZO 10 is one our list of the best invisible earbuds. Its buds deliver a great-looking ergonomic, light-as-a-feather design, and multiple colors to choose from.

And don’t forget the features. An IPX8 waterproof rating and Bluetooth 5.0 provide one step paring to the top of the T10’s 8mm drivers, promising to deliver highly accurate acoustic reproduction on a budget.

And when the sounds fade, the TOZO T10’s case has got your back. It has a fast wireless charger and comes with its own IPX8 rating.

Keep in mind that because TOZO’s full lineup is affordable and similarly priced, even though these are a great deal, bumping up to the TOZO T12s may make sense for some users looking for more feature-packed earbuds.

What We Like

The 8 mm drivers in these are near as twice the size of most competitors’ drivers. You should be pleased with the sound for the price.


An ergonomic design with a great-looking noise reduction cap and 5 color choices make these a great option for users looking for the perfect-looking true wireless earbuds.

Charging Case

The charging case has its own IPX8 waterproof rating and accepts fast charging.

IPX Rating

The earbuds have an IPX8 rating! I don’t recommend it, but you could literally swim in these bad boys.


Bluetooth 5.0 is about as good as it gets. These buds connect seamlessly and have improved range.

Know Before Buying

These earbuds lack some of the more advanced features of TOZO’s more premium buds.

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If you’re a gamer looking to ditch the over-the-ear designs and switch to practical, affordable in-ear buds, these are for you. A high sensitivity microphone, a game/music mode, and ultra-low latency make these gamer-focused buds a great choice.

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The TOZO G1 brings the world of gaming into the world of the earbud. Or is it the other way around? Either way, with features like 45ms low-latency, sound effect optimization, and whopping 10mm drivers to deliver the boom, these gamer buds aren’t just for show.

You should also love the 6-hour battery life, 4 grams per bud weight, and Bluetooth 5.0. Those features all mean you’ll be able to play for longer with fewer distractions.

And top it all off, these buds come in at a price point significantly lower than most over-the-ear gamer headphones. Just keep in mind there will be a difference in sound quality at a price. Also, 10mm drivers are great for earbuds but won’t compare to top of the line over the ear gamer headphones.

What We Like
Low Latency

45ms low-latency means you’ll hear what’s happening in real-time.

Game/Music Mode

You’ll be able to switch to music/game mode via simple touch control settings to optimize the audio according to the content.


The G1’s black AirPod like design combined with their patented “breathing” lights just look great, in my opinion.

Sound Effect Optimization

Immersive sound effect optimization should let you pinpoint exactly where sounds are coming from while minimizing outside noise.


10mm drivers are about as big as they come for in-ear buds. It provides good sound quality that is enough for casual gaming/music sessions.


A weight of 4 grams per earbud paired with an ergonomic design will have you forgetting these are even on.


Bluetooth 5.0 is amazing for gaming. It minimizes lag and improves connectivity.

Know Before Buying
IPX Rating

Since these are gaming-specific, there are some strings attached. you won’t get the high IPX rating you’ll find on most other TOZO earbuds.

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The TOZO A1 Mini True Wireless Earbuds are very frugal in terms of their design, features, and pricing. However, don’t let that fool you since these TOZO earbuds have decent battery life and decent in-call stereo sound all in a no-nonsense compact case.

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Calling them “low-end” is a travesty, as these can be the best TOZO earbuds, for the right person. The case is very slim compact and conservative in its design. You can even fit these inside the watch pocket in some jeans.

Both earbuds themselves are very comfortable and ergonomic as they can be worn comfortably — for six long hours that its battery life will allow. They also provide four different ear tips so you can adjust them as necessary.

In terms of aesthetics, the earbuds do not look very appealing or high-tech. They are very susceptible to scratches and can damage easily. Fortunately, they are very easy to replace — because of their lower price tag.

When speaking about the extra bells and whistles such as active noise cancellation, water resistance, gaming, and transparency modes, this pair of Bluetooth earbuds has none. Therefore, these earbuds fall short when it comes to very specific use cases such as working out and eliminating outside noise.

When compared to all of the other best TOZO earbuds, this is almost rock bottom. However, since this, is TOZO, (and not some generic device made in China) clear sound and comfortable design are always guaranteed, even at “rock bottom.”

What We Like
Low Price

These Tozo Earbuds are very affordable, and many users consider buying this as an emergency back up pair.

Decent Sound Quality

Although it’s not amazing, you get a surprisingly better sound quality.

Ergonomic Design

These wireless earbuds are lightweight and hassle-free and the 4 different ear tips are very much welcome.

Know Before Buying
No Proper IP Rating

TOZO customer service didn’t provide a good IP rating for this device. So it’s better to assume that these earbuds are not sweat resistant.

Lack Of Proper Noise Isolation Features

Eliminating background noise is not its forte. Therefore, in any noisy environment, you will have trouble listening.

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If you want a more affordable AirPod Pro experience, the TOZO NC2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling wireless earbuds will not fail to disappoint. You’re in for a wild ride, because when comparing these with the original true wireless earbuds (Apple’s) there is no clear-cut winner.

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Right off the case, you can tell they took inspiration from the Apple AirPods Pro. The physical shape of the earbuds may not be as well rounded off as Apple’s, but they look premium and happen to provide improvements in certain aspects.

Speaking of which, two of the most important specs that these Hybrid Active Noise-canceling earbuds have is their battery life and IP rating. These TOZO earbuds can run continuously for up to 8 hours on a single charge. They also have an IPX6 rating, which means that this pair of TOZO earbuds are sweat-resistant and can outlast the battery life of Apple’s AirPod Pro.

Also, the cherry on top: the charging case on the TOZO earbuds provides an additional 32 hours of playtime and it can be fully charged in just 1.5 hours. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Apple’s AirPods.

With that being said, there’s no way that the TOZO NC2 can replace the Apple AirPods Pro. The Apple AirPods are still the king of sound quality, comfort, and design, especially on some of the more subtle aspects like touch control settings and human hearing sensitivity.

In conclusion: Even if it’s not a fair fight to compare these TOZO earbuds to the Apple AirPods Pro, the TOZO earbuds certainly do have their own perks, especially in terms of affordability, battery life, and the general lack of hassle you normally get with Apple products.

What We Like
8 Hours Battery Life

The TOZO NC2 has an impressive 8-hour continuous playback time which is almost double compared to Apple AirPods Pro.

IPX6 Rating

These TOZO earbuds are the perfect look-alikes for working out, running, and resisting light rain.

Know Before Buying
Average Noise Isolation

Although the TOZO NC2 provides better value for money, it will not be able to replicate the same Noise cancellation/isolation experience that Apple’s AirPods can deliver.

Built-in Microphone Has Issues

The Noise cancellation mode is not very stable and when there’s a lot of background noise, the built-in microphone cannot pick up on your voice very well.

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The TOZO T9 TWS is a great choice for the outdoors. Its primary feature is the IPX7 waterproof rating, making it the best TOZO earbuds for working out and running.

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These compact, lightweight wireless earbuds have a lot going for them. Other than its impressive IP rating, the two secondary selling points of the TOZO T9 TWS are its small design and the 8 hours of continuous playback, making them perfect for a long day at the office or a hike through the woods.

Despite its low price point, the build quality on these wireless earbuds and the charging case is impressive. They are strong and won’t break from a simple fall. Also, if you pair it up with the right ear tips they won’t fall off anyway.

The stem design (much like the Airpods) helps the earbuds from falling. They are also easier to hold on to, and the extended stem helps with phone calls as the microphone is directed to the face.

The audio quality is considered acceptable, especially given the price point. Everything from deep bass to high trebles can be heard exceptionally well.

What We Like
IPX7 Rating

The IPX7 rating on this bad boy implies that it’s practically waterproof for up to 1 meter, making it the best TOZO earbuds for working out or for “singin’ in the rain.”

Low Price

TOZO has been very generous with the price tag on this pair of wireless earbuds. Their performance and features are very impressive for a pair of earbuds priced below $25.

Know Before Buying
Non-exceptional Audio Quality

For audiophiles, this might not be the best pair of TOZO earbuds, since these don’t won’t deliver high-quality sound.

ANC Is Not Ideal

Unfortunately, the wireless noise-canceling features on this pair are not what audiophiles would consider being proper ANC.

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TOZO Wireless Earbuds Buying Guide

PISA, ITALY - APRIL 6, 2019: Man holds Apple Airpods. They are a best selling item from Apple.

With the variety of choices made available by TOZO, it can be difficult to narrow down your choice. (or choices.) Also, from all of the wireless earbuds we’ve reviewed so far, it’s apparent that TOZO has designed some of the more affordable earbuds for very specific use cases.

Fortunately, in this guide, I’ll help you figure out which pair of wireless earbuds are the best for you.

IP rating

If you’re somebody that likes working out or doing sports, then the most basic IPX4 is sufficient enough. (Like the Apple AirPods Pro.) However, if I had to prioritize the IP rating, my recommendation would be the TOZO T10 as it has the highest IP rating at IPX8.

Battery Life

Earbuds cannot compare to headphones when it comes to continuous playback time, but, in my opinion, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than 6 hours of continuous playtime. Therefore, if this is a priority, I recommend The TOZO T12, which has an impressive continuous playback time of 9 hours, allowing you to answer phone calls and listen to music while working a full-time job.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Unfortunately, this is a tricky thing to judge, because it’s very difficult to gauge how comfortable certain earbuds are when you are shopping online. Even if you listen to what others are saying about the earbud’s in-ear design, you may have a different ear shape, so you can never know until you take the chance. However, for many others, it’s been great so far. In terms of comfort and ergonomics, I personally prefer the stem-shaped TOZO T9.

Sound Quality

Since these True Wireless earbuds are very affordable, it’s difficult to conclude objectively on the overall sound quality. Some would say that these earbuds lack features such as powerful bass reproduction and active noise cancellation and from an audiophile’s perspective, so if sound quality is that much important over affordability, I recommend going for the TOZO T12 Pro with its precise acoustic tuning and improved sound characteristics.


How do the touch controls work on all TOZO earbuds?

The Smart Touch Control sensors on TOZO earbuds are not without their flaws, yet they have managed to provide a variety of settings such as the ability to change tracks, activate voice assistants, answer calls, and a feature that many other wireless earbuds fail to include: changing the volume.

Here’s a quick overview of the touch control settings:

  • Previous Track: Double-Tap left earbud
  • Next Track: Double-Tap right earbud
  • Toggle Play/Pause: Single-Tap any earbud
  • Answer calls/Hang up: Single-Tap any earbud (when you’re receiving a call)
  • Activate Siri/Voice assistants: Tap three times one earbud
  • Volume Up: Tap and hold the right earbud
  • Volume Down: Tap and hold the left earbud

What’s so special about TOZO earbuds?

The common denominator in these eight TOZO earbuds and every other pair of wireless earbuds in their lineup is an affordability-first mindset that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

TOZO products may come in at a quarter the price of some competitors, but quality shouldn’t be something to worry about. In today’s busy, budget-minded world, features like IPX8 waterproofing, noise-canceling, and hi-fi sound on top of the Bluetooth 5.0 platform at TOZO prices are hard to beat.

Besides, TOZO earbuds are the perfect gifts for teenagers and children, since they are some of the best earbuds for small ears.

Do TOZO wireless earbuds have a warranty?

Yes, All TOZO products are backed by a 45-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty.

Why are TOZO earbuds so affordable?

The biggest factor that contributes to TOZO products being so affordable is the overall lack of brand marketing. TOZO has no marketing team to promote its product on billboards or TV ads.

Most of their advertising is due to word of mouth on which they have capitalized by providing affordable and competitively-priced true wireless earbuds that have very impressive features and specs.


Best Tozo Earbuds for Affordability
Best Tozo Earbuds for Entry-Level Audiophiles
Best TOZO Earbuds to Provide Premium Features at a Low Price

For most recent years, I’ve been an Apple fanboy. This is because Apple products look good and have predictable quality.

I’ve also bumped with Beats, been on the Jlab train, and lost more Skullcandy earbuds and broken more generic wireless headphones than most people could dream of. Some of these headphones got damaged since I love to play music at a maximum volume, making the bass damage the headphone drivers in the long run.

Fanboying aside, folks, there’s a new Sherrif in town. TOZO is a local US company that understands quality can come at a price point that doesn’t break the bank.

So, at the end of the day, the choice in earbuds is yours, but I know what stocking stuffer I’m asking for this year. Also, if you’re curious about ENCAFIRE, you should check out our review of the ENACFIRE E20 here.