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How To Tell If Headphones Are Blown

If your headphones are no longer working properly, chances are your headphones are blown. Learn how to tell if headphones are blown here.

How Loud is the Sound Leakage From Open Back Headphones?

Open back headphones usually leak more sound than closed back headphones. Learn how loud is the sound leakage from open back headphones here.

How to Reduce Background Noise on a Blue Snowball Mic

There’s nothing more frustrating than background noise that just won’t go away. Learn how to reduce background noise on a blue snowball mic.

How to Reduce Background Noise on a Blue Yeti Mic

Blue Yeti Mic is very popular among the YouTubers and podcasters. Keep reading to learn how to reduce background noise on a Blue Yeti Mic.

How To Stop Headphones From Hurting Your Ears

Ear pain caused by prolonged use of headphones. Read our article to get help with some tips on how to stop headphones from hurting your ears.

How To Fix Headphone Jack on Android

Is your headphone jack not working on android? Our guide will help you fix your headphone jack on android.

How to Soundproof Your Car: Less Noise, Better Audio

Road noise can be annoying and make the audio in your car sound worse. In this guide learn to soundproof your car for better audio.

How to Clean a Guitar’s Fretboard with Household Items [Guide]

Stop buying expensive guitar cleaning products? In this guide we'll describe how to clean your guitar with household items.

How To Use Regular Headphones on XBox One [2024 Guide]

Ever wondered how to use your regular headphones (non-gaming specific headphones) on an XBox? Our guide will help you figure out how.

8 Ways To Wear Headphones With Glasses Comfortably

Owning the best sounding headphones matters little if they are not comfortable when worn by a person. For people with glasses,...

How to Soundproof a Recording Studio

When setting up a home studio, one of the important steps I advise people to consider is soundproofing the room. Having...

How to Soundproof A Room For Drums Cheaply

Completely soundproofing a drum room would be virtually impossible without hiring professional help and spending several thousand dollars. However, if you...