Best Audiophile Headphones for Gaming in 2023

by Alex.   Last Updated On January 3rd, 2023.
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If you’re serious about having the best gaming experience, you need a serious set of headphones to help. Whether you are immersing yourself in survival games, or need to hear every footstep in a first-person shooter, having headphones that focus on high quality sound is highly important. They give you a better chance to react to your enemies that they’ll never know what hit them.

When it comes to the best audiophile headphones for gaming, you’ll be faced with a variety of brands, a bunch of different features, and a whole range of things to consider. You have to pick one that mentions support for the gaming platform you play on. You’ll have to decide what is important to you, and what is not.

For example, many gaming audiophile headphones that focus on excellent sound quality will not have built-in microphones. This may not be an issue for some games but could be a problem for others. A growing number of headphone manufacturers are expanding their audiophile gaming headphones’ model line to include microphones while also maintaining the highest level of sound quality.

Here, we will cover five of the best audiophile headphones for gaming. These will all offer a range of excellent features such as wired and wireless connection, versatility to be used across multiple gaming devices, extreme comfort for long gaming sessions, and above all, the highest level of audio reproduction.

Additionally, you’ll find a detailed buying guide that can help you determine just what is important and what is unnecessary. You’ll learn about the different connections, different types of good sound quality, and more. Read on to find our top picks for audiophile headphones to improve your overall gaming experience.

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Comparison of the Best Audiophile Headphones for Gaming

Best Professional Open BacksSee On Amazon
photo of the Sennheiser Pro Audio HD 650Sennheiser
Pro Audio HD 650
Best In-Ear for Gaming & All-AroundSee On Amazon
photo of the Jabra Elite Active 75t True Wireless EarbudsJabra
Elite Active 75t True Wireless Earbuds
Best For Lossless SoundSee On Amazon
photo of the SteelSeries Arctis 7X WirelessSteelSeries
Arctis 7X Wireless
Best Wireless for GamingSee On Amazon
photo of the Logitech G PRO X WIRELESS LIGHTSPEED Gaming HeadsetLogitech
Best Premium 7.1 3D Surround SoundSee On Amazon
photo of the Audeze MobiusAudeze

Reviews of the Best Audiophile Headphones for Gaming

A powerful headset from a well-known manufacturer of audio equipment, the HD 650 delivers incredibly clear and accurate sound from a wide sound stage that is perfect for immersive gaming.

See On Amazon


  • Wired Connection
  • Open Back Design
  • 42mm Dynamic Driver
  • 6.3mm and 3.5mm Jacks


  • Professional quality acoustic silk dampening
  • Extremely optimized, high powered magnets
  • Stylish titanium finish with silver accents

If you’ve ever searched for premium headphones of any type, chances are you have seen the name Sennheiser.

They are built every bit as competent for audiophile headphones as you’d hope.

This manufacturer has become one of the highest rated audio equipment names in the game, and their HD 650 gaming headset is no exception.

You’ll find nothing but high-quality materials and top-notch construction on these cans.

If you are looking for a pair of audiophile gaming headphones that not only look amazing but sound even better across a range of soundscapes, you will get that unique “Sennheiser sound” from this model line.

Throughout the entire frequency range, these headphones will deliver extremely high definition and incredibly clear sound.

You’ll hear every twig snap or footstep in any game you are playing.

If you’re into tactical shooters, hardcore survivals, or MMORPG gaming, you’ll be immersed like never before when wearing the HD 650s.

While this pair of gaming headphones can be lighter on the bass response than some other brands, it doesn’t fall short in other areas.

It makes up for the minimal bass with a very good treble performance.

It delivers a wide sound stage of incredibly clean sound in both the highs and lows to give you an all-new auditory experience.

For gaming, these wireless headphones will fall into the upper-mid-range of price.

However, don’t let that stop you from enjoying a great audio experience.

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a Sennheiser headset is that it is built to last and will hold its value well.

Even if you plan on switching to other headphones in the future, chances are good your HD 650 will command a decent second-hand price.

What We Like

These audiophile headphones for gaming deliver extremely fantastic sound quality with the signature “Sennheiser sound.”

They have an excellent frequency response across the board for a very neutral sound profile.

The massive and open soundstage literally lets you pick out the voices in different positions.

They provide an all around comfortable fit with the thickly padded headband and ear cushions.

Know Before Buying

The price could make some buyers who are looking to save some money hesitant.

The minimal bass can affect gameplay.

See On Amazon

A versatile in-ear design that delivers a powerful sound from such a small package makes this set from the Danish brand great for mobile gaming, podcasts, music, and more.

See On Amazon


  • Wireless Connection
  • In-Ear Design
  • 6mm Dynamic Driver
  • Bluetooth 5.0


  • IP56 resistance for dust and sweat
  • Charging case provides 5 hours of battery life
  • Highly responsive built-in microphones

When it comes to getting high fidelity sound, you might not have thought in-ear headphones could deliver.

But the Jabra Elite may be one of the few exceptions to the rule.

For an extremely small and compact design, it is able to deliver balanced sound quality which is perfect for a mobile gaming session or general all-around listening.

The audio quality from these versatile and compact headphones is extremely dynamic for such a small package.

They can deliver a well-rounded and clear soundscape whether with music, speech, or ambient sounds to give an immersive experience from a wide range of games or everyday listening tasks.

These headphones for gaming are so lightweight and compact, that you might even forget you are wearing them.

They are extremely comfortable, fully portable, and can give you a solid 5 to 6 hours of listening time before needing to be recharged.

Recharging is easy with the included charging case, and an overnight charge can easily give you another round of game sound.

If you’ve tried the larger and bulkier over-ear headsets in the past and just want something a bit more versatile and comfortable, consider the Jabra Elite.

While the thought of an in-ear headphone for immersive gaming and audiophile levels of sound might not be the first thing that comes to your mind, these little headphones can definitely surprise you.

What We Like

The design is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear with small, medium, and large ear tips to accommodate most users.

The battery lasts up to 6 hours on full volume.

The dust and sweat-resistant coating back up its two-year warranty.

Know Before Buying

It cannot be charged wirelessly but the charging case takes up little space in your bag.

The in-ear design may turn off some users but it’s a godsend for those with active lifestyles.

It needs more than 12 hours of charging.

See On Amazon

Gaming peripherals-maker SteelSeries offers extremely versatile closed back audiophile headphones that blast dynamic and outstanding sound, with very detailed noise isolation to help immerse you into the game like never before.

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  • Wireless Connection
  • Closed Back Design
  • 42mm Dynamic Driver


  • Extremely long 24-hour battery life
  • Can be used Wireless for PC or Wired for console
  • Closed back with excellent noise cancellation

For hardcore gaming where hearing every tiny sound is important, closed back headphones pull ahead of open back options due to their supreme noise cancelling abilities.

You won’t be distracted by the external noise in the room leaking into your game audio.

Instead, you will be closed off by the excellent sound isolation for complete immersion into the world you are gaming in.

SteelSeries is known for a range of innovative esport products, and the Arctis 7+ audiophile gaming headphones will not disappoint.

The closed back headphones are made from high-quality materials and constructed with a focus on delivering extremely clear, dynamic, and well-balanced sound no matter what you are playing.

Footsteps, ambient sounds, distant gunfire, and directional voices, all are delivered with excellent sound quality for a better gaming experience.

The Arctis 7+s are equipped with a long lasting battery to provide a solid 24 hours of wireless use on a single charge.

This makes them a match for gamers who love long gaming sessions or livestreaming events.

There is no need to prematurely stop your gameplay or concert to stand up and recharge.

Since you are able to use them for so long, SteelSeries also put a focus on comfort.

The oversized ear cups are well padded, and the ski goggle suspension headband is fully adjustable to provide the best fit.

Between them, you should get a perfect feel on your head for optimal comfort during heated matches.

In addition to extremely great sound, plenty of battery power, and high levels of comfort, you will also get great communication abilities with the built-in microphone.

With great noise cancellation and sensitivity rating, your teammates will have no problem hearing you clearly even when there’s background noise.

When not using the mic for your gaming, you can easily slide it back into the audiophile headset and away from view.

What We Like

It is a very stylish looking gaming headset with an option to buy headband straps and backplates of various designs from the SteelSeries website.

It can be used wireless or wired on different devices.

Its extremely long battery life is way better than any gaming headset we’ve tested.

The incredible microphone quality for clear voice chat makes it also ideal for work-from-home meetings.

Know Before Buying

The deep bass audio is not that aggressive but not to the extent that in-game ambiance is sacrificed.

Some frequencies are delivered with inconsistencies.

The ear cups may not be comfortable for gamers with larger heads.

See On Amazon

A highly detailed dynamic surround sound is delivered by the massive 50mm driver in the Logitech G Pro X for the best wireless gaming experience possible.

See On Amazon


  • Wired Connection
  • 7.1 Surround Sound
  • 50mm Dynamic Driver
  • USB Wireless Dongle


  • Extremely comfortable over-ear design
  • Very stylish and elegant construction
  • Incredibly detailed surround sound experience

If you are more fond of the wireless headset instead of the wired option, Logitech has you covered with the G Pro X.

This headset offers a massive 50mm driver that delivers the most incredible surround sound at 7.1.

The larger driver will have a better bass response for video games with great bass lines.

When long hours of gaming are your desire, Logitech made sure to meet the demands of your comfort with this model.

It features oversized and very well-padded memory foam ear cups which fully compass your ear in premium velour fabric.

You’ll notice the foam padding is not too firm but is soft enough to help seal in sound around the ear cups which also leads to better noise cancellation.

The headset includes a detachable microphone which can also be replaced by a different mic entirely.

This gives you a great amount of customization, as well as allows you to use a mic you are most comfortable with.

Additionally, you have the luxury of replacing only the mic in case of malfunction and not buying an entirely new gaming headset.

For audiophiles, Logitech made sure this headset offers some incredible audio quality capabilities.

When connected via USB, the 7.1 surround sound can give you an experience unlike any other.

Whether dodging items or racing down a tube, you can hear and experience echoes bounce off directional objects in whatever game you may be playing.

For gamers that enjoy tactical games, first-person shooters, or other games that require heightened situational awareness, this 7.1 mode can give them the audio edge needed to win a match.

You can exactly determine where the enemy is moving to and from, to let you correctly make your next tactical choice on the fly.

What We Like

Its overall construction from flexible metal and cushion provides a comfortable over-ear fit.

The incredibly dynamic and clear 7.1 surround sound allows you to hear sounds further away with greater clarity.

Its extremely low latency ensures the sound is in perfect sync with the action onscreen even up to 15 meters away.

Know Before Buying

The headset does not include a 3.5mm jack.

It will not work with Xbox One gaming consoles.

See On Amazon

The industry leader in planar magnetic headphones delivers a gaming headset with highly enhanced and very clear surround sound to ensure you get the best audio cues from gaming PC and console devices.

See On Amazon


  • Wired Connection
  • Closed Back Design
  • 45mm Dynamic Driver


  • 3D directional sound in 5.1 and 7.1 dynamic
  • Extremely stylish and incredibly comfortable headphones
  • Oversized ear cups with a large amount of memory foam padding

For audiophiles that are serious about getting good audio reproduction from their gaming headset, Audeze delivers just that with the Mobius line which costs under $400.

You’ll find a wide range of excellent options including 5.1 to 7.1 surround sound capabilities with 3D directional and object-distorting sound to give you supreme situational awareness and immersion in any game you play.

For extremely long gaming sessions, comfort is unmatched on the Mobius.

The oversized closed-back ear cups help keep sound exactly where it should be so no distracting ambient noise will break your focus.

You can spend 10 to 12 hours wearing this wired headset and never experience ear fatigue, pain, or soreness.

When it comes to the design of the headset itself, Audeze went out of its way to ensure this headset looked sleek and luxurious.

When you not only want the best sound quality but also want to make a statement with sleek-looking headphones, Mobius is a great choice.

You won’t look funny walking around with these headphones.

You will get a solid 5.1 surround sound, with 7.1 3D available plus a USB connection.

The microphone is included but it can be detached when not needed or when you simply want to switch to another brand or type of detachable microphones.

Additionally, you will find this gaming headset highly versatile as it can work with PC as well as console gaming systems.

What We Like

The planar magnetic headphones are compatible with a variety of gaming setups, including Xbox and PS.

They are extremely comfortable to wear with plushy ear cups to limit ear fatigue.

Because they use magnetic fields to generate sounds, they are able to reproduce high quality sound more precisely for incredibly accurate audio.

Know Before Buying

The 7.1 surround sound requires a USB connection.

The battery life is not good for intense all-nighter gaming sessions.

See On Amazon

Buyers Guide for the Best Audiophile Headphones for Gaming

Surround Sound

Being fully immersed in your game can make your play session so much more enjoyable.

A good storyline and good graphics are exceptionally important, but so is a good surround sound headphones.

Being able to audibly hear exactly where an enemy is coming from with your gaming headset is important.

You don’t want to have an enemy sneaking up from behind you because your audio reproduction is coming from a different direction.

That’s why surround sound can be so important.

It can help you pinpoint the exact location a sound is coming from by providing a fully enclosed circle of audio around you.

This is exceptionally important for gamers that play tactical shooters, but can also help those who need situational awareness in sports and racing games, survival games, and more.

The difference between surround sound and stereo sound is somewhat minimal in a good pair of audiophile headphones.

It is worth pointing out that surround sound is not an absolute necessity.

All audiophile gaming headsets in today’s market will feature stereo sound which is very helpful in determining the direction of sounds (see also the best gaming headset for directional sound & position here).

Noise Cancellation

If you are doing the majority of your gaming in a room where external sound such as children playing, traffic blaring, dogs barking, or any number of things can be distracting, having a set of gaming headphones that can cut out noise is important.

It will help you focus on nothing but the sounds of the game and the voice of your teammates.

The entire point of the noise-canceling feature is to limit the background distractions that get into your ears.

With the best closed back headphones, noise cancellation will be much more complete and give you extreme game immersion.

Open back headphones can help muffle a lot of ambient noise but they’ll be unable to block it out completely.

Either type of gaming headphones will be perfectly well suited in quiet rooms.

But in rooms where a commotion is common and background noise can distract you from focusing on your game, investing in a good pair of closed back headphones with high quality noise cancellation capability may be something to consider.

Overall Sound Quality

Once you have decided you want good surround sound and proper noise-canceling capabilities from your gaming headset, you may also want to ensure that its overall sound quality is top notch.

For audiophiles, spacious and airy sound is just not going to cut it.

You want a highly dynamic and better sound quality that helps make the gaming experience more life-like and enjoyable.

Audiophile headphones for gaming are a totally different beast from regular headphones.

Headphones for gaming provide sounds that are far superior and crisp clear compared to normal headphones or speakers.

You’ll be able to hear everything going on from the foot noise of your enemy to the type of gun they are using.

Investing in the most expensive set of audiophile headphones you can find might not always get you the best overall sound quality.

Make sure to check the frequency response range of the particular model you are eyeing.

Also, don’t be afraid to check online reviews and ask around for opinions to see if the gaming headset you are considering can meet your demand for the most balanced sound quality.

Build Quality

Often used for hours on end with nothing more than small breaks in between, a gaming headset is subjected to wear and tear more than most audio equipment.

It is crucial to find a headset that is made of comfortable and durable materials to suit long hours of gaming.

They should be built to last years and years of service.

Typically, entry-level audiophile headphones are made of cheap or flimsy plastic to keep costs low.

Push them a little bit and they might creak loudly or abruptly snap in half.

They require extra care so they won’t break down a short time after buying them.

If you are stuck with plastic in your price range, find something with enough range of movement to account for whatever the shape of your head is.

For something more enduring, look for headphones for gaming built with more robust materials like steel or aluminum.

The all-metal arc structure should be cushioned with pure foam, velour, or leather to relieve some of the pressure that comes with wearing the headset.

You never know what might happen in a heated game and a solidly built headphone won’t fail you or cause problems down the line.

For wired headphones, you should check the cable quality.

This includes everything that comes with the box like power cords, headphone cables, and every wire in between.

So how will you know if it’s a high-quality cable if the materials used in its construction are typically hidden by an outer sheath?

Models that come with braided and tangle-free cables generally offer more durability.

How to Select the Best Audiophile Headphones

A close up shot of a blue games controller, headphones and wallet sitting on a wooden table.

Consider Comfort

Second only to sound, overall comfort is an extremely important factor to consider depending on your gaming style.

If you only plan on using the gaming headphones for short, simple games between daily obligations, comfort may not be that much of a concern.

But if you plan on putting some serious gaming time over several hours, having high levels of comfort from the best headphones can make the overall gaming experience much better.

When you are considering a set of headphones, take a look at the padding around the ear cups and on the headband.

The ear cup padding should be thick and cushioned with plenty of “give” when you squeeze it.

You don’t want the foam to be so stiff that it feels like there is no padding whatsoever.

Plus, a more plush ear cup will help surround your ear to contain audio better.

The headband padding is also important.

There are some gaming headphones that do not have headband padding, but just ensure that there’s a fabric strap of some sort to help with comfort.

Headbands that are too tight, not padded, or placed incorrectly can lead to headaches and scalp discomfort even when used for short amounts of time.

Decide on Wired or Wireless

Whether you go with a wired gaming headset or wireless audiophile headphones depends on your personal preferences.

With wired headphones, you are restricted in your movement and the cables are prone to twisting and tangling.

While this might not be an issue for those sitting at a desk, it can be something to consider if you use a standing desk or get up and move away from your computer often.

Wireless eliminates the need for cords so you are free to move around, when and where you need to, without having to remove your bluetooth headphones. That’s why many opt for Bluetooth headphones when playing VR games like Oculus Quest 2.

However, you will need to stay on top of the recharging, and the headset battery may run out at the worst possible time during long gaming sessions.

For shorter gaming sessions, this is rarely an issue.

But for gamers that spend 8, 10, 12, or even more hours in intense video game competitions, this can be a concern.

Overall, both wired and wireless headphones can deliver the same great accurate sound.

You won’t be forced to choose one from the other to get the best natural sound.

In fact, you can even find your favorite model of gaming audiophile headphones in both a wired and wireless option as manufacturers often launch a wireless version of their most popular wired headsets.

This gives you the freedom to choose which connection option you prefer while sticking with the headset style and fit you are happiest with.

Understand Connectivity

With PC gaming, connections are pretty straightforward.

Most PCs can handle a variety of connections easily including the USB wire, USB wireless dongle, 6.5mm jack and 3.5mm jack.

If you will be doing all of your gaming on a PC, the connection type of the audiophile headphone will not be as much of a concern.

For gaming on Xbox and Playstation platforms, you may be limited to wearing headphones from certain console-friendly options.

Since these gaming devices do require specific connections, it is always important to ensure the audiophile headphones you are looking at are compatible and will work with Playstation and/or Xbox.

There are headphones for gaming that can offer both wired and wireless connectivity with their wireless RF dongle and detachable 3.5mm cable.

There are also console adapters you can find to make a PC set of headphones work with your console.

But in some cases, this extra connection can cause distortions and issues with the sound transference of your headset.

Determine the need for a microphone

For many gamers today, having a headset with a microphone is crucial.

There are many games that require heavy mic use due to in-game voice chat being fairly common.

Being able to talk, mingle, and connect with your teammates during strategic games is very important.

You can either get a headphone and mic combo or shop for both headphones and microphone separately.

Wearing a headset with built-in mic enables the microphone to stay in the same position as you move your head and speak so your voice will stay consistent.

A wide range of high quality headphones does include built-in microphones that can be extended or slide into place as needed.

When not being used, the microphone can be retracted to slide up out of the way.

For gamers who don’t use their laptop or Chromebook’s microphone and have independent mic setups, having other headphones with a mic is not as much of a concern.

You can still look for premium headphones that have a built-in mic, but you might be better served finding a better quality mic-free gaming headset that’s within your budget.

The audio quality from a separate dedicated microphone will be better than that of the small mic bundled with your headset.

Consider Other Important Features

Additional features you may want to consider for the best headphones include:


As part of the comfort section, audiophile headphones’ weight plays an important role in how well you will enjoy the game.

Lightweight gaming headphones are generally more comfortable to wear over prolonged periods of time because they put less stress on the head.

If your ears or head experience pain while wearing heavy headphones, your gaming focus will be affected.

It does not mean, however, that you should dismiss heavier headsets entirely.

While lightweight headsets are generally built with comfort in mind, heavier headsets are usually more durable because they are made of higher quality materials.

The extra weight could also come from the additional cushion padding which helps alleviate the discomfort of heavier audiophile headphones.

The weight of the headphone applies pressure to the top of your head through the headband so make sure to look for adjustable headbands that offer customization for a more personalized fit.

A thick memory foam padding on the headband can also help.

Try out a gaming headset for a good thirty minutes or so in the store before making a purchase so you’ll know if it will comfortably work for you.


If you’re a game player who wishes you can carry your audiophile headphones with you anywhere, there are extremely compact and light headphones designed for you.

They can be easily transported from one place to another whether you are going on a holiday or to a chum’s house to take part in their games

If you do a lot of laptop gaming in person with other gamers, searching for a high quality headphone that you can take along with you may be something to consider.

Some audiophile headphones can be folded up and taken along wherever you go while others can be packed into one tiny case with no need for extra equipment.


While not as important as technical specifications, the look of your gaming headset still matters.

You do want to choose something attractive for something that you will use every day.

Whether you choose a simple and classic design or something outlandish that makes you look like a video game character, it is up to your personal preferences.

There are audiophile headphones that have an RGB function to create exciting lighting effects and enhance the aesthetics of a gaming setup.

Others have stylish metal or metallic accents that look like they’re made for playing games with Megatron.

There are even ear cups with color-changing options so you can personalize your headset and make it feel more like your own.


How much an audiophile headphone costs is another important consideration to keep in mind.

You probably want one that meets your gaming needs without breaking the bank.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot on a pair of decent gaming headsets these days while still getting a lot of features that get the job done.

Still, you have to be wary of severely marked down audiophile headphones for gaming or cheap deals because they often indicate devices manufactured as cheaply as possible.

Start getting into the higher-end models that deliver more features and the sticker price can skyrocket.

Remember that the cost of marketing a product can also have a significant impact on its price.

In most cases, the price of a headset is still a fair representation of its quality but do your research and you’ll find less expensive options that are a delight in every way.

Just avoid going for features that you don’t need, knowing your playing style and game preference.

Consider your audiophile headphones for gaming an investment and splurge on a great pair if you can.


Selecting the best audiophile headphones for gaming may take a bit of searching and some comparison between the different brands and models. But once you find the right headset, it can take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

Whether you are an advocate of wireless headsets or don’t mind being tied by a wire, sound quality at the highest tier will help you feel more immersed and even be more adept at your games. Clearly hearing an enemy sneaking up behind you from the faint crunch of a leaf or twig can give you that needed edge to defeat your opponent in a variety of games.

From investing in a professional headset and headphone stand to sticking with the best budget audiophile headphones, always take the time to understand exactly what you want and study all the options available. It will make your final decision all that much better for you.