Best Headphone Stands in 2024

by Alex.   Last Updated On January 4th, 2024.
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If you’re a gamer or someone who constantly spends time working on a computer, chances are you’re using a pair of headphones for both work and entertainment. Headphones (especially over-ear ones) are bulky, and setting them up on the desk or hanging them on the monitor is not very effective and can, sometimes, damage the headphones.

This is why a dedicated headphone stand is necessary. With different shapes, sizes, and materials, headphone stands have a lot of variety. Some are more functional, and others are more artistic; whatever the case may be, they all do a great job of providing a safe place for your headphones to live.

I’ve been a fan of the Jack Headphone Stand by Modko for a long time, but I’m hoping to make a change, So I was looking for a new headphone stand that goes along with my desk and has the features I want. Luckily, I’ve “documented” my search here, and this list of some of the best stands out on the market will give you a solid idea for your next headphone stand.

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Comparison of the Best Headphone Stands

Best Arch-Style Headphone Stand for MinimalistsSee On Amazon
photo of the AmoVee Acrylic Headphone StandAmoVee
Acrylic Headphone Stand
Best Dual Headphone StandSee On Amazon
photo of the Avantree Neetto Dual Headphone (HS908)Avantree
Neetto Dual Headphone (HS908)
Best Free-Standing Headphone Stand with Wireless ChargerSee On Amazon
photo of the Satechi 2-in 1 USB Headphone StandSatechi
2-in 1 USB Headphone Stand
Best Gaming Headset StandsSee On Amazon
photo of the Razer Base Station V2 ChromaRazer
Base Station V2 Chroma
Most Compact Headphone Stand/HangerSee On Amazon
photo of the Elevation The Anchor Pro Headphone StandElevation
The Anchor Pro Headphone Stand
Best Wooden Headphone StandSee On Amazon
photo of the SAMDI Wood Headphone StandSAMDI
Wood Headphone Stand
Best Headphone Stand OverallSee On Amazon
photo of the Avantree Universal Aluminum and Wooden (TR902)Avantree
Universal Aluminum and Wooden (TR902)

Reviews of the Best Headphone Stands

The Amovee Acrylic Headphone Stand is very stylish and minimal. As the name suggests, it’s molded from acrylic to resemble the shape of a small head. It’s minimal and lightweight; there are no fancy trims, accents, compartments, or extra hangers.

See On Amazon


  • Material: Acrylic
  • Style: Arch-Style
  • Weight: 8.8oz
  • Dimensions: 4.7″long, 2.4″wide and 9.8″tall
  • Base Area: 11.28 square inches
  • Color: Black or transparent (clear)

The headphone stand has a simple design but goes along quite well with any desktop or workstation setup. I’d love to see the black color option for PC setups (so you can match it with your black-themed gaming PC) and the transparent variation on a white desk with Macs and a pair of AirPods Max.

Also, this aesthetically appealing headphone stand can readily support any over-ear and on-ear headphones and headsets as long as you have a perfectly flat surface and headphones with equally-balanced weight on either side.

However, since they are very lightweight, they tend to topple over, and many users have complained that the headphone stand won’t be able to hold up heavier and bulkier gaming headsets. Even if it did, any slight movements on the table tend to send it all crashing down — not recommended for salty gamers.

The headphone stand includes sponge pads on the bottom feet, so don’t forget to peel off the covers before setting them down. Otherwise, you might scratch either surface.

Unlike other free-standing headphone stands with the “banana holder hook,” the head shape/arch design allows the headband to spread its weight more evenly. As a result, you have a very low probability of deforming the underside of your headphones’ headband. Also, the stand is 2.4″ wide, so it can readily accommodate the average headband width of 50mm (1.9″).

And finally, the Amovee headphone stand is very reasonably-priced (almost less than $20 at the time of this article), so there’s no reason for anybody to pass it up unless, of course, they feel like it’s taking up to much space and doesn’t offer any extra features.

What We Like

Sleek design

Budget-friendly price tag

Sufficient headband width for one headphone

Head shape design that reduces pressure and doesn’t deform the headband

Know Before Buying

Topples over easily; not very sturdy

No extra features or compartments

Takes over almost 11 square inches of space on your desk

See On Amazon

For someone who wouldn’t mind compromising a little more desk space to store two headphones and organize their gaming/audio accessories (such as adapters and aux cables), the Avantree Neetto Dual Headphone stand (HS908) is a practical solution.

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  • Material: Aluminum Alloy and ABS plastic
  • Style: Free-standing dual headphone stands
  • Weight: 17.28oz (Approx 490g)
  • Dimensions: 6.69″long, 4.33″wide and 9.98″ tall
  • Base Area: 28.96 inches squared
  • Color: Black

This dual headphone stand comes in three pieces: the ABS+Aluminum base, Aluminum tower, and headphone hanger made from ABS plastic. The base and tower are sturdy and easy to assemble; just attach them up like building blocks, with no gluing or screwing necessary. The hanger is a little flimsy, but it can hold up two or three headphones without breaking — although you can see it bending a little.

The weighted base is a bit wider than expected. Even though it lacks any rubber feet or sticker tape to hold onto a surface, it is pretty sturdy; hence, it can keep itself together, even during intense keyboard crunches and the occasional mouse slams.

The sturdy aluminum base (also lined with ABS plastic) can make for a neat little storage space, where you can improve your cable management or organize small stuff you have lying around, such as pens, keys, wallets, and sticky notes. It’s a great addition, and I’m pretty sure everybody will make good use of it.

Headphone compatibility is not too much of an issue, as the 2.2″ wide hanger will create enough surface area to prevent the padding on the headband from deforming. However, you should be careful about putting bulky headphones on these because the plastic hanger isn’t the most durable.

What We Like

Supports Dual Headphones

Sturdy base with cable holder/recessed platform for extra storage

Very budget-friendly price tag

Know Before Buying

The hanger part is not very durable

Lacks a rubberized grip on the base; hence, it easily slides or moves around

Takes up a moderate amount of surface area on your desk

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The Satechi Aluminum USB headphone stand is a well-designed sleek headphone holder that integrates a 7.5W Qi-Enabled wireless charger and an extra USB-C Non-PD for charging your headphones. It’s a great headset holder in which you can recharge your iPhone, AirPods cases, and headphones at the same time.

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  • Material: Aluminum and Machined Steel
  • Style: Free-Standing with Qi-Enabled Charging Base
  • Weight: 17.12oz
  • Dimensions: 10.65″ Long, 4.92″ Wide, Height unspecified (approx 14″)
  • Base Area: Unspecified (Approx 16 square inches)
  • Color: Brushed Aluminum

This Satechi 2-in-1 Headphone stand is the successor to the previous well-known Satechi Aluminum USB headphone stand. Despite having the same form factor, this modern design includes wireless charging, a cable holder (halfway at the tower), and a thin rod that acts as the hanger.

The hanger rod is slim and has a cylindrical design except for the top, which is flattened out and lined with a rubberized grip/TPU rubber top to prevent the headphones’ headband from swaying or scratching the metal frame. (So, no worries, you can put up your expensive headphones or AirPods Max for display using this stand.)

This hanger is remarkably sturdy and can easily handle heavy headphones, but the lack of a stopper or inverted hook at the front can make it very easy for the headphones to slide. Thankfully, as long as you set up the base on a flat surface, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

The tower is also elegantly machined and includes a small plastic cable holder in the middle (halfway to the top). You can use this for better cable management when you need to charge your headphones or maintain the aux cable (if you are using wired headphones).

The anti-slip base includes a MagSafe charger, a charging indicator LED, and two Type-C USB ports: one for the input from a high watt charger (17W+) and the other, a non-PD output for charging smaller devices such as headphones, earbuds, etc.,

What We Like

Integrated MagSafe Charger

Cable Holders and an Extra USB-C port

Weighted base and sturdy hanger that can easily support most headphones/headsets

Know Before Buying

Slightly more expensive than the budget-friendly options

Requires a High-Powered Charger to plug into the stand’s input

Additional USB-C cables and adapters not included

See On Amazon

Being a casual gamer (and a sucker for RGB), I tend to side with a gaming headphone stand. In that regard, I decided to side with the Razer Base Station V2 Chroma because of its affordable price tag, simple design, and extra features.

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  • Material: Plasticky material (unspecified)
  • Style: Free-Standing with Built-in-DAC and USB Hub
  • Weight: 16oz
  • Dimensions: 4.72″ diameter and 10.94″ tall
  • Base Area: 17.49 square inches
  • Color: Black, Pink, or White, with RGB lighting in the base

The Razer Base Station has a simple construction, with a circular base and a simple tower that leans in (at the top) to create the headphone holder.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of protective padding on the top, just a thin strip of silicone-like material on top of the smooth plastic. Luckily, this silicone piece has a dry, grippy surface that feels sturdy enough for most headphones to latch on.

The circular base is enclosed by the same plasticky material and includes dual USB ports and a 3.5mm combo (TRRS) port for analog output. The USB-A ports are USB 3.1, so you can use them to connect your PC to transfer files or connect your gaming accessories/peripherals.

On top of that, the base station has a built-in DAC, which spits out 7.1 surround sound, and you can plug your wired headphones or gaming headset into the 3.5mm port to enjoy this. (An external DAC is always better than your stock soundcard).

Also, the RGB at the base is compatible with Razer’s Chroma RGB lighting software, so you can customize the RGB via Razer’s app and sync it up with other Razer devices — mostly the reason why many gamers tend to go for this headphone stand.

What We Like

Built-in DAC with 7.1 surround sound and port for TRRS headphone jack

Two USB ports (3.1)

Know Before Buying

RGB is limited to the base

Has a slightly more premium price tag

See On Amazon

The Anchor is a staple of many audiophiles and gamers mainly because of its practicality. As you’ve probably guessed, this device looks like a short sea anchor with two hangers on either side for holding two headphones.

See On Amazon


  • Material: Silicone padding and steel frame
  • Style: Hanger-only
  • Weight: 0.634oz
  • Dimensions: 6.3″long, 4.4″wide and 2.2″ tall
  • Base Area: Unspecified (approx 13 square inches)
  • Color: Black

The Anchor Headphone stand by Elevation Lab is one of the pioneers in hanger-only headphone stands/mounts. Their ultra-space-saving design allows users to hold headphones safe and away from prying eyes.

As mentioned, the hanger features an anchor/hook design that allows you to hang two headphones on either side (the only exception being the “Anchor side” variant).

The base plate consists of a 3M VHB adhesive, and you usually stick the base plate on the underside of the desk, allowing the hangers to drop drown.

What I love most about the Anchor Pro are the various cable management accessories built-in to the hanger. There’s a velcro strap at the mid-stem, with a keyring hook on the bottom and two extra cord clips you can also tape to the underside of your table.

These are great for managing extra long cables and allow them to move freely. As a result, you can even use the headphones while the aux cable is neatly tucked away, thanks to these accessories.

All things considered, I recommend the Anchor Pro, but if you want shorter hangers, there’s the vanilla Anchor, and for setting up a wall mount or side mount, there’s the Anchor Side.

What We Like

Space-saving design

Impressive cable management accessories

Affordable price tag

Know Before Buying

The Pro and Vanilla options can only be fitted under a desk

Needs to be held together with 3M Adhesive; difficult to reinstall

See On Amazon

Are you hoping to get a premium-looking wooden arch-stand but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to get a custom-designed setup? Well, no worries because the SAMDI walnut headphone stand is designed just like a classical stand without the hefty price tag.

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  • Material: Walnut, Birch, Oak, or Protein Leather
  • Style: Arch-style
  • Weight: 22.56oz
  • Dimensions: 6.3″long, 4.3″wide and 10.2″ tall
  • Base Area: 27.09 square inches
  • Color: White, Black, Walnut, Birch, Oak, Brown

As you can see, this stylish stand incorporates an arch design that resembles a small head. You can get these in several wooden materials or as a cushioned frame with a dyed protein leather lining. Regardless of the material, this headphone stand looks cool and replies with a solid “No” whenever you ask the age-old question: “Can headphone stands damage headphones?”

Although the base takes up quite a bit of space, this arch-stand is a chunky boi and less likely to fall down. Unlike other alternatives, it has a 3.1″ headband width to accommodate giant headbands and earcups without deforming their cushions. Also, the top part of the stand (the head) is 5.1″ long, so it allows the arch to easily mimic the shape of a small head without overextending the headband.

What We Like

Affordable price tag

Stylish construction

Sturdy yet comfortable fit for headphones that don’t deform the headband or cushions

Know Before Buying

Takes up a bit more space (27.09 square inches)

Doesn’t offer a storage tray or cable holder for managing your cables and other accessories

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This headphone stand by Avantree is the most well-balanced option I’ve come across. This headset stand features a free-standing design that looks cool, is reasonably priced, and offers just what I need: a top part to hang your headphones and keep your phone and keys at the bottom.

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  • Material: Bamboo and aluminum/steel
  • Style: Free-Standing with cable holder/tray at the base
  • Weight: 13.76oz
  • Dimensions: 5.31″long, 6.89″wide and 12″ tall
  • Base Area: 36.58 square inches
  • Color: White

The base and hanger are made out of bamboo wood, while the tower has aluminum construction. The weighted base feels sturdy and manages to stay in place, even with a pair of heavy headphones.

The base has a storage area in the shape of a wooden bowl, and since it’s almost five inches long and seven inches wide, you can store all manner of knick-knacks such as adapters, aux cables, TWS earbuds, and even your mobile phone.

This “aluminum headphone stand” has a wooden hanger at the top with a separate cut-out to keep the headphones’ headband in place. This top-piece cut-out has a headband width of 2.97″(50mm) which is enough for most headphones and headsets.

The hanger, base, and tower come in separate packages and needs to be assembled before you can start hanging your headphones. Luckily, the pieces are designed to snap into place without the help of any screws or adhesives.

What We Like


Cable holder/tray at the base

Looks and feels like a premium wooden headphone stand

Know Before Buying

Takes up quite a lot of space compared to other options (36.58 square inches)

The top piece for hanging the headband has a rough texture that can damage the cushioning

Doesn’t come with extra features such as wireless charging, USB, etc. (My only gripe with this gadget.)

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Buying Guide for the Best Headphone Stands


Although I didn’t hark on the type of material in the product reviews, it is something you should consider, especially if you’re more concerned about aesthetics.

A Wooden headphone stand can look amazing since they give off that premium vibe (like the Meze 99), but they are expensive for most uses and tends to be more vulnerable to water and scratches.

Meanwhile, other materials such as ABS plastic, aluminum, and steel are just as durable (if not more so), and they are less expensive, but they can’t match the classical look and feel of wood.

Regardless, when considering materials, I tend to go along with steel or aluminum because they are shiny yet more durable. So if you are worried about breaking your headphone stand, I highly recommend you go for these “shiny” metals too.

Hanger Type

As you’ve probably seen me cover in this list, there are four main types of headphone stands arch-style, free-standing, hanger, and dock. All four styles have their pros and cons.

Free-standing headphone stands are easy to design, don’t require external supports (such as gluing or screwing), and can easily incorporate extra features such as wireless chargers, storage trays, cable organizers, etc. However, they need a flat surface to stand on and tend to take up a lot of space on your desk.

Arch-style headphone stands are like free-standing ones but without all the cool features; they are more of an art piece, in my opinion. That said, unlike their free-standing counterparts, arch-styles can store the headphones “ergonomically” without putting extra pressure on the headband and earcup cushions or just “letting them hang.”

The third type is hangers. These are purely practical, and their primary purpose is to hide under the desk or go off to the side and save space. With these, you can’t incorporate extra features and might have to do some gluing or screwing, but they can be very sturdy (especially screw-on ones) and can handle multiple headphones.

I didn’t get to explore the dock-style headphone stands very much because they are not very common and often incompatible with many headphones of different shapes, sizes, and connectivity options. Nonetheless, they are also great options.

I recommend free-standing or hanger styles because they are functional and have saturated the market, which can be a good thing since they offer good value for money.

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions matter, and if you have an enormous base, it will take up more space in your desk, and instead of minimizing clutter, you might end up with an extra accessory. Sometimes, you might even run out of desk space. Therefore, dimensions matter, especially the length and width of the base.

Apart from that, the Headphones’ weight is not much of an issue, but if you have a heavier stand, especially a free-standing or arch-style, there’s less chance of toppling over.

In the case of hanger-style devices that rely on adhesive 3M double tape, make sure you stick it tightly and let it dry. Also, I don’t recommend hanging all the headphones at your disposal just to see how many they can fit. Even the best towers will fall.


Nowadays, headphone stands are not just reserved for 1%; thanks to plastics and metal, you can find headphone stands at a wide range of price tags, from stylish wooden stands that cost hundreds of dollars to acrylic or aluminum ones that won’t cost you more than $50.

Price is a huge factor, and if you don’t have a concrete idea of what you want from a headstand stand, it’s best to go for an expensive device that matches your aesthetic. If you’re looking to clean up your work desk, a cheap stealth hanger or compact desk stand will do.

But if you’re a gamer (see also the best streaming headsets), I recommend spending a little extra and getting a stand with RGB and additional USB ports.

Extra Features

Most headphone stands come with extra features such as storage compartments, USB hubs, DACs, and cable organizers, and although these are nice to have, they can add to the price (and weight) of your headphone stand.

That said, consolidating most of these features on a single headphone stand can save up space on your desk and help improve cable management.

For example: if you get a headphone stand with a Qi-Enabled wireless charger, you can ditch the extra charging pad on your desk and set up the headphone stand instead. You’ll have a more compact space to charge your phone while also hanging your headphones.

So consider your needs and adapt accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Best Arch-Style Headphone Stand for Minimalists
Best Free-Standing Headphone Stand with Wireless Charger

Considering how much time we spend listening to music or working at the computer, a headphone stand has become an essential component of every desk or workstation. In most cases, the price and physical dimensions take priority, so don’t forget to measure out the remaining space on your desk and consider your budget before committing to any of the options I’ve listed above.