Best Karaoke Speakers in 2023

by Alex.   Last Updated On January 3rd, 2023.
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Karaoke speakers can come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and with a variety of different features. Some are stand-alone speakers that are perfect for adding onto your existing karaoke machine, while others can be used as add-on speakers or a stand-alone system as well.

Many karaoke speakers include built in subwoofers, tweeters and offer omni-directional or three-way sound options. If you’re wanting to make your music and voice heard at your next block party (see the best party speakers here), DJ venue, or family gathering, you’ll find a wide range of best karaoke speakers to meet your needs.

Here we will take a look at five excellent karaoke speakers that can meet a wide range of casual or professional needs. Whether you want a beginner-friendly karaoke speaker for private use, or you are looking for a large and professional level speaker with studio features such as voice recording, auto-tune, or pitch correction, you can find it here.

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Comparison of the Best Karaoke Speakers

Best Budget Karaoke SpeakersSee On Amazon
photo of the EARISE T26EARISE
Best Portable Karaoke SpeakersSee On Amazon
photo of the Ion Audio Block Rocker PlusIon
Audio Block Rocker Plus
Best Bluetooth SpeakersSee On Amazon
photo of the Sony SRS-XP700Sony
Best 3-Way SpeakersSee On Amazon
photo of the Rockville KPS10 PairRockville
KPS10 Pair
Best Touch Screen Karaoke SpeakersSee On Amazon
photo of the Karaoke USA GF842Karaoke USA

Reviews of the Best Karaoke Speakers

Highly affordable and budget-friendly karaoke speakers that include a wireless microphone and remote control.

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  • Size
    • 12 Watts
    • Easily portable
    • Includes a carrying handle
  • Purpose
    • Casual singing
    • Best for indoor use
  • Features
    • USB 2.0
    • 3.5mm tablet jack
    • 6.5mm second microphone jack
    • Bluetooth 5.0
    • Remote control

Earise has created an awesome little karaoke speaker with their T26 model. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in features. Not only will you find this karaoke speaker to be incredibly affordable, but you’ll also notice it includes a wireless microphone as well as a remote control to make selecting the next song quick and easy from up to 33 feet away.

It does not include a built-in display screen, but does have a variety of ways you can connect your own device to it with a USB port, 3.5mm tablet jack, or bluetooth 5.0 connection. You’ll have no problems syncing this fun little speaker to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop PC, or other media device.

While the battery doesn’t last as long as you may hope; about 5 hours on maximum volume, it seems very reasonable for the budget-friendly price of this karaoke speaker. To help make up for the lower than average battery life, you’ll be pleased to know it includes an audio recording feature so you can export your favorite song and run it through your own audio software or share it with friends and family.

What We Like

Built-in handle for easy grab-and-go carrying

Includes a wireless microphone

Has audio recording capabilities

Affordable and great for children or adults alike

Know Before Buying

Compact size with some decent weight to it

Does not include a built-in display screen

Battery lasts about 5 hours on max volume

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Powerful indoor or outdoor speaker with built-in 8 inch subwoofer, bass boost option for thundering bass, and telescoping handle for easy portability.

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  • Size
    • 100 Watts
    • Portable
    • Includes telescoping handle and wheels
  • Purpose
    • Singing at parties
    • Can be loud enough for outdoor use
  • Features
    • USB 2.0
    • Built-in 8” subwoofer
    • ⅛” aux input jack

If you’re planning on having block parties and need a karaoke speaker that can pack a punch when it comes to loud and clear sound, ION Audio has created it with their Block Rocker model. You’ll love the punchy bass it provides on the basic setting, but if you want a bit more boom it also includes a bass boost option that can vibrate the windows.

This karaoke speaker comes with a variety of ways to connect it to your own devices such as a cradle for an Amazon Echo Dot, bluetooth connection, USB 2.0, as well as a ⅛: aux input. You can use any smartphone or media device to sync your favorite songs or download lyrics for your current song selection.

While this speaker is bulky and has a good bit of weight to it, ION Audio put emphasis on making it very portable. It includes a telescoping handle and wheels similar to luggage to make it easy to move around your home or party venue without struggling.

What We Like

Includes a wired microphone with great sound quality

Battery lasts an incredible 50+ hours

Bass boost option delivers clear and loud bass

Variety of ways to connect to your ipad, smartphone or tablet

Know Before Buying

Bulky and heavy, but still very portable

Can be purchased in 3 distinct variations

Bass boost option delivers very deep punchy bass

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This large and bulky karaoke speaker offers omni-directional sound, bass boost, and guitar input along with a variety of USB and bluetooth connection options.

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  • Size
    • Bulky and large
    • Durable and heavy duty
  • Purpose
    • Loud indoor or outdoor parties
    • Home use or semi-professional use
  • Features
    • Bluetooth connection
    • USB connection
    • Microphone or guitar input jack
    • IPX4 water resistance rating

Sony delivers a bulky and heavy duty karaoke Bluetooth speaker with their SRS XP700 model. While this Bluetooth speaker (see also our top picks for Bluetooth speakers under 200) seems larger than it needs to be, it includes a dual 6 inch subwoofer, integrated rear tweeter, and loud omni-directional sound system so your songs can be heard easily.

Connections to your own media devices are easy and versatile whether you prefer using bluetooth, USB or physical aux jacks. Additionally, this karaoke speaker can be used in both vertical or horizontal presentations depending on the space you have available.

The IPX4 water resistance is a nice touch in case of accidental beverage splashes or spills, and you’ll love the indirect lighting on opposite ends of the speaker helping set the mood for your favorite songs. Whether you plan to use this speaker at home or at your next party, you’ll get a solid 25 hours of battery life so the music can continue well into the night.

What We Like

Omni-directional sound is great for parties

Battery backup lasts about 25 hours

Speaker has IPX4 water resistance rating

Know Before Buying

Speaker can be used vertically or horizontally

Seems a bit larger than necessary for what it offers

Integrated LED lighting can seem dim at times

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An excellent pair of add-on speakers for your karaoke system that are available in 4 sizes, offer 3-way sound, and have well balanced mids and highs.

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  • Size
    • 1200 Watts
    • Perfect for wall-mounting
    • Available in 4 sizes from 6.5 to 12 inches
  • Purpose
    • Add-on for existing karaoke machine
    • Great way to improve your karaoke machines sound
  • Features
    • Powerful 3-way sound system
    • Incredible balance on bass lows, mids, and highs
    • Includes wall mount bracket, but works for stand mounting too

If you’re looking for a step up from the basic karaoke speakers, you should definitely consider a 3-way sound system (know the difference between a 2-Way Vs. 3-Way speakers here). The added sound quality from these karaoke speakers mean you’ll get an excellent balance from the low bass and high registers. Rockville made sure their KPS10’s offered excellent sound with some other great features.

The KSP10 karaoke speakers come in a pair, and are available in four distinct sizes depending on your needs. You can get them in 6.5 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch or 12 inch. Regardless of the size you choose, you’ll receive suitable wall mounts for them in case you want to permanently set them up in your room or you can also use speaker stands if you want to.

These speakers make an excellent addition to your existing karaoke machine when you want a better and more advanced portrayal of sound throughout your room or next party venue. While these speakers may not be the best choice for a hard-core audiophile, they can definitely deliver an amazing sound with clear and well balanced lows, mids and highs.

What We Like

Choice of four different sizes

Loud and clear sound for great listening

Crazy power output with 1200 watts per speaker

Incredible balance and clarity on lows, mids and highs

Know Before Buying

Includes a wall-mount, but can also be mounted on a stand

Not a karaoke machine, but instead stand-alone speakers

3-way sound on all but the smallest size option

See On Amazon

A total package of karaoke speakers with included touch-screen, light system, and audio recording option for external sound mixing.

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  • Size
    • 35 Watts
    • Very portable and easy to carry
    • Weighs less than 10 pounds
  • Purpose
    • Casual singing
    • Small parties or gatherings
  • Features
    • Touch-screen panel
    • Voice recording option
    • Built in LED light system
    • Double microphone cradles
    • Cradle for smartphone or small tablet

If you’re looking for a great little starter karaoke speaker that also happens to include several bells and whistles, Karaoke USA has you covered with their GF842 model. Easily take your party to the next level with the built-in light show, spacious 7 inch touch screen, and double microphone setup for duets.

The unique look of this karaoke speaker not only helps it stand out, but also helps it blend in at parties and DJ venues. The top of the speaker has room for both microphones, as well as your smartphone or a small tablet to be cradled.

The LED lights are emitted from an oval shaped dome on the front and can be set to pulse with the music at different brightnesses and in a range of colors. The sound is crisp and clear, but is not professional level when it comes to the depth of bass or balance of the mids and highs.

What We Like

Very unique look with built-in microphone cradles

Crazy light show you can customize in a variety of ways

Includes two wired microphones perfect for duets

Know Before Buying

Mids and highs are not professional quality sound

Bass has good depth but lacks some punch

7 inch touch screen is very sensitive and easy to use

See On Amazon

Buyers Guide

Features to Consider in a Karaoke Speaker

Whether you are selecting your first karaoke speaker or are upgrading from your current model, there are certain things you should keep in mind before making your purchase. Some karaoke speakers are geared more towards the casual singer, while others include features and software that professional artists may enjoy.


Karaoke speakers normally include a built-in color display. It shows a wide range of information including the song title and artist, lyrics, and tempo. If your karaoke speakers don’t include a built-in display, make sure there is a secure area to connect your tablet, monitor or TV to instead.

Built-in displays can come in a wide range of sizes, and while many come in full color, others are in monochrome. For a more professional look and feel to your karaoke speakers, be sure you look for one with a larger color display to make following lyrics much easier for anyone involved.


Karaoke microphone

All karaoke speakers will include at least one microphone. You may only have one port to plug your microphone into, while other speakers will include multiple ports for two or more microphones. If you plan on singing duets with a friend or loved one, having a karaoke speaker that includes input jacks for at least two microphones is important.

Some microphones may be wired, others may be wireless. You could get a high end brand such as Shure or Sennheiser, or you may end up with an unknown knock-off with cheap components. Always make sure the microphone that comes with your karaoke speakers will suit your needs regardless of whether you are casually singing or performing on a more professional level.

Vocal Control

Many mid-level to high-level karaoke speakers will include voice control software such as vocal isolation, auto-tune, and pitch correction. Finding a karaoke speaker system that includes vocal isolation can open up thousands of additional songs for you to sing to.

The song library included with your karaoke speakers may be limited, but you can use vocal isolation on your favorite songs from YouTube or your favorite CD and include yourself right into the song like never before.

Record Ability

If you want the ability to record your songs as well as your voice and play it back later, you want to look for a higher end karaoke speaker that includes this ability. Many of the budget friendly and casual use speakers will not have this feature included.

Another benefit to being able to record your songs is that you can export them to your own audio software to provide studio-quality touch ups and pitch balancing. Take your fun party song and turn it into a catchy new tune that sounds entirely professional.


As with most electronics, prices can vary widely between different models. Each karaoke speaker will have its own set of features, be from a specific manufacturer, and may even include software that help you find the perfect karaoke-ready songs.

Prices for karaoke speakers can be as low as $50 to as high as $5,000 or more for professional speakers. Additionally, karaoke speakers that include extra accessories such as multiple microphones or light systems can be much more expensive than basic speakers for casual home use.

RGB LED Lighting

While LED lighting is not important on a karaoke machine, it can add that extra pizazz when using your speakers at a party. When you want to set the mood or create a hyping vibe, having a sequence of colorful LEDs that pulse with the music can definitely get people dancing.

Karaoke speakers that include LED lights will normally also include a wide range of options for you to customize how these lights perform. You may want to have them pulse with the music, or fade in and out slowly. You can also set custom light colors and brightness levels. Adjusting the lights can be done with an included light app which you can download on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or personal computer.

Which Karaoke Speaker Works For You

Karaoke speakers can come in a wide range of sizes, colors, wattage and more. Some will have extra features that others will not, and a few might even be suitable for professional level use while most are great for singing along to your favorite songs in the privacy of your own home.

When you’re selecting your karaoke speakers, be sure you consider a few different features and how they might apply to you. Knowing in advance what features are important to you can make purchasing the right speakers a much easier process.


Karaoke speakers come in a wide range of sizes from small handheld units to large stationary vertical speakers that are not easy to move. If you plan on taking your karaoke speakers to friends’ homes or parties, be sure you get a model that is a suitable size to move easily.

If you will be setting up your speakers in an entertainment room, DJ studio, or other more permanent situation, you won’t need to worry as much about the size and portability. In this case, you may find a few higher end speakers that are extremely large and able to deliver concert quality sound for your next venue.


Karaoke speakers can be very powerful when used indoors where the sound can reverberate. If you plan to only use your speakers indoors, most standard models will perform just fine and provide the depth of sound you were hoping for.

However, if you plan on using your speakers outdoors, you want to ensure the speakers you choose have a high enough wattage to deliver a strong and clear sound in wide open spaces. Look for speakers that have multiple outputs or a high wattage to ensure your songs can be heard easily outdoors.


Having karaoke speakers that can connect in both wired and wireless variations can be a benefit. Wired connections can be much more reliable and powerful, but wireless connections give you a range of freedom you can’t get with wired connections.

Additionally, being able to connect your karaoke speakers wirelessly to different devices can allow you to download additional music that may not be available from your karaoke machine’s internal collection.

Solo or Duets

Close up photo best friends karaoke weekend vacation hang out sing duet she her ladies he him his guys help yell shout scream words song wear dresses shirts formalwear sit sofa loft room indoors.

Most karaoke speakers only include one microphone. If you only plan on singing solo songs, this won’t be an issue. But for duets or group songs, being able to connect multiple microphones can be a very valuable feature to have.

There are a wide range of microphones that can work with karaoke speakers. Some of the more popular manufacturers are Sennheiser, Shure and Beta but there are many more brands and models that can work with most karaoke speakers.


Best Budget Karaoke Speakers
Best Bluetooth Speakers

Now that you have seen a selection of five great karaoke speakers, as well as a more detailed look at which features might be most important to you, your next party or holiday gathering is sure to be much more entertaining!

Whether you are looking for a budget model to enjoy privately in your own home, or want a more professional speaker with a range of features to rock out at your next block party, you can easily find it if you take a bit of time to browse the wide range of karaoke speakers available.

If you’re not sure exactly which features are needed and which are just extras, try to consider where and how you will be using the speakers. If you just want to sing along with your favorite songs, you won’t need to invest in a speaker with high end voice cancelling abilities.

If, on the other hand, you want to sing your favorite duets or group songs with friends outdoors at a block party, you’ll want to look for speakers that can give a strong and clear sound output as well as having multiple input options for more than one microphone.

Regardless of how you choose to enjoy your time singing karaoke, there is a karaoke speaker out there that can work for you. Hopefully these reviews and this more detailed buying guide helped ease you into the world of selecting your next karaoke speakers or karaoke machine.