Best 2.1 Speakers of 2024

by Alex.   Last Updated On January 4th, 2024.
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Having a set of 2.1 speakers for your gaming PC, home entertainment system, or stereo system is a great way to get the best return on your audio performance. Whether you are enjoying music, cinematic movies, or your favorite online game, ensuring you get the best audio experience is important for full immersion into your chosen media.

With a balanced and high quality set of 2.1 speakers, you can get exactly that. Various 2.1 speakers are THX certified so you get studio-quality sound when listening to any types of audio, including audio output with deep bass and extremely high tones.

The right 2.1 speaker system will prevent distortion, reduce the vibrations you hear, and improve the overall quality of sound. A higher end 2.1 speaker is great for home studio use, as well as for casual listening.

This article will take a closer look at the different features you can consider when purchasing a new 2.1 speaker system. This article will also cover some of the top 2.1 speaker systems on the market today, some of which might be perfect for your needs. It will also cover a few frequently asked questions on speaker selection and proper setup.

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Reviews of the Best 2.1 Speakers

Well known brand of THX certified speakers with a high quality 200 watt system to give you detailed and crisp audio from music to gaming sounds.

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One of the most well-known brands when it comes to speakers is Logitech. This 200 watt computer speaker system gives you a large frequency response and full control over treble and bass adjustments with an on-board knob that also controls the volume.

While these speakers are somewhat standard looking and might not turn any heads, they can deliver an amazing and highly immersive sound which can turn your average computer game into a brand new experience.

Each of the two satellite speakers measure 7 by 5 in and each include a 2 inch driver. The much larger subwoofer measures 11 by 12 in and uses an 8-inch driver to deliver deep and thunderous soundscapes.

For connections, you’ll find a 3.5 mm headphone jack which lets you enjoy your music or your gaming sounds in privacy. You’ll also find a power button, a volume control, and a bass adjustment knob to give you full control over how you want your audio delivered.

One of the most surprising things from this speaker system is that you can play your favorite audio at the highest volume and you won’t hear any bass distortion like you would from other similarly priced speaker systems.

What We Like

THX certified for high quality audio balancing

Excellent quality of sound, even at maximum volume

Offers multiple audio input options and headphone jack

Know Before Buying

Does not include a remote control

Can be difficult to replace certain connectors

Uses Logitech proprietary components

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Certified THX speakers which provide a high quality listening experience for cinema, gaming, and casual listening at a 200 watt peak power level.

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While this brand is somewhat unknown, they have made a name for themselves when it comes to speaker systems, especially for computers. These two satellite speakers measure 8 by 5 inches and are THX certified to deliver an extremely high-quality sound performance regardless of what you are listening to.

The 19 mm tweeters can deliver a crisp and clear sound on the high-end range of various songs and general sounds which makes these speakers a perfect fit for computer gaming, movie watching, or just enjoying your favorite music.

Being THX certified, you can rest assured knowing that these speakers have been put through rigorous testing to ensure they can stand up to the expectations of what a THX certification means. The frequency range on these speakers can hit 20 kHz at just 100 watts of power.

What We Like

Exceptionally nice quality of sound with zero distortion

Certified THX speakers for outstanding cinematic listening

Conveniently located volume control and woofer knobs

Know Before Buying

Does not include a remote control for volume control

Uses Klipsch proprietary components

Subwoofer knob can be a bit finicky to adjust

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Sleek and professional looking 2.1 computer speakers with great sound quality which makes it perfect for computer gaming, studio music production, and more.

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Cyber Acoustics has created a stylish and professional looking speaker system that includes two 8 inch by 3 inch satellite speakers. Each of these satellite speakers offers two drivers, and an eye-catching aluminum finish which helps turn these speakers into a striking decoration as well as a versatile piece of media equipment.

One of the biggest benefits to a Cyber Acoustics subwoofer system is that it has a very detailed remote control that lets you adjust everything on the system from power, volume, LED lights, and fine-tuning of bass, treble, highs and lows.

The system itself can reach 20 kHz frequency response, and offers an RMS rating of 40 watts with a high range power ability of 80 watts. This broad and powerful frequency range helps deliver a sound that is unlike any other and will rival any built-in speakers on your TV or computer.

If you are a serious lover of deep bass and like to hear thunderous booms in your favorite music or when watching movies, this speaker system is an excellent choice.

What We Like

Excellent option for use as computer speakers

Can fill an entire room with good quality sound

Singular control pod has connection ports and control knobs

Know Before Buying

Bass seems a bit unbalanced at time

Sound quality is good, but mid-ranged

Sounds best when not used at maximum volume

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Classic 2.1 style bookshelf speaker system has retro vibes with a beautiful wood finish to bring back memories while delivering wonderful sound throughout your home.

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If you love the classic retro style of square speakers and subwoofers with a stylish wood finish, these bookshelf speakers are an excellent choice. Measuring 8 by 6 inches, they can fit into a variety of spaces on a desktop, an entertainment system, speaker stands, or on a shelf.

Each speaker include titanium dome tweeters and a variety of onboard controls including volume control, trouble boost, and bass boost. If you don’t want to mess with the knobs for adjusting those settings, you can use the included remote control for convenience.

While these speakers do have a retro style, they include all the modern input options including RCA, AUX, coaxial, optical, and Bluetooth connectivity. This gives you a wide range of connection options whether you are using the speakers for use with a television, using with a gaming PC, or just enjoying your favorite music.

One of the biggest benefits to this speaker set is that the subwoofer can reach a frequency range of 160 Hertz which gives you a deep and thunderous booming sound from all of your favorite music or any other audio you choose to play.

The speakers themselves can reach 20 kHz in frequency response and provide an extremely crystal clear sound and well-balanced tone to help immerse you into your favorite movies, computer games, music, or podcasts.

What We Like

Classic retro style for older audiophiles to enjoy

Includes a built-in amplifier complete with DSP

Excellent subwoofer quality for deep rumbling bass

Know Before Buying

Remote control lacks a few controls such as bass control

Classic style can be bulkier than some would like

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Eye-catching futuristic design on a very effective speaker system, you’ll love these stylish 2.1 speakers for any music or audio listening you have in mind.

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If you are looking for a high-quality and stylish speaker, look no further than the original SoundSticks. These futuristic looking speakers are a perfect addition to any bedroom, gaming area, or entertainment system where you want something eye-catching and awesome. Whether you are young or old, you will love the sleek and stylish design of these futuristic speakers.

Each of the two 10-inch TV or computer speakers are small enough to fit on a desktop or shelf, but large enough to deliver an excellent surround sound quality. Each of the left and right speakers includes four drivers for high quality audio whether you are listening to music, gaming audio, or your favorite podcast.

The subwoofer is crafted in a similar design and measures slightly larger than the satellite speakers at 9 by 10 inches, with 6 internal drivers and a separate volume control. In addition you will find a 3.5 mm input for connecting your headphones or other devices. The LEDs are an excellent addition as well which help to give the speaker system a very unique and eye-catching look.

When it comes to performance, the entire system can reach 20 kHz and offers an RMS rating of 10 watts on each channel. While the frequency range can be a bit lower than most other speakers can offer, the surround sound quality you get from these is still crisp, smooth, and accurate when dealing with both highs and lows.

What We Like

Incredibly futuristic and eye-catching design

Volume controls are touch-sensitive

Delivers an impressive acoustic soundstage

Know Before Buying

Has no external headphone jack

Does not include a remote control

Design can be out of place for some decor

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How to Choose the Best 2.1 Speaker System

Power Ratings

Power ratings are important for controlling the bass output response and other frequencies of your sound output. You may notice two different power ratings on the 2.1 speakers, however. This is the peak power rating, and the RMS power.

The peak rating is usually the one you will see advertised first, while the RMS power is either not mentioned or is mentioned in much smaller print on the packaging. The RMS power will tell you how much punch your system can pack over long periods of time, while the peak tells you the max level those 2.1 speakers can reach.

In most cases, the RMS is much less than the peak power level. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the peak power level to be twice as much as the RMS or sustained power can be. When purchasing a speaker, pay more attention to the RMS wattage over the peak power performance.

Closeup color photo of speakers in blue lighting with selective focus on the midrange speaker.

Frequency Response Range

The frequency response range on a speaker will be shown in Hertz and Kilohertz. This is telling you the audible range for highs and lows your 2.1 speakers will be able to reach when connected properly and used with the right amp, if needed.

Some speakers advertise an extremely high kHz rating, but this sound level is normally impossible for humans to hear. In general, 2.1 speakers should stay within a normal hearing range which is up to 20kHz. Anything higher than that is, arguably, just wasted frequency response range you won’t be able to hear and enjoy.

Design and Build Quality

The design of your speaker is simply down to personal preference and normally won’t have any effect on the quality of sound. For example, you can opt for an older retro style box speaker, or go with something more sleek and modern. It all depends on what fits into your home decor and personal likes and dislikes.

For build quality, this can differ between manufacturers and could also have a difference on crisp sound. Speakers can be made from a wide range of different materials including manufactured wood, solid wood, metal, and various plastics.

Most internal components will be similar, but certain magnets will perform better than others in the cone, and cable quality can have a direct effect on well balanced sound as well. Well known brands such as Bose, RCA, Logitech, and Sony will most likely be using neodymium magnets and higher quality components.

Newer or unknown brands may opt for lower quality components and a lower build quality. While these speakers are perfectly fine for casual listeners, they may not live up to the expectations of audiophiles, studio professionals, and anyone looking for a highly realistic sound and immersive gaming session.

Sound Quality

Similar to the frequency response, the overall sound quality is an important consideration. Each brand of speaker has its own tonal voice, which can be very noticeable when listening to the same piece of music from two entirely different 2.1 speakers.

Since a 2.1 speaker system includes two speakers and a subwoofer, your surround sound quality will be considerably higher than a single stereo speaker will provide. There are a few factors which can improve or compromise the overall sound quality as well. These can include:

  • Speaker placement
  • Power ratings
  • Connection and cable quality
  • Brand and tonal voice

If you are purchasing your 2.1 speakers from a dedicated audio store, they may have that brand and model somewhere in the store for you to listen to. Sometimes, doing this can give you a good idea of the tonal voice and whether or not it is something you enjoy right from the start.

If not, most speaker systems do have a trial period where you can still return them if they do not meet your expectations. Don’t be afraid to try out a few pairs of speakers until you find the one that does your music justice.

Connection Options

There are a variety of different connection options that come standard with most 2.1 speakers. This can include a 3.5mm headphone jack, as well as the occasional 6mm headphone jack. These are commonly seen on Bose brands, but can be found on many others as well.

Other connections could be USB or dongle connectivity options for Bluetooth connectivity and WiFi integration. Normally this will increase the overall price of a 2.1 speaker set up, so be sure it is something you need before purchasing the speaker so it is worth the extra price.

Wireless compatibility is sometimes useful, but other times a needless feature depending on your purpose for upgrading your current speaker system. The biggest benefit to wireless integration is a reduction in the amount of cables you will need to conceal in your entertainment area.

Extra Features

As with most electronics, you can find a variety of different standard and a few extra features depending on the brand and model of the speaker in question. For example, it’s not uncommon to find THX certified speakers which can give you a memorable movie-watching experience.

You can also find some 2.1 speakers that have a remote control, giving you easy access to volumes, bass controls, treble adjustment, and more. This is exceptionally convenient for use in home theatres where you may need to adjust the volume on the fly in order to get the most immersive sound experience from your favorite action movie.

Other extra features may include smart connect features such as WiFi or Bluetooth integration. This can be suitable for use with virtual assistant programs such as Siri or Alexa, as well as Smarthome setups.

In addition, while most speakers will come standard with specific connectivity options, extra features may include 3.5 or 6mm jacks, USB ports, two way connectors, and more. You can also find different covers or finishes for some speakers so they fit into your decor perfectly.

Price Range

As with everything, the higher quality speaker system you look for, the more you will be paying. Luckily, even for people on a budget, there are a variety of 2.1 speaker systems that range from the very affordable to the investment quality.

If you are just looking for an average speaker system that can play your favorite music at moderate volumes, an affordable low to mid range 2.1 system will be just fine. If you are an audiophile that loves to hear a perfect balance in your music, a mid to high range 2.1 system will be better suited for you.

If you are a studio professional, a musician, or someone that wants a cinema experience in your own home theater, a high to investment quality 2.1 speaker set up is for you. These systems often come with a range of features you won’t find in the lower end speakers, and in most cases will be worth every penny you pay.

Three way speaker at recording studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need a 2.1 speaker system?

While the word “need” is very subjective, having a 2.1 speaker system can greatly improve your listening experience when it comes to TV shows, music played on the stereo system, and computer gaming.

While many of these devices will have their own built in speaker systems, the surround sound quality is not as good as you can get from a stand alone 2.1 speaker system. You might notice some distortion in various tones or deep bass frequencies that sound blown out when played at higher volumes.

If you love playing your music loud and really getting sucked into the immersive experience, you definitely want to consider investing in a 2.1 speaker system. Not only will you instantly notice an improvement in the surround sound quality coming from any audio you play, but you will also be able to adjust the depth of bass and timbre of various tones to suit your listening preferences.

Is a soundbar the only option for TVs?

While many people will use a soundbar (if not their headphones) for their TV audio system, they are definitely not the only option. In fact, speakers come in a very wide range of sizes, shapes, and styles to suit your needs. In many cases, soundbars are simply convenient and fit onto entertainment systems with TVs perfectly well.

In addition to soundbars, you can also use a variety of speaker setups with two, three, four, five, eight, or even more individual speakers, tweeters, and subwoofers. These can be situated in various places on the entertainment stand, on the floor around the room, on stands around the room, installed in the wall, or speakers installed in the ceiling.

Are 2.1 speakers actually worth it?

In short, yes. Upgrading your existing speakers or avoiding the use of built-in television and computer speaker systems entirely is a good choice and makes the 2.1 sound system well worth its price.

Many built-in speakers are made from very cheap and low end parts, which means you will hear distortion when volumes are high or maxed out. With a dedicated 2.1 speaker system, you will avoid a lot of these problems as the internal components will be a higher quality main focus instead of an afterthought.

In addition, the subwoofer in a 2.1 system can turn previously rattling bass into a thunderous boom that sounds amazing and really immerses you into the music or online gaming world. You’ll notice a definite difference in the sound quality when switching from built-in speakers on your computer to an external 2.1 speaker set up.

How do I choose a good 2.1 speaker system?

There are a variety of ways to choose the right 2.1 speaker system for you, but the main consideration will be your individual needs. Are you looking for a simple speaker that can be for casual listening, occasional gaming, and a few TV shows?

Or do you want something that can fully immerse you into the online gaming world, provide perfect musical balance for audiophiles, and even double as an effective studio speaker for music processing?

Additionally, the brand name and construction quality may be a concern for you. Do you want a futuristic and sleek looking speaker, or are you more into the classic retro style with a bit of bulk to it?

All of these considerations play into the overall audio quality and should be taken into account when looking for the right 2.1 speaker set up for you. Whether you are searching for the best computer speakers or simply want to upgrade your existing computer speakers to something average, 2.1 stereo speakers are an excellent choice.


After comparing a variety of 2.1 speaker systems, we highly recommend the Logitech Z623 200-Watt 2.1 Speaker System. Not only are they are highly versatile and fully compatible system for casual and audiophile listening, but they work equally well with computers, TVs and stereo systems to deliver a balanced and enjoyable audio quality.

The impressive sound quality from this Logitech speaker is almost unmatched when it comes to both bass and treble balance. It’s an excellent surround sound system addition to your gaming computer setup as it can offer an expansive immersion unlike many other speakers can.