Where Is The Microphone On iPad?

by Alex.   Last Updated On July 7th, 2022.
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Apple is one of the best tech companies ever made in history. With over $191.9 billion of revenue in 2021, there is no question as to why they are one of the best. Apple’s iPad, Ipad mini, and iPad air are one of the best-known products produced by apple.

Suppose you’re planning to record audio on your iPad, iPad mini, or iPad air. In that case, you can do this easily by simply tapping the microphone icon or installing a sound recording application on your device, as every iPad has a built in microphone. However, they are not designed for high-quality audio recordings but can produce clear sound by dampening background noise.

The location and number of microphones on every iPad vary greatly. In this article, we will take where the microphone is located on your iPad, depending on its version and model.

Let’s get right into it.

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Do iPads have Microphones?

Yes, every iPad ever produced by Apple has a built-in microphone (but doesn’t have a 3.5 mm headphone jack ) that is very small and looks like pinholes. Ipad built-in microphones are great at recording audio and recording video dialogues. However, if this does not suit your needs, you can easily attach an external microphone to record high-quality audio for your youtube video or podcast.

You can attach an external microphone to your iPad simply by plugging it into your iPad’s USB-C port (for the newer models), the headphone jack, or a dock connector.

Apple’s iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, and iPad series are excellent devices to use daily. The iPad’s microphone can be used for many activities such as recording video, voice calling programs, internet chat or calls, podcasts, producing music by installing a sound recording application or doing voice memos.

You can also utilize the iPad’s microphone to access other services such as Siri to make things easier for you through voice commands. You can treat the built in microphones installed on your iPad devices as a controller to seamlessly update your social media statuses, change music, and even type without touching your device through the speech-control features installed on most devices.


The location of the iPad’s microphone varies significantly with its version and model. Here are the location and number of built in microphones on the different iPad models and versions.


Ipad pro

The iPad Pro series 12.9″ 3rd up to the 5th generation has a total of 5 mics with three located at the top and one on the left side and the camera. For the 1st and 2nd generations, it has two microphones, each located on the top and the camera.

Every generation of the 11″ version of the iPad Pro has a total of 5 microphones, with three of them located at the top, one on the camera, and one on the left side.

All the generations of the 10.5″ and 9.7″ versions of the iPad Pro have two microphones located on both its top and camera.

Ipad air

All the generations of the iPad air have dual microphones, with one located on its top site and camera.


For the first up to the fourth version of the iPad, it has a total of one microphone located on its top. While for the fifth and sixth versions of the iPad, the microphone can be located at its back.

On the other hand, newer versions of the iPad from the seventh generation up to the ninth have dual microphones that can be seen on the top and the camera.

Ipad mini

The only microphone installed for the first version of the iPad mini can be seen at the bottom of your device. And the second to the sixth generation of the iPad mini has a total of two microphones located at the top and the camera.

Specifications for Microphones

The iPad’s microphones are non-removable, whereas the iPhone (like the iPhone 8, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12) can connect via USB using external audio devices such as Apple iPod Touch. This mic can be integrated into the headphone jack on your iPad and automatically detects the device.

Use external audio microphones if you’re recording from a distance or if you’re recording in a place where background noise exists. External microphone sizes vary and are available at your local stores, authorized Apple resellers and online outlets specialized in iTouch and iPad products.

While the microphones installed on the iPad can be great for everyday purposes, if you plan to record a high-quality podcast or produce music professionally, you might opt for external microphones, which can be easily attached by simply plugging in into your iPad device.

You can also use Bluetooth microphones, or Bluetooth headphones to record your audio recordings with iPad devices.

As you might have noticed, the number and location of microphones on iPad devices varies significantly with its generation and model, but have you ever wondered why?

The number of microphones on your iPads has to do something with reducing background noise. Dual microphones allow your iPad devices to produce a clearer sound than those with only one microphone installed.

In addition, the position of the microphones changes significantly as Apple keeps researching where to best put the microphones to capture your voice to produce audio in its full resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to record audio on an iPad?

To utilize the microphone installed on your iPad devices, simply download sound recording programs by searching on your app store next to the iTunes icon. Search for any sound recording programs that you like and tap on download.

How to turn on my iPad’s microphone?

For any apps to connect to your microphone, simply visit settings, tap on privacy, and hover on the microphone. You will now see all the apps requesting access to your device’s microphone.

Choose the apps you want to use your microphone in, and toggle it to turn microphone access on.


Ipads (though they don’t come with headphones) are genuinely excellent devices to use for daily purposes. Not only are these Apple devices durable, but the things you can do on these devices are only limited to your creativity. If the built-in microphones on the iPads do not suit your needs, you can easily attach external microphones to tend to your need for high-quality recordings.

We hope this informative article has helped you with where the microphones on your iPad devices can be located.