Best Headsets for Call Centers and Conference Calls in 2024

by Alex.   Last Updated On January 4th, 2024.
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As enticing as it would be to use your high-end audiophile headphones to answer phone calls, it will not happen. Headphones, even closed-backs with active noise canceling, would not measure up to the comfort, mic quality, and voice clarity of most headsets. Besides, they won’t be compatible anyway.

So for this list, I’ve picked out some of the best headsets for call centers and conference calls. I’ve gone over their features and reviewed their pros and cons.

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Comparison of the Best Headsets for Call Centers and Conference Calls

Best Deskphone Headset SystemSee On Amazon
photo of the AGPtEK Corded Telephone with Headset and DialpadAGPtEK
Corded Telephone with Headset and Dialpad
Best Wireless-Only Headset for Call CentersSee On Amazon
photo of the Jabra Evolve 75Jabra
Evolve 75
Best Budget-Friendly Call Center HeadsetSee On Amazon
photo of the Koss CS200Koss
Best Value for MoneySee On Amazon
photo of the Logitech H570eLogitech
Best Wireless Headset for Call CentersSee On Amazon
photo of the Plantronics CS540Plantronics
Most Comfortable Call Center HeadsetSee On Amazon
photo of the Poly Voyager Focus 2 UC USB-APoly
Voyager Focus 2 UC USB-A
Best Mid-Range Call Center HeadsetSee On Amazon
photo of the Sennheiser CC 550 IPSennheiser
CC 550 IP
Best for Call Centers OverallSee On Amazon
photo of the Jabra BIZ 2400 II DuoJabra
BIZ 2400 II Duo

Reviews of the Best Headsets for Call Centers and Conference Calls

The AGPtEK headset and telephone are unlike many of the other headsets on this list, primarily due to it being a system that takes on both roles.

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Tech Specs

  • Connectivity: Wired, ethernet (RJ45)
  • Design: On-ear single-sided
  • Microphone: Noise canceling

The system comes with a dial pad, base stand, single-sided corded headset with microphone, 3.5mm aux cord, and ethernet cable. Despite having a lot of accessories, the entire system is easy to set up, provided you have a telephone line.

The dial pad has inputs for the telephone line and allows you to dial numbers and answer calls. It has a volume wheel and knobs to adjust the ringer mode (answers calls automatically or only when you pick up the headset. The display on the dial pad shows the telephone numbers and the date.

There is a 3.5mm headphone port that you can use to plug into your computer and record phone calls using dedicated software. Unfortunately, you cannot use other headsets on the dial pad.

The headset is not very sturdy, and the cushion liner is not comfortable. The liner is built out from a hard leatherette material that flakes away with use. Nonetheless, the audio is decent, and the microphone audio is clear, as long as there’s not too much noise in the background.

What We Like

Decent Ringtone

Very affordable

Telephone-like intuitive call controls

Know Before Buying

Lacks speakerphone capabilities

The headset holder is very flimsy

No USB connectivity

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If money isn’t an issue, you’ve come to the right place. The Jabra Evolve 75 UC is one of the most premium call center headsets out on the market.

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Tech Specs

  • Connectivity: Wired USB connection or Wireless Bluetooth
  • Design: On-ear double-sided
  • Microphone: Noise-canceling microphone
  • Battery Life: Approx 18 hours of talk time

The Jabra Evolve 75 UC noise-canceling headphones similar to the Jabra Biz 2400 II in terms of microphone audio quality.

There are a couple of variants for this stereo headset. You can get the UC stereo or the MS teams optimized standard. Apart from that, there are a couple of accessories, such as a charging stand (which looks pretty cool) and a Jabra Link 370 Bluetooth adapter.

The build quality of the headset is worth the expensive price tag. The device is primarily built out of plastic and weighs only 0.39lbs. The liner (on the ear cushions) is soft protein leather, and the adjustable headband is silicone padded.

Although you don’t have an inline controller with customizable buttons, the earpad controls are pretty simple. There are two buttons on the outside of the right earcup to handle the volume and skipping tracks, a button on the left earcup to activate ANC, and buttons on both the outer earcups to activate the busy light or listen-in. The busy light is a cool pair of red-colored LED rings that lights up and doubles as a do-not-disturb sign.

You can connect the 75UC via USB-A or use it as a wireless headset with the help of the Bluetooth adapter. You can use the Bluetooth adapter to connect the headset to two devices simultaneously. However, it’s been found that switching back and forth is not very seamless.

What We Like

Wired/Wireless connectivity options

Impressive battery life

Integrated busy light

Jabra Safetone for hearing protection

Know Before Buying

Lower Bluetooth Range

The ANC won’t filter out most unwanted noise (conversations, phones ringing, etc)

Audio quality via Bluetooth is not up to par

The microphone can be a bit shorter for users with large heads

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Koss headphones might not be the most well-known or highly-regarded, but their headphones are affordable and reliable. They are the most affordable option for providing headsets for customer service reps or call center agents.

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Tech Specs

  • Connectivity: USB-A
  • Design: Double-sided on-ears
  • Microphone: Noise canceling, high sensitivity

Before I mock this stereo headset, I’ll go over the positives. For starters, the aesthetics of this headset is surprisingly on point: it looks like a premium headset thanks to its all-black design with blue accents around the ear cups and a solid-looking microphone.

Apart from that, the headset is comfortable as the ratcheted headband is adjustable, the earcups allow for some movement, and the microphone is very flexible yet sturdy. You can freely adjust the microphone and keep it closer to your mouth, even if you’re someone with a larger head.

The headset comes with a lifetime limited warranty and has an 8ft long cable, which is something everybody could appreciate.

The ear cushions come with this velour-like material which is very breathable and airy, so despite providing clear sound (relative to the price tag), the noise isolation capabilities are disappointing. Anybody using it will not be able to focus when the ambient background noise is over 70 dB.

Also, the headset doesn’t include an inline controller or earcup controls; hence, you will have to adjust everything via the softphone device. (Computer, tablet, or smartphone.)

What We Like


Crisp sound

Comfortable fit

Flexible Microphone

8ft long cable

Know Before Buying

Durability issues

Lacks headset controller

Poor noise isolation

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The Logitech H570e is not the best, but it is pretty close. It’s got an impressive set of features that, compared to its price tag, definitely makes it a steal.

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Tech Specs

  • Connectivity: Wired USB Connection
  • Design: Dual On-ears
  • Microphone: Boom microphone with noise reduction

Apart from the cool-looking microphone, the overall design of the headphone is pretty simple: you’ve got a thin headband and a pair of small ear cups. (With a protein leather cushion covering). The headband is adjustable but will flex just enough to accommodate your ears.

The microphone is somewhat stiff and, unfortunately, won’t perform a 360 no-scope, and even though you may not be able to line it directly in front of your lips, the noise cancellation microphone will efficiently catch your voice while eliminating background noises.

The entire headset weighs only 0.24lbs, but this ultralight design can be its downfall since many users have complained that it is too small or have trouble latching on to their ears.

The inline controller is well done. It features four buttons that allow you to mute the mic, adjust volume, and answer calls. On top of that, the controller has LED indicator lights notifying you when there’s an incoming call or a muted mic.

The software features on this headset are also impressive. Apart from the digital signal processing and echo cancellation, it has a hearing protection system that reduces the volume whenever it detects more than 115dBA.

What We Like

HD voice clarity thanks to advanced processing

Relatively affordable

Simple and easy-to-use inline controller

Know Before Buying

Many users have trouble finding a snug fit

Lacks proper noise isolation

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If you’re looking for that classic single-ear headset with the ultra slim microphone, you’ve come to the right place. The Plantronics CS540 is a classic, and it’s still a reliable headset used by call center agents and customer service reps.

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Tech Specs

  • Connectivity: RJ9 with desk phone
  • Design: Single-sided over-the-ear headset
  • Microphone: Noise canceling
  • Battery Life: Approx 7 hours

The wireless headset is very low-profile, and without the headband attachment, it has a single-sided design with a thin microphone tube, ear hook, earbud, and control unit. The control unit has a button on the side for power, along with a volume slider on the rear. This volume button/slider doubles as a mute button, so it can be pressed to mute the microphone and pressed again to unmute.

This headset’s rechargeable battery can provide up to seven hours of talk time, and unlike most other wireless headsets, the battery can be easily replaced. The battery recharges every time you dock the headset into the charging stand.

The charging stand connects with the headset through DECT 6.0, which is a different wireless communication protocol. Since it is not Bluetooth, there are no dropouts or interference.

The charging stand connects to a desk phone via an RJ9 port which is the connector that goes into your telephone’s receiver.

Unfortunately, the sound quality is not that revolutionary, anybody using this will have a tough time listening to customers whenever there is a lot of ambient noise. However, on the flip side, the noise cancellation microphone does a satisfactory job of filtering out the noise to the other person.

What We Like

Removable Battery

Minimal dropouts and interference

Professional-looking design

Know Before Buying

Low-quality audio from the speaker

Only seven hours of continuous talk time

Feels a little loose and flimsy

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Poly did an amazing job with this headset since it is one of the most comfortable call center headsets on the market.

See On Amazon

Tech Specs

  • Connectivity: Wired USB connector and wireless with a USB Bluetooth dongle
  • Design: On-ear double-sided
  • Microphone: Boom mic
  • ANC: Yes
  • Battery Life: Approx 19 hours

Right off the bat, this headset looks very sleek and professional. It’s slim but has enough reinforcements to make it sturdy and durable. The housing is not entirely plastic but has metal parts, which can add up the weight.

Regardless, the headset is very comfortable, especially during long periods. There is an elastic headband that automatically stretches to accommodate your head. On top of that (literally and figuratively), you’ve got a flexible metal headband with the usual ratcheted design.

The earcups swivel and fit perfectly, regardless of head size, and the ear cups are cushioned with a leather/protein leather-like material, which isn’t the most breathable but does a decent job of isolating background noise.

The headset has three levels of active noise cancellation: high, low, and off. The ANC is not revolutionary, but it will help you focus better. Regardless, the microphone noise canceling is top-notch, so your listener will have no problem.

The battery will provide up to 19 hours of continuous talk time and only takes around 2-3 hours to recharge. Fortunately, you can plug it directly into your softphone via USB and use it as a wired headset whenever you run out of battery.

This wireless headset would rarely encounter dropouts since it uses Bluetooth 5.1. However, several users have had issues with the promised range of 300ft.

What We Like

Super comfortable

Extremely long battery life

Bluetooth connectivity with wired option

Fully-featured control panel

A smart mute detection system

Know Before Buying

Somewhat expensive

The Bluetooth range might be lower than advertised

ANC doesn’t block out most mid-high frequency noises

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Sennheiser consumer audio products have always been one of the top devices in terms of sound quality. Thankfully, the Sennheiser CC 550 IP is just the same and caters to call center agents who need to make voice calls that are clear and free from noise.

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Tech Specs

  • Connectivity: USB or 3.5mm
  • Design: Double-sided on-ears
  • Microphone: Noise Canceling

The headset has a simple design. It looks sleek but feels sturdy thanks to metal reinforcements on most of the moving parts. (Such as the adjustable headband, ear cups, and microphone.)

There is no extra padding on the headband, but thankfully, doesn’t hurt the top of your head when you wear it. The plastic design is flexible and bends just enough for you to get a comfortable and stable fit. The on-ears might have trouble staying on, but they’ll fit in nice and tight after a couple of days of use.

The inline controller is pretty simple, there are two buttons for volume control, along with an additional answer and mute button. The inline controller can be disconnected and connected to another headset via 3.5mm. (The DAC is located in the inline controller.)

The speakers have a middling audio quality which is good enough for answering most phone calls. However, since the system lacks active noise cancellation, it will be difficult to listen to your caller when there’s a lot of background noise.

The microphone sound quality is way more impressive since it’s got HD voice technology and noise-canceling; hence, you don’t have to worry about background noise on your end reaching the customer.

What We Like

Smart hearing protection system

Detachable inline controller

HD voice technology

Know Before Buying

Middling speaker audio quality

Difficult to find a comfortable fit

Poor noise isolation

See On Amazon

Jabra makes some of the most practical headphones and earbuds. Almost every set of headphones on their lineup delivers, and the same can be said for the Jabra BIZ 2400 II.

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Tech Specs

  • Connectivity: USB Wired, softphone
  • Design: On-Ear Double-sided
  • Microphone: Noise Canceling

This Jabra Biz 2400 II double-sided on-ear headset with an ultra-lightweight design; it’s compact yet sturdy and durable enough to handle long phone calls. The soft leatherette ear cushions and slight padding on the headband provide a snug fit. Almost anybody would be able to wear this for long periods.

The noise-canceling microphone on this headset is well done. It can drown out extremely loud noises in the background and only allow your voice to filter through (check out this demonstration). Unfortunately, there is no active noise canceling features, so despite your caller being able to hear your voice clearly, you might have trouble hearing them if there’s a lot of background noise.

Different variations of the Jabra Biz 2400 II are available. You can get them with a QD connector, single-ear, and convertible headset options. The USB variant comes with a control unit that allows you to change the volume and set up custom buttons. It also has Bluetooth, where you can connect to your smartphone or tablet to receive phone calls while connected to your softphone.

Speaking of which, before you start using the headset for work, I recommend updating the firmware. Also, you can try customizing the buttons and checking out the extra features on the Jabra Direct windows app.

What We Like

Impressive noise canceling microphone

A hearing protection system to filter out loud noises

Customizable control unit

Know Before Buying

More premium than your typical call center headset

Lacks ANC

Earpads can feel a bit small, particularly for larger heads

See On Amazon

Best Headsets for Call Centers and Conference Calls Buying Guide

Noise Cancellation/Isolation

When working in an open office with multiple other employees (who are also making calls), you need a headset that can drown out ambient noise while listening to a customer. Active noise canceling headsets can be expensive and cannot be worn for long hours since they run on batteries and tend to get hot and heavy inside your ears.

Hence, your only option to rid yourself of deafening background noise is to find a headset with a good pair of noise-isolating ear cups/earbuds. Noise isolating headsets won’t “cancel” the background noise entirely, but they will reduce the distractions of noisy environments, allowing you to focus on your call.

When picking out a good headset based on its noise cancellation/isolation properties, make sure to get a headphone-style device with over-ear or in-ear ear cups. Avoid getting a monaural/convertible headset that has a single-speaker design.


If answering phone calls with a talk time that runs in hours, chances are you’re going to be wearing them for at least a couple of hours nonstop. Some of you may even be using them for longer. Regardless, I highly recommend taking regular breaks in-between to let your ears breathe and using a comfortable headset.

Speaking of comfort, call center agents need some amenities such as a padded headband and comfortable ear cushions if they are to answer customer calls in the best manner possible. An uncomfortable headset will be distracting, and most call center agents will be shifting in their seats trying to readjust the headset.

Therefore, I recommend picking a headset with a comfortable fit and having soft breathable materials for the padding. Since authentic leather is expensive, I recommend protein leather (synthetic) or velour lining for the ear cups and headband.

Also, you might not get a comfortable fit right off the bat, so give it a couple of days.

Build Quality

Apart from comfort, durability is necessary for these reliable headsets. A good call center headset has to be durable and last 3-5 years.

Depending on the headset configuration (whether it’s a convertible headset or a stereo headset), a durable frame with high-quality materials is recommended. Your headsets should be able to withstand a drop from table height, and the earcup liners cannot flake away after a week. The best call center headsets (with proper care) will look, feel and sound the same for years.

When prioritizing build quality, things you need to keep an eye out for are the materials, IP rating, and warranty period. Headsets built from plastic are preferred since they are inexpensive, lightweight, and durable.

Most headsets do not include an official IP rating, but some of the best call center headsets offer a minimum IPX4 rating, so don’t forget to check for this, especially if you need to drink while answering calls.

Also, some of the best call center headsets offer extended warranty periods. So chances are that these headsets (with proper care) will last longer.

Wired and Wireless Headsets

Most call center headsets are wired, meaning that most call center agents are mostly tied down to the desk while answering calls. A wired call center headset is reliable and efficient, you won’t run into any interference, and the latency is minimal.

However, with a wireless model with Bluetooth connectivity, you have the freedom to move around; hence, a headset with Bluetooth connectivity will make it easier for you, especially when working from home.

Also, a high-end headset with wireless connectivity (and close-backed ear cups) will include active noise canceling, so you can have clear voice pick-up with minimal distractions from background noise.

Good things aside, I don’t recommend wireless connectivity in workplaces where there are a lot of electronic devices, the Bluetooth signal can run into trouble, and the wireless range might get reduced when you walk into another room or floor.

So when deciding on a wireless headset, make sure it has enough range (Bluetooth 5.0) and that the headset has a dedicated control unit on the device itself, such as on-ear controls to pause/answer calls, and adjust volume, etc.

Mic Quality

Apart from being able to listen to the caller free from background noise, your caller should also be able to listen to your voice with clarity, and the best way to ensure this is by using a high-end noise canceling microphone.

Luckily, most call center headsets on this list will include a noise-canceling unidirectional mic (or a boom microphone), so you don’t have to worry about it too much. However, the quality of this noise-canceling mic will vary.

A decent noise-canceling mic will isolate your voice and drown out ambient noise in real-time. It does this by using advanced software algorithms and hardware. (Digital signal processing and clear noise capture.) As a result, the person on the other end will be able to understand you clearly, even through the hustle and bustle of the call center.

For call center agents, it’s always recommended to use headsets and not headphones. Headphones and earbuds have a weak inline microphone which doesn’t pick up sound properly and won’t be able to differentiate your voice. Headsets use dedicated microphones (hence the reason why they are named that way) to capture the user’s voice and improve talk time with whoever’s on the other end.


Although the equipment used by call center agents to make and record calls are computer-based, there also used to be a time when desk phones were used. Call center headsets could directly connect to the telephone line via ethernet or to the desk phone via 3.5mm.

Nowadays, call center agents to use “softphones” which is a software connected to your computer or tablet. The software allows users to create VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone calls via Wi-Fi. In these cases, the headset has a USB connector or 3.5mm to interface with the desk phone/softphone.

So depending on your requirements, and the current equipment set up at your call center, you might need to go with whatever is compatible.

Call center operator, consultant,manager

Audio Quality

For salespeople or teams to be able to hear customers and employees over the phone well, the headset should have excellent sound quality. Otherwise, call center agents will have trouble understanding the person on the other end.

High-end headsets have powerful drivers with a wider frequency response that prioritizes voice clarity over anything else by emphasizing the mid-range. Headphones such as these would offer crisp and clear sound so you are not bothered by unwanted background sounds when listening to a customer or employee.

Extra Features

More features never hurt anyone, and if a call center headset comes with extra features such as digital signal processing for the noise reduction feature (both incoming and outgoing), intuitive call controls, and extended cables, it would make things a whole lot easier.

A decent control unit for managing the volume, and answering phone calls would be a very welcome asset. Most headsets include inline controllers while others would have on-ear controls. Depending on the build quality, these controls would be very easy to use and responsive while others would not respond properly or break down after a couple of weeks.

Apart from that, there is the noise-canceling microphone, smart sensor technology to notify you when you’ve muted the mic, yet started talking to a customer, sound protection systems to automatically tone down sudden loud noises, along with wireless Bluetooth connectivity, and a dial pad with a display.

Some of these extra features might seem a little gimmicky, but if you understand their functions and use them in practical situations, you might find them to be very useful and sometimes essential.

Final Thoughts

Best Wireless-Only Headset for Call Centers
Best Budget-Friendly Call Center Headset

There’s an entirely different world when it comes to professional call center headsets. They are in no way similar to gaming headsets or audiophile headphones. Regardless, if you took the time to look through our guide and product reviews, you will be able to understand the differences and know how to pick out a great call center headset for work.

Always remember to look for compatibility, control scheme, and the noise canceling performance of the microphone: these are the essentials.