Best Skullcandy Headphones

by Alex.   Last Updated On October 9th, 2022.
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Skullcandy is a brand we all know about, and although they have some mixed reception, especially from veteran audiophiles, the brand has remained a fan favorite since its inception in 2003.

Skullcandy has always had a simple marketing campaign: advertise to the youth as cool and hip headphones without causing a hefty price tag. (Similar to the Beats headphones.)

Skullcandy has survived as a well-known brand among casuals since their lineup of on-ear/over-ear headphones, TWS earbuds, and even gaming headsets is feature-packed and reasonably priced.

So in this article, I’ll cover a few of the best Skullcandy headphones on the market. I’ll talk about their specs and help you figure out how to pick the pair that’s best for you.

Please note that I’ve only included over-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, and TWS earbuds. For high-value gaming headsets, I recommend checking out this article.

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Comparison of the Best Skullcandy Headphones

Best for Long Battery LifeSee On Amazon
photo of the Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Skullcandy
Crusher Evo Wireless
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photo of the Skullcandy Grind WirelessSkullcandy
Grind Wireless
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photo of the Skullcandy Hesh 3 WirelessSkullcandy
Hesh 3 Wireless
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photo of the Skullcandy Venue WirelessSkullcandy
Venue Wireless
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photo of the Skullcandy Push ActiveSkullcandy
Push Active
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photo of the Skullcandy Indy ANCSkullcandy
Indy ANC
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photo of the Skullcandy Grind True WirelessSkullcandy
Grind True Wireless

Reviews of the Best Skullcandy Headphones

If you’re looking for hours and hours of battery life from a pair of close-backs, the Skullcandy Crusher Evo Headphones are the way to go. This pair can last up to 40 hours with a stable sound signature to help you listen to some music or focus on your work.

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  • Type: Wireless over-ear headphones
  • Battery Life: 40 hours
  • IP rating: Unspecified
  • Weight: 11oz
  • Drivers: 40mm

The Skullcandy crusher headphones look like a solid mid-range pair of close-back headphones with a comfortable headband and well-padded ear cups.

The headphones aren’t particularly huge; they are easy to carry around. Also, the ear cups can swivel, lie flat and fold inwards, making them more compact for storage and transportation.

Unlike other headphones, the control buttons and I/O ports stand out from the ear cups. As for these controls, you’ve got two volume control buttons and a multifunction button on the left ear cup, while the I/Os and bass output slider are on the right.

The bass slider allows you to emphasize/de-emphasize the bass response of your headphones. On top of that, the slider also controls the vibrations for the bass output. (So yeah, these headphones go out of their way to make you “feel” the bass).

Even with this sensory bass sensor turned down, these Skullcandy Crusher headphones have a slightly emphasized bass response, which, thankfully, doesn’t stray too far from the target curve.

Apart from that, the mids and highs are relatively more neutral. These headphones won’t compare to audiophile levels of sound quality, but it has enough clear sound for any other music genre, movie, or podcast.

However, one thing I’m slightly disappointed in is the passive noise isolation capabilities. The ear cups are horrible at blocking out bass-heavy background noise, and if you want better noise canceling, I recommend going for the more expensive Skullcandy Crusher ANC.

What We Like

Almost 40 hours of battery life.

Adjustable bass vibration slider (for EDM fanatics).

Built-in Tile integration to locate these headphones.

USB-C Charging interface.

Know Before Buying

Disappointing noise isolation.

A slightly higher price tag.

The “Evo” option lacks ANC; only the Skullcandy Crusher ANC pair affords this.

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For Skullcandy fans looking for on-ear headphones, the Skullcandy Grind On-Ear headphones (not to be confused with the true wireless earbuds of the same name) is the best alternative.

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  • Type: On-Ear wireless headphones
  • Battery Life: 12 hours
  • IP rating: Unspecified
  • Weight: 5.9 ounces
  • Drivers: 40mm

These Skullcandy Grind on-ear headphones have a simple construction: cute and compact ear cups with a thin metal headband and almost nonexistent ear cushions.

These on-ear headphones (like many other on-ear headphones) have a somewhat “flimsy-looking” build consisting of a thin headband and extremely scarce padding. (On the ear cups and the underside of the headband.)

Also, because of the lack of swivel mechanisms and hinges, the headphones cannot fold, lie flat, or rotate to fit most people.

But despite their static nature, these headphones have a simple and intuitive control layout: volume increase/decrease and the multifunction buttons on the left ear cup. These enlarged buttons are very responsive and allow you to control the basics, such as skipping tracks, pausing music, and answering phone calls.

Thankfully, unlike other Skullcandy headphones, the bass response is neutral and accurate. The mids and highs are also on the same path, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call these having studio-grade levels of sound quality.

These on-ear headphones can run for around 12 hours on a single charge and then top up in 2.5 hours. However, I don’t like the Micro-USB interface, which is outdated and makes you lug around extra cables, especially if you’re a “modern” Android user.

Also, because of their on-ear design, you are not getting good ambient noise cancellation.

What We Like

Respectable price tag.

Crystal-clear audio performance, especially in the bass range.

These have a decent microphone with average levels of recording quality and noise isolation.

12 hours of battery life.

Know Before Buying

Micro-USB charging interface.

Poor noise isolation.

Earcups cannot fold, lie flat or swivel.

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The Skullcandy Hesh 3 wireless over-ear headphones might not be the most premium or feature-packed device on this list. However, if you’re looking for a solid pair of Skullcandy headphones with a reasonable price tag and deep bass response, the Skullcandy Hesh 3 is a viable alternative.

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  • Type: Over-ear wireless headphones (closed-backs)
  • Battery Life: 22 hours continuous
  • IP rating: Unspecified
  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Drivers: Unspecified

Right off the bat, these headphones are surprisingly good-looking. The ratcheted headband and close-backed ear cups have a smooth matte finish with a sturdy yoke and protein leather ear cushions.

The headphones are surprisingly lightweight, and the ear cups are very flexible, allowing you to swivel, rotate and easily fold them. Unfortunately, despite their flexibility, the all-plastic build makes the headphones feel very fragile.

The volume and multifunction buttons are not enormous like many other Skullcandy headphones, and these buttons are on the left ear cup right next to the Micro-USB charging port and 3.5mm headphone out. (Aux cord included in the box.)

The sound signature of these Skullcandy Hesh 3 headphones is something of an acquired taste. So unlike your regular audiophile headphones, these have been deliberately tuned to drum up bass; hence, they have an overpowering low-frequency response.

Although bass lovers and casual music listeners might have no problem, this can be distracting for gaming, studio work, and other professional activities. (The same goes for the treble as well.)

The mids are surprisingly stable, allowing you to listen to podcasts and practice guitar without much of an issue.

What We Like

22 Hours of continuous playback time.

Reasonable price tag.

Premium-looking design.

Know Before Buying

These would have been a lot better if they were active noise-cancelling headphones.

Mediocre noise isolation.

Micro-USB Charging port.

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So far, all of the over-ear counterparts we’ve come across have failed to demonstrate good noise isolation capabilities — either actively or passively. Thankfully, you won’t have to look further than the Skullcandy Venue. These wireless headphones offer active noise cancellation and high-quality audio performance at an affordable price.

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  • Type: Close-backed over-ear headphones
  • Battery Life: 24 hours
  • IP rating: Unspecified
  • Weight: 15.36 oz
  • Drivers: 40mm

If there’s one thing I wouldn’t criticize Skullcandy headphones on, it is their aesthetics, and the Skullcandy Venue headphones are also no exception. These devices look great and appeal to a younger crowd without resorting to gimmicky headbands or intricate designs on the earcups.

The ratcheted headband and the inside of the ear cups are well-padded, and the earcups do a great job of latching onto your ears with a secure grip. However, like many mid-range close-backs, users need to break them in for a couple of weeks until these headphones can feel entirely comfortable.

In terms of performance, I’ve found that the passive noise isolation capabilities are not that impressive. Luckily, ANC makes up for it by helping to reduce around 10-20dB of background noise (depending on the frequency range).

However, I have a big issue with the unnatural sound performance, which includes bloaty bass and screeching highs. Now I understand that this may be okay for electronic dance music, casual listening, and podcasts (which don’t rely on great bass anyway) but for my primary use cases: gaming and watching videos, these just don’t cut it.

What We Like


Active Noise Cancellation technology with

24 hours of continuous battery life.

Know Before Buying

Overly-powerful bass response that’s devoid of an organic and clear sound profile.

Slightly more expensive.

Low-quality built-in microphone.

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The Skullcandy Push Active True wireless earbuds are the best option for fitness fanatics. These earbuds feature a sweat-resistant IP rating, 44 hours of battery life, and a more neutral sound signature, all under the comfort of 5.2 Bluetooth wireless technology.

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  • Type: TWS earbuds
  • Battery Life: 10 hours non-stop, 34 extra hours from the case
  • IP rating: IP55 (sweat and splash-resistant)
  • Weight: 0.64 oz (earbuds only)
  • Drivers: 6mm

Although they aren’t the best-looking sports earbuds with an over-the-ear design, these Skullcandy Push Active TWS earbuds give other workout earbuds a run for their money.

Despite their bulky nature, these earbuds are light and won’t fall out of your ears very easily. The earbuds have a slight offset from the battery compartments, so they can fit inside your ear canal without the bulky stuff getting in the way. But even if it did, the ear hooks snag into your ears without falling out or causing too much discomfort.

Although their design is top-notch, I would have preferred to have a touch-sensitive surface instead of the physical button on either earbud. The button is easy to find, but you need to hold the earbuds with your fingers while pressing it (a gesture that feels counterintuitive, especially compared to capacitive touch buttons).

Nonetheless, you can get used to it, and the physical buttons have certain advantages (reduced sensitivity, ability to use while wet). Also, you can customize the functions via the Skullcandy App.

What I like most about these TWS earbuds is that they are one of the few earbuds that have a clear sound profile where the bass is not artificially enhanced. The entire frequency range, from the bass to the treble, is clear and neutral; there’s no need to fine-tune your setup.

The passive noise isolation is a bit spotty; hence, you won’t get the best audio performance in loud environments. Also, taking calls or recording yourself with these TWS earbuds will be useless.

What We Like

10 hours of continuous battery life.

Supreme sound quality with a relatively flat target curve.

Good support software with a lot of features and customization.

Know Before Buying

The ear hook design can be difficult for glass wearers.

Bulky earbuds that protrude from your ears.

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The Skullcandy Indy true wireless earbuds are another pair of well-designed and reasonably-priced Skullcandy devices. Unlike other Skullcandy earphones, these buds feature a built-in mic setup that processes active noise cancelling.

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  • Type: TWS earbuds
  • Battery Life: 5 hours on the buds plus an extra 14 hours from the charging case (with ANC on)
  • IP rating: IPX4
  • Weight: 0.48oz
  • Drivers: 12mm

As always, Skullcandy delivers a cool-looking pair of TWS earbuds. This time, the Skullcandy Indy ANC buds have a stem design with an unusual design for the stability fins, making it look like you can hang a carabiner off it.

Anyway, in terms of the size, the buds are not necessarily compact, but like the AirPod Pros (and other stem-design TWS earbuds), the ear tips have a slight offset, allowing users to find a secure fit. Nonetheless, the buds tend to protrude outwards, making it difficult to sleep or wear different types of headgear.

Even without ANC, these Skullcandy headphones do a decent job blocking out ambient noise, especially in the mid-high frequency ranges (AC units, case fans, etc.). Although the passive mode doesn’t do well against bass, you can get a significant amount of isolation with the help of ANC (Almost 10-15dB of elimination).

These Skullcandy Indy TWS earbuds spit out high-quality sound in the mid-region. However, in a similar Skullcandy fashion, the bass output is hyped up artificially, making the music sound extra boomy.

The controls aren’t the most intuitive, especially when you have to tap three times to answer calls or twice to play/pause. Therefore, single taps are for volume output, and you need to hold either earbud to skip tracks.

What We Like

Good active noise cancelling performance.

Earbuds come with an ambient mode.

Decent support software with presets and in-app settings.

Know Before Buying

The continuous 5-hour battery life is disappointing.

Average audio quality with extra powerful bass.

It only offers an IPX4 rating.

Confusing controls.

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For Skullcandy fans looking for a modern TWS experience, may I present the Skullcandy Grind “Fuel” True Wireless Earbuds? These bad boys have a pair of low-profile earbuds, an accurate sound profile, and a relatively affordable price profile, making them the best option for the Skullcandy TWS crowd.

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  • Type: TWS earbuds
  • Battery Life: 9 hours continuous plus an extra 31 from the case
  • IP rating: IP55
  • Weight: 2.25 oz
  • Drivers: 6mm

These earbuds feature a slim pod design with a flat back and a capacitive touch sensor, allowing users to wear these under different types of headgear or while sleeping.

Apart from their design, these earbuds also have a relatively accurate frequency response, with the bass, mids, and highs staying flat and tracking the target curve as close as possible.

The controls are a bit spotty. However, they allow access to bonus features such as Spotify, audio sharing, pairing to a new device, etc.

On top of that, the Skull-iQ feature introduces a built-in voice control feature where you can control every aspect. These include skipping tracks, answering phone calls, and even activating your phone’s voice assistant (yes, for an inception-style voice assistant function).

What We Like

Wireless charging.

Tile Integration

Nine hours of continuous playback time.

Stable sound profile.

Know Before Buying

Slightly more expensive.

Passive noise isolation is not up to par and also lacks ANC.

The microphone recording quality and noise isolation could be better.

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Skullcandy Over-Ear Headphones Buying Guide

Looks and Build Quality

When it comes to Skullcandy Headphones, you won’t have to worry about the aesthetics. As we’ve already seen, each pair of headphones offer a unique design with a simple yet attractive color scheme.

However, one thing you should look out for is the build quality. Since these “high-quality headphones” tend to have lower costs, Skullcandy isn’t too keen on producing these devices with high-quality materials.

If you want your headphones to last longer, it’s best to consider their durability. You can tell if the headphones have a cheap build, especially when they feel fragile and “plasticky.”

Sound Quality

Audiophiles tend to criticize Skullcandy headphones because of their bass-heavy frequency response. Although it’s true, they are decent alternatives for casual listeners who prefer to enjoy their music instead of dissecting it every time.

However, in some headphones, the frequency response can be a bit all over the place. Therefore, I recommend getting headphones with a relatively stable response curve, as these devices tend to have improved sound performance. Besides, you can always switch between different presets or even set up your EQ.

Black wireless earphones on a dark wooden background. Stereo headphones. Top view.

Wireless Connectivity and Battery Life

It’s not hidden knowledge that when dealing with wireless headphones, TWS earbuds, battery life, and Bluetooth connectivity plays a pivotal role.

Therefore, if your headphones won’t last more than a couple of hours or cut out as soon as you move away from your desk or phone, it defeats the purpose of having wireless headphones.

To combat this, I recommend over-ear (or on-ear) headphones with at least 12 hours of continuous playback time and TWS earbuds with a minimum of 4 hours.

Along with that, I also recommend devices with the more recent 5.0 Bluetooth wireless technology. These have almost instantaneous pairing times and offer more range than older devices (especially when combined with a modern phone or tablet, which uses similar Bluetooth technologies/versions.)


Active noise-canceling headphones can be expensive, but when considering the passive noise isolation performance characteristics of most over-ear Skullcandy headphones, it’s better to go the extra mile and opt for one with ANC.

As we’ve seen with most over-ear headphones on our list, the ear cups aren’t the best at blocking out bass-heavy noises. So often, the active noise cancellation feature has to pick up the slack and eliminate these low-frequency noises (such as airplanes, cars, trains, etc.)

So when going for Skullcandy headphones with ANC, don’t forget to check the reviews regarding their ANC performance. If reviewers don’t have anything good to say about this aspect of the headphones, it’s better to stay away.

If you’re looking for a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones for studying, don’t forget to check out this article.


Most Skullcandy headphones and TWS earbuds tend to stay around the $100-$200 price mark, and you can get a decent pair for even cheaper, so unlike other headphone brands, Skullcandy has made it easy for almost everybody to afford their headphones.

However, I strongly advise staying away from their “affordable” lineups. These devices (particularly ones less than $50) tend to lose significant features such as ANC, decent battery life, and a durable build. On top of that, these cheaper headphones have an artificial sound profile which always comes out with an extra muddy bass response.


Best On-Ear Skullcandy Headphones
Best Skullcandy Headphones Overall

Skullcandy may not be the ideal brand for studio-grade headphones, but they look nice and offer their devices at reasonable prices. The over-ear headphones and TWS earbuds we’ve covered on this list may not be perfect from an audiophile’s point of view, but they are well-utilized by their target demographic: casual users who want to rock out to bass-heavy music.