The 5 Best headsets for Truckers

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Whether you’re riding 18 all night long for that drop and pick or snatching up holiday shifts on your local route, when you’re a truck driver on the road, the road is where your mind needs to be. That’s because when you’re sitting for long hours in that tractor, every stop equals more time in the seat and every distraction equals more opportunities for an accident.

In 2021, to help keep truck drivers and their compact car driving road buddies safe, a trucker’s headset is almost a part of the dress code. That’s because a great headset will keep their head in the game and distraction-free. It’ll allow them to stay engaged with tunes and podcasts, will help block cab noise, and allow them to manage their work and personal life while driving.

If you’re a truck driver looking for a pair of headphones to do it all, ride safe and read on!

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What to Look For in the Best Headsets for Truckers

Because truck driving is such a specific and challenging job with a significant mental, emotional and physical toll, a great headset needs to meet a few specific demands, aside from the usual things to look for in a headphone.


Long hours in the seat mean comfort is already at a premium inside the cab of a tractor. So when choosing a solid pair of headphones, truckers should look for a comfortable pair first.

Comfort first for headphones means things like low overhead clamping pressure on the headband and soft, breathable, and even cooling ear cups. You’ll also want to consider in the ear, versus over the ear and on the ear headphones. If you can forget your headset is even on and just focus on the drive, you’ll know you found the right pair.


Cords in the cab of your truck add to the mess of things to manage in a vehicle that, for a lot of drivers, doubles as a second home.

Not only does a headset with Bluetooth capability remove the tangled mess, but it also offers easy-to-use wireless phone connectivity, excellent wireless call quality, and hands-free application. Those are all top-of-the-list things to look for in a good headset that will keep you focused on the road out of the runaway truck ramp.

Today’s more advanced forms of Bluetooth will mean less interference during calls, include a more intuitive, user-friendly application, and of course, offer hands-free listening.

Noise Cancelling

Coach Buses and Trucks Mechanic Job. Caucasian Bus Technician in Eye Protection Glasses During Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance. Transportation Industry Theme.

Before I was a writer, I was a fish farmer. Transferring fish across the State of Washington meant riding in all varieties of tractor trailer combinations. The one constant across all of the rides, besides the drivers having great stories, was the road noise.

Whether you’re driving a modern Volvo or a classic Peterbilt with a rebuilt engine and a couple million on the frame, trucks are just loud.

Having a great headset with noise-canceling onboard will cut the noise and allow you to focus on the road. And the real beauty of noise-canceling in headsets is that you can turn it off at the click of a button or the flip of the switch. That means when you need to hear the engine, instead of completely removing your headset, you can simply turn the volume down or turn the noise canceling off.


Nice profile. Side view portrait of cheerful man standing near vehicle

When you’re on the road for long hours, there isn’t a lot of time to take care of the little things in your life, let alone the big things. A great microphone on your headset paired with the intuitive hands-free application of a newer version of Bluetooth will allow you to take care of it all without pulling over to make a call.

Whether you’re chit-chatting for a few hours with your wife or husband or that girl you met last fall in Chattanooga or working out the time of the drop and pick with your dispatcher, a great microphone will mean you won’t have to sacrifice time on the road to communicate.

Long battery life

In the recent past, having a Bluetooth headset meant that although you would benefit from going hands-free, you would now have to deal with a low battery life and hours between use.

I’m here to tell you that’s no longer the case. Bluetooth headsets today last longer than ever.

If you haven’t found one that lasts longer than your duty period when looking for a headset, you haven’t looked hard enough.

Don’t worry, though; I’ve looked for you. Don’t forget to check the list below.

Hands Free Application

I’ve touched on hands-free applications in nearly every category above because, at the end of the day, you’re a truck driver, not a truck sitter.

An excellent headset with easy-to-use controls and the most advanced hands-free application possible is a headset that will keep you safe and the other drivers on the road safe as well.

So when looking for a headset, look for one that has the easiest to use hands-free application. That could include voice activation for things like changing tunes or making calls or buttons on the actual headset to press to change things up.

At the end of the day, any headset that helps keep your phone out of your hands and your eyes on the road is a real winner.


With the continuous shortage of truck drivers across the U.S., truckers are being asked to sit in the cab for longer hours and for more days than ever. When you’ve got the pedal to the floor at the end of a 14-hour shift, the last thing you want to be thinking about is a below-par headset.

If the hours on the road are adding up and you’re tired of your old, uncomfortable, hard to hear, low-quality microphone headset, don’t go hanging up the keys just yet.

Instead, try something new. Grabbing a new headset with updated technology and a comfort-first hands-free design will be the difference between counting the hours and watching them fly by.

Product Reviews

Comexion offers an affordable, comfortable, Bluetooth 5.0 headset that will pair with most android and IOS Bluetooth-enabled devices and give you up to 30 hours of continuous talk time. The reviews are in, and this headset is a real budget winner.

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Meet the Comexion, an affordable trucker-specific Bluetooth 5,0 headset with premium noise-canceling capabilities.

The Comexion offers all that and more with wired capabilities, a super long 30 hour talk time, wired capabilities for when the battery does run out, and a quick 2 hour charge time to get you back to listening. And when you; ‘re ready to talk, the onboard mic and multifunction headphone buttons will offer you a seamless transition.

Just keep in mind that these are a budget offering. These headphones make up for that fact in their design technology, but you’ll most likely hear the difference in lower than average audio quality.

What We Like
Bluetooth 5.0 - One of the latest Bluetooth versions on board means excellent connectivity.
Talk Time - 30 hours of talk or music time will have these headphones working for days on end. And thanks to a quick 2 hour charge time, when you do have to take 'em off, you'll be putting 'em right back on in no time.
Wired Capabilities - These headphones come with wired capabilities. If they die during an important call, you can just plug them in.
Hands-Free - These headphones come with various multifunction buttons onboard for cell phone-free listening.
Know Before Buying
Soft Ear Cushions - The ear cushions on these are very soft but not noise canceling.
Sound Quality - Don't expect the sound quality on these to be the best you've ever heard.
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BlueParrot's B450-XT MS headset offers industry-leading noise cancellation, excellent Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, premium comfort, and customizable headset buttons, all ensuring you keep the focus on the road. So if you're a driver looking for one of the best headphones out there with a seamless hands-free application and a comfortable design, these are for you.

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The reviews are in, and the B450-XT MS is the truck driver’s dream when it comes to overall quality and technology forward easy listening.

Road noise takes a back seat with this robust, comfortable headset that offers nearly 100 percent noise cancellation for you and the person on the other end of the line. And with M.S. Teams, if that person has the same headset or application, you both can use a walkie-talkie function, meaning an ease of use and a lack of attention required on your end.

Add on a full day of talk time, 500 hours of standby time, various programmable multifunction buttons, and voice control, and it’s clear that these headphones really do offer it all.

If you opt for these and don’t plan to use M.S. for Microsoft teams, I’d suggest grabbing the B450-Xt’s. They come without the MS and are essentially the same headphones for less money.

What We Like
Noise Cancellation - These headphones offer 96% noise cancellation.
M.S. Teams - The Microsoft Teams walkie-talkie function allows hands-free communication with your coworkers, other drivers, or your dispatcher.
Talk Time - These headphones offer a complete full day of talk time and 500 hours of standby time.
Hands-Free - These headphones come with various programmable multifunction buttons onboard for cell phone-free listening and also offer voice control.
Microphone Noise Cancellation - The noise cancellation on these works for you and the person on the other end of the line.
Know Before Buying
MS - These headphones come with Microsoft team's M.S. for Walkie talkie function. You can find a cheaper pair of the same headphones with M.S. if you or your team doesn't use the feature.
Ear Pads - Some users find the earpads on these a bit small.
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The Jabra Evolve2 85 U.C. is a premium headset for truck drivers who really know what they want. Featuring excellent speaker quality, a foldable mic arm, superior comfort, and outstanding noise cancellation, this headset will help keep your focus out of the can and on the road.

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The Jabra Evolve2 85 U.C. headset takes its opportunity in the limelight to shine its focus on what a premium headset brings to the table.

With ANC and a noise isolation, comfort first, over-the-ear design, these headphones cancel 54% of the noise around you. Thanks to superior microphone technology, noise cancellation is bumped up to almost 100 percent for anyone on the other end of the line.

And a U.C. certification means if the person on the other end of the line has a similarly compatible headset, you’ll both be able to use walkie-talkie mode, enabling an even better hands-free communication option.

On top of all of the trucker-specific tech, this headset also comes equipped with powerful leak tolerant 40mm drivers, a digital chipset, and the latest AAC codec. That means they aren’t just an excellent quality headset for truck drivers; they’re an excellent quality headphone, period.

If purchasing this headset, you’ll want to keep in mind that it doesn’t come with a mute button on board, so you’ll need to rely on your phone if you’re going to mute yourself. With excellent noise cancellation, though, the mute button may no longer be necessary.

What We Like
Noise Cancellation - ANC and a noise isolating design cancel 54% of the noise around you.
Over-Ear Design - The over-ear design of these headphones should offer premium comfort on those long trips.
Microphone Technology - Advanced microphone technology helps cancel 97% of the background noise from your conversation.
U.C.- Certified - A UC-Certification means these will work on all U.C. platforms, including Microsoft teams.
Sound Quality - Powerful leak-tolerant 40mm speakers with an advanced digital chipset and the latest AAC codec should have these things sounding crystal clear.
Know Before Buying
Price - These are more than double the price of many competitors.
Mute - There is no mute function on the headset itself.
Noise Cancellation - Some users find the noise cancellation on these is almost too good.
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The Voyager Focus 2 is an on-ear headset with a comfortable design, a crisp, clean sound, noise reduction, and hands-free application many truckers are looking for. If you're a driver who wants a headset that does it all without the bulk of a gamer-style headset, this one is for you.

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The Poly Voyager Focus 2 takes an on-the-ear approach to excellent communication and listening. With crystal clear audio and Poly acoustic fence noise-canceling technology, this headset should sound as pleasing to your ears as the microphone does to anyone on the other end of the line.

An added feature on this headset you don’t often see is adjustable noise cancellation. You can choose between three noise cancellation audio settings, ensuring the perfect sound for you.

What We Like
Audio Quality - Expect crystal-clear audio quality thanks to triple-mic active Digital Signal Processing (DSP).
Microphone Noise Cancellation - Poly Acoustic Fence technology noise cancellation on these works for you and the person on the other end of the line.
Noise Cancelling - These headphones allow you to adjust the noise-canceling level to your personal preference.
Mute Alert - A mute alert on these will tell you if you have accidentally muted yourself.
Bluetooth 5.1 - One of the latest Bluetooth versions on board means excellent connectivity.
Know Before Buying
Battery Life - 19 hours of talk time should be plenty, but it is less than many competitors offer.
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The BlueParrot s450-Xt are the long-haul comfort first headphones of your dreams. With industry-leading sound, 24 hours of talk time, Customizable headphone buttons, and a plush over-ear design, these headphones should help that 14-hour shift fly by.

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Meet the BlueParrot s450-XT, one of the most comfortable on-ear headsets on the road. And on top of the comfort, the flagship BlueParrot headset has all the bells and whistles you’d expect.

What does that mean? That mean’s excellent noise cancellation, excellent Hi-FI audio quality, a full day of talk time, microphone noise cancellation, and practically hands-free controls thanks to various programmable multifunction buttons on board.

If you intend to purchase this headset, keep in mind that it doesn’t have the same voice control offered by many of its competitors and that it runs Bluetooth 4.0. Unfortunately, Bluetooth 4.0 is not outdated yet but is an older Bluetooth application.

What We Like
Noise Cancellation - These headphones offer 82% noise cancellation.
Audio Quality - These headphones aren't just fabulous on the road. With premium HI-FI audio quality, you'll want to wear these all day.
Talk Time - These headphones offer a complete full day of talk time and 500 hours of standby time.
Hands-Free - These headphones come with various programmable multifunction buttons onboard for cell phone-free listening and also offer voice control.
Microphone Noise Cancellation - The noise cancellation on these works for you and the person on the other end of the line.
Wired Capabilities - These headphones come with wired capabilities. If they die during an important call, you can just plug them in.
Know Before Buying
Bluetooth 4.0 - You shouldn't experience any connectivity issues with these, but Bluetooth 4.0 is an older edition of the technology.
Voice Control - This headset had programmable buttons but no voice control.
Weight - At seven and a half ounces, this headset weighs more than many of its competitors.
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