Best Headsets for Sales People & Teams in 2023

by Alex.   Last Updated On January 3rd, 2023.
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If you have any experience being on a sales team or part of a call center, you know how important it can be to have a lightweight and comfortable wired or wireless headset. Not only will you be wearing the wired or wireless headset for many hours throughout the day, but you will also be using it for most of your communication which means a good connection, reduction of background noise, and high quality audio is important.

You may also be very particular about how the wired or wireless headset is connected to your computer or laptop. For example, if you do all of your communication in-office, you may be perfectly fine with a wired headset. However, if you do a lot of travel and sales calls from different locations, having a Bluetooth wireless headset is vital.

Regardless of your choices, we have taken a look at several highly rated wired and wireless call center headsets for sales people & teams and have compared their pros and cons. We take a look at the features they can offer you, as well as how they compare to other headsets on the market.

Additionally, you’ll find a detailed buying guide and frequently asked questions section which covers both the various features wired and wireless headsets can offer and how these features can help you perform your job throughout the day.

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Comparison of the Best Headsets for Sales People & Teams

Best Wireless Headsets for Sales People & TeamsSee On Amazon
photo of the Poly Plantronics Voyager 5200Poly Plantronics
Voyager 5200
Best Budget Headsets for Sales People & TeamsSee On Amazon
photo of the Voicejoy Monaural USBVoicejoy
Monaural USB
Best Overall Headsets for Sales People & TeamsSee On Amazon
photo of the BlueParrott B550-XTBlueParrott
Also Recommended Headsets for Sales People & TeamsSee On Amazon
photo of the Sony WF-1000XM3Sony
Best Premium Headsets for Sales People & TeamsSee On Amazon
photo of the Jabra Evolve 75Jabra
Evolve 75

Reviews of the Best Headsets for Sales People & Teams

Stylish and extremely lightweight, this wireless hook-style earpiece can make it much easier for you to perform sales calls while on the move.

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For a highly lightweight and very comfortable earpiece, consider the Voyager 5200 wireless headset from Poly Plantronics. Not only does this headset offer a very durable hook-style design, but it can also be a perfect choice for anyone making calls from their vehicle, airports, or other locations.

The Bluetooth headset offers a range of active noise cancellation and wind reduction to ensure your calls are clear and distortion free to your clients. Additionally, you’ll be able to make calls all day with the robust 7 hour battery life on this Bluetooth headset. If that wasn’t enough, you have the freedom to move up to 90 feet away from your computer or laptop where the Bluetooth dongle is connected making it a great choice for your call center headsets.

Purchasing this Bluetooth headset in the bundle package is a great option, especially if you will be wearing it over several hours or using it extensively with softphone software. Not only will you receive high quality connections and wireless dongles, but also a carrying case, charging pod, and various ear tips for your comfort.

What We Like

Extremely lightweight and highly stylish

Comfortable ear-hook style to wear all day

Hands free use with Android and iPhone

Know Before Buying

Battery life ranges up to 7 hours of continuous use

Effective wireless range is up to 30 meters

Noise cancellation for making calls in a noisy area

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Entry-level monaural headset so you can make your calls while still hearing in-room voices without struggling to distinguish between the two.

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Having a monaural or mono headset can be extremely useful for many sales teams and call center employees which could potentially make this one of the best call center headsets on the list. Not only can you easily stay in touch with whoever is on the other end of the call center line, but you can also carry on conversations with people in the same room without having to remove your headset.

This Voicejoy call center headset includes a quick disconnect feature as well which makes getting up and leaving your desk quick and easy without having to remove your headset or disconnect it from your call center computer, laptop, or tablet. Instead, simply disconnect the midline connector and go about your business before snapping it back together when you are ready to continue your call center tasks and phone calls.

The ear pad and headband are both very comfortable and perfect for all head sizes. Whether you just wear the headset for a short time, or have it on your head for several hours each day, you’ll notice the high level of comfort it offers. The extra padding also helps isolate out background noise giving you a distortion free audio return from calls.

What We Like

Extremely budget friendly and lightweight

Mono headset design for comfort throughout the day

Easy to access mute and volume controls

Know Before Buying

Quick disconnect feature makes it easy to move around

Offers same high quality sound as more expensive models

Can be adjusted to fit all head sizes from small to large

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Very comfortable and high quality design on this wireless mono headset makes it perfect for daily call center use.

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If you are searching for the cream of the crop when it comes to a wireless monaural or Bluetooth headsets with a variety of features, look no further than the BlueParrott B550-XT. Not only does this mono headset offer extreme levels of comfort for hours of continuous use, but it also has features not found in other headsets of this price range including superior Bluetooth connectivity and digital signal processing.

For example, if you are often on the move around your office and need a fully wireless experience that blocks out office noise and general background noise, you will get it with potentially the best wireless headset we have on this list. The impressive wireless reach on this headset is up to 328 feet in normal conditions giving you the freedom to take calls from almost anywhere in the call center building.

Additionally, the BlueParrott call center headset integrates perfectly with voice assistant programs including Siri giving you true hands free capabilities. You’ll also get more than 95% noise reduction in ambient noise from the office which helps make your calls sound more professional and clear.

What We Like

Incredible battery life at up to 24 hours of regular use

Fully compatible with voice assistant programs

Impressive wireless reach up to 100 meters

Know Before Buying

Battery lifespan can reach 400 hours of standby per charge

Includes various one-touch buttons for virtual assistants

Perfect option for GPS coordinates while driving as well

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Well known brand offering a small and discreet earbud headset perfect for making multiple daily calls or lengthy conference calls.

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These call center noise cancelling headphones come from an extremely well-known brand in the industry, and offers some high quality audio return on calls, voice conferences, and more. The small and discreet earbud style is perfect for long-term daily call center use or while commuting as a call center agent.

Being a truly wireless design with USB connection for the dongle, you’ll notice these call center earbuds have an effective range of up to 30 feet from their Bluetooth dongle and provide crystal clear audio over this distance as well. This makes them an effective piece of call center equipment for use in larger conference rooms, offices, or when making quick trips to the water cooler or bathroom.

On a single charge, you can expect to see up to 8 hours of continuous use battery lifespan and active noise cancellation capabilities. The carrying case for these call center earbuds can provide up to 3 full charges giving you a total of around 24 hours of use with a single case charge.

What We Like

Extremely small and discreet size for call center use

Very comfortable and lightweight for hours of use

High quality sound similar to more expensive brands

Know Before Buying

Truly wireless, ergonomic, earbud style

Range for Bluetooth maxes out around 30 feet

Noise isolation is somewhat lacking due to design

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The perfect option for cloud-based softphones, these headphones are an outstanding value for the amount of features they offer.

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If you are searching for a higher end call center headset that offers excellent mic quality and audio quality, the Jabra Evolve 75 can meet your needs as a desk phone or quality call center headset for use with a cell phone. The sound quality with active noise cancelling is similar to what you will get from the best headsets twice this price.

The noise reduction feature is another perk of this headset that we love. If you are working in a busy office, conference room, or doing your phone calls while commuting the superior passive noise cancellation will make your calls sound professional and clear. This headset is perfect for large open offices, and the noise cancelling microphone can deliver clear and distortion free voice to your client.

On a single charge you will notice this call center headset has a high battery lifespan offering up to 18 hours of continuous talk time with high microphone quality, and 15 days of standby time. You’ll be able to take this office headset home over the weekend and still perform your work without having to worry about charging it.

What We Like

Impressive background noise cancellation for noisy call center offices

Microphone and speaker quality that rivals more expensive brands

Compatible with a wide range of call and voice chat software

Know Before Buying

Price can be a bit higher than other similar models

Offers an impressive 15 days of standby battery life

Can be charged while using with included USB cable

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How to Choose the Best Headset for Sales Teams

Battery Life

Potentially one of the more important features in a call center headset used for making sales calls, the battery lifespan can make or break a headset. Most will have an average constant talk-time of around 12 hours, but a few higher end models can offer up to 24 hours or more.

Battery lifespan will depend on a few factors as well, including the type of battery used, the age of the battery, and the ambient call center office temperature. In an air conditioned call center office, you will notice considerably longer battery lifespan than in an office which is warmer than usual.

Having a headset with a good battery level is only important for wireless headsets. If you are using a fully wired headset for your sales calls, you won’t have a chargeable battery and will instead draw power directly from the computer system you are plugged into via USB or 3.5mm jack.

Comfort Level

An extremely important consideration when purchasing a call center headset, the comfort level can make your job enjoyable or a complete nightmare. If you are using a call center headset that does not offer comfortable padding or one that is the wrong size for your head, you may suffer from pressure sores, headaches, and other pain and discomfort.

If you have the chance, it’s highly recommended that you test the comfort level of the call center headset before purchasing it. The ear cups as well as the headband should be well padded and not too firm. Additionally, ensuring there is some form of resizability can help with comfort levels.

If you are looking at call center earbuds instead of a monaural or full headset, pay attention to the type of ear tips that are included. Foam ear tips can be fine for shorter usage, but may become uncomfortable over time. Silicone tips on the other hand are a suitable choice for long term use, and are much more resistant to moisture.

Design Quality

The design or shape of your call center headset or earbuds are important as well. While not just an aesthetics thing, the design and style of the headset or earbuds can add to the overall comfort levels as well as how discreet they are for calls made during commuting.

Earbuds normally come in two styles; standard and hook. If you are very active and often move around the office or conference room, hook style earbuds may be more secure.

Since they are not just resting in the ear but instead have a small plastic hook that goes over and behind the ear similar to eyeglasses (see also ways to wear headphones and glasses), it is almost impossible for them to fall out. If you don’t move around much and simply sit at a call center desk for most of the day, standard plug-style earbuds are perfectly suitable.

Monaural call center headsets are also an option. These over-the-head style call center headsets will have a single ear cup giving you the option to concentrate on the call, or voices happening in the room around you. If you commonly switch between making calls or talking with clients and coworkers in person, having a monaural headset may be your best option.

And finally, the standard call center headset includes a padded band that goes over the top of the head with two ear cups covering both ears. Depending on the style, you may have larger ear cups that cover the ear completely, or could just have thin foam pads that rest on top of the ears. The design choice will depend on your needs, as well as the background noise levels in your office.

Sound Quality

Sound quality will be another important consideration, especially if you are working in a busy or noisy office. The better the sound quality, the easier it will be for you to hear your clients on the other end of the line.

Many call center headsets and earbuds will have a different sound quality, though this is not always dependent on the overall price of the headset or earbuds. Some of the entry-level headsets we have tested offered excellent audio quality, while a few of the higher end brand-names fell short.

If given the chance, try testing the audio quality in a variety of locations indoors and outdoors to see where it seems to be the strongest. If you will be working in a busy and noisy office, be sure to test the headset’s sound quality in this location more than once to ensure it lives up to your standards.

Connection Options

Most wired headsets will connect via USB or 3.5mm jack. This will also depend on the hardware you are connecting to since not every device will support USB or 3.5mm jacks.

If you are using a wireless headset or earbud setup, you will most likely be using a USB Bluetooth dongle to connect the device to your hardware, though this will depend on the headset options as well.

Always be sure you know which connections your hardware can use before deciding on a specific headset. The last thing you want is to purchase the best looking headset only to find out it won’t connect to your company’s hardware.

Extra Features

A few extra features may be something you want to look for. With standard style headsets, you may be able to change a few aesthetic features such as the padding on the ear cups or the headband. However, this is usually only a feature with much higher end call center headsets and is not standard.

With earbuds, you will commonly have options when it comes to the ear tips. Most earbuds will include a few extra tip choices in both foam and silicone so you can find the best and most comfortable fit for your ears.

Additionally, you may receive an extra or replacement battery, as well as a charging pod or travel case for your headsets. The charging pod can be a very useful and vital piece of gear if you do a lot of traveling as it can act as a charging station for 3 to 5 additional full charges before you have to find an electrical plug.

Price Range

It’s not uncommon to see call center headsets and earbuds in a huge range of prices. Some of the more well known brands such as Sony and Bose will carry higher prices than lesser known brands. However, when searching for your headset, try to ignore the brand and just go with the features.

Some of the lower end and budget friendly call center headsets can offer the same or a similar audio quality range when compared to the higher priced and well known brands. It’s usually more important to test the headset to see if it meets your unique standards instead of just purchasing based on brand name.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need monaural or not?

Monaural or one-sided headphones which are also commonly used by truck drivers can be very useful, but can also feel weird or lacking if you are not used to them. In general, a mono headset is best if you will be doing an equal mix of taking calls while also conversing with people in the same room.

Instead of having to take your headset off every few minutes when switching between calls and in-person discussions, you can simply hear both options easily. Monaural headsets are best in quieter offices and conference rooms.

If you attempt to use a monaural headset in a noisy area, you may not be able to block out enough sound on the uncovered ear in order to hear what is being said on the headset.

Can a gaming headsets work for calls?

Gaming headphones with a detachable mic or built-in microphone can work just as well for making calls. However, the biggest differences you will notice is that gaming headphones are extremely heavy and may not offer the same comfort levels as a lightweight headset over long hours of use.

Gaming headsets are also much more focused on providing immersive and detailed sound profiles, which may be lost or unnecessary when making voice calls. For what you would pay on a gaming headset, you would probably be better off purchasing an actual call center type headset.

Why is there such a huge price range?

The price range will depend on a variety of features including band name, style of headset, internal components, and more. Battery lifespan and wireless range can also play a huge part since those with longer battery lifespan normally have much higher quality lithium batteries included.

Well known brand names will carry a higher price than unknown brands, and highly reviewed models from specific brands can be twice the price of their predecessor model since it is assumed that major upgrades have been done to the newer model.

Regardless of your budget, there are perfectly suitable call center headsets and earbuds available on the market today. Some of the more reasonably priced off-brand models can be perfectly suitable for daily use without having to spend large amounts of money on a specific name brand.

How do I choose a good headset for sales calls?

Consider your unique needs before you make any decision. Since everyone will have different needs, a headset that works for you may not work for your co-worker.

If you will be using the headset or earbuds for several hours throughout the day, put your focus on comfort levels. What feels comfortable for the first hour could be very uncomfortable 4 hours later.

If you plan to use the headset or earbuds while commuting or traveling, pay attention to the background noise cancellation and audio isolation claims. Some call center headsets and earbuds will be much easier to hear and use in noisy areas than others.

Also consider your connection needs. Do you need a USB wired headset, or one that is fully or partially wireless? Will you be moving around your office often or staying at your desk most times? Will you need a Bluetooth connection that can reach up to 200 feet, or would a maximum range of 30 feet be fine?

Once you consider what features can meet your needs, finding the right headset for your sales calls will be much easier. In the end, don’t be afraid to return a headset if it does not meet your needs after a short trial period.


Best Wireless Headsets for Sales People & Teams
Best Budget Headsets for Sales People & Teams
Best Overall Headsets for Sales People & Teams

After comparing the wide range of available call center headsets and earbuds on the market including some extremely well known brands and updated models, we have decided that the BlueParrott B550-XT has the best combination of useful features for the price point which most sales people & teams could absolutely benefit from.

Not only does this headset check all the boxes on comfort level, noise cancellation, audio quality, and wireless range, it also looks stylish and is lightweight enough for daily use across long work hours whether you stay at your desk or need to move about the building often. If you are searching for the best call center headsets for daily use, we can highly recommend the BlueParrott.